The People of Sunghir: Burials, Bodies, and Behavior in the Earlier Upper Paleolithic

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Oxford University Press, 30 мая 2014 г. - Всего страниц: 500
In this latest volume in the Human Evolution Series, Erik Trinkaus and his co-authors synthesize the research and findings concerning the human remains found at the Sunghir archaeological site. It has long been apparent to those in the field of paleoanthropology that the human fossil remains from the site of Sunghir are an important part of the human paleoanthropological record, and that these fossil remains have the potential to provide substantial data and inferences concerning human biology and behavior, both during the earlier Upper Paleolithic and concerning the early phases of human occupation of high latitude continental Eurasia. But despite many separate investigations and published studies on the site and its findings, a single and definitive volume does not yet exist on the subject. This book combines the expertise of four paleoanthropologists to provide a comprehensive description and paleobiological analysis of the Sunghir human remains. Since 1990, Trinkaus et al. have had access to the Sunghir site and its findings, and the authors have published frequently on the topic. The book places these human fossil remains in context with other Late Pleistocene humans, utilizing numerous comparative charts, graphs, and figures. As such, the book is highly illustrated, in color. Trinkaus and his co-authors outline the many advances in paleoanthropology that these remains have helped to bring about, examining the Sunghir site from all angles.

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1 Assessing the Paleobiology of the Sunghir People
Contents and Chronology
3 The Mortuary Behavior at Sunghir
4 The Sunghir Human Skeletal Remains
5 Comparative Materials and Methods for the Sunghir Human Remains
6 The AgesatDeath and Sexes of the Sunghir Humans
7 The Neurocrania from Sunghir 1 2 3 and 5
8 The Human Facial Skeletons from Sunghir
12 The Shoulders and Arms of Sunghir 1 to 3
13 The Sunghir Human Hands
14 The Pelves of Sunghir 1 2 and 3
15 The Leg Remains from Sunghir 1 to 4
16 The Sunghir Pedal Skeletons
17 The Abnormalities of the Sunghir People
18 Dietary Inferences for the Sunghir Humans
19 The Paleobiology of the Sunghir People

9 The Sunghir Dental and Alveolar Remains
10 The Axial Skeletons of Sunghir 1 2 and 3
11 The Body Sizes and Proportions of the Sunghir People

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Erik Trinkaus is a Professor of Anthropology at Washington University, who has been analyzing the late archaic and early modern fossil human remains since his doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania. He is concerned primarily with the changes in human biology that reflect the emergence of modern humans.

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