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This is reproduced in our illustrated 4to edition and in large paper ( 8vo.) by Francis' photo-chromo-lith process.

Collation: Lines, . Ad-Posteros '- title-pages (engraved and printed) as supra-on l'erso of printed title-page is this couplet:

-O quis me gelidis in vallibus ISCÆ Sistat, et ingenti ramorum protegat umbra! Epistle-dedicatory and to the Reader, six pages – preliminary Poems to the Author pp. 4-Poems pp. 1-64. The Prose-translations appear in Volume III. See Essay in the present Volume for full notice of Olor Iscanus. It may be noted here that “Olor Iscanus” was reissued with a fresh title-page, as follows :





Together with these Translations fol.

lowing, viz.

1. Of the benefit wee may get from our Enemies.
2. Of the diseases of the mind, and of the body. Both

written in Greek, by that great Philosopher Plu

tarch. 3. Of the diseases of the mind, and of the body, and

which of them is most pernicious, written in Greek by

Maximus Tyrius. 4. Of the praise and happiness of a Country Life

writtenin Spanish by Antonio de Guevara : Bishop of Carthagena.

All Englished by H. Vaughan, Silurist.

London :
Printed, and are to be sold by Peter Parker,
at the Leg and Star in Cornhil, against the

Royal Exchange, 1679.

As stated in collation supra, the lines “ Ad-Posteros” face the title-page in the 1651 edition : but we deem it better to place this piece along with the other Latin poems at close of the Verse of “ Olor Iscanus". We furnish translations for the first time of the Latin poetry. G.





T is a position anciently known, and

modern experience hath allowed it for a

sad truth, that absence and time,- like cold weather, and an unnaturall dormition - will

Kildare Digby was the only son of Robert, first Baron Digby, in the Peerage of Ireland, by his first wife, Lady Sarah Boyle, daughter of Richard first earl of Cork, and succeeded as second Baron Digby on his father's death, 6th June 1642, being then a minor. He died in Dublin 11th July 1661, and was buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral there. He married Mary, daughter of Robert Gardiner of London, Esq., by whom he had four sons and three daughters. The widow survived until 23rd December, 1692 and was buried at Coleshill, county Warwick. At the date of this Epistle-dedicatory Lord Digby must have been a young man, probably not much over 21. G.

blast and wear out of memorie the most endearing obligations; and hence it was that some politicians in love, have lookt upon the former of these two as a main remedy against the fondness of that passion. But for my own part-my Lord--I shall deny that aphorisme of the people, and beg leave to assure your Lordship, that, though these reputed obstacles have lain long in my way, yet neither of them could work upon me: for I am now-without adulation-a

-as warm and sensible of those numerous favours, and kind influences receiv'd sometimes from your lordship, as I really was at the instant of fruition. I have no plott by preambling thus, to set any rate upon this present addresse, as if I should presume to value a return of this nature equall with your lordship's deserts, but the designe is, to let you see that this habit I have got of being troublesome, flowes from two excusable principles, gratitude and love. These inward Counsellours-I know not how discreetly—perswaded me to this attempt and intrusion upon your name, which if your Lordship will vouchsafe to own as the genius of these papers, you will perfect my hopes, and place me at full height. This was the ayme, my Lord, and is the end of this work, which though but a pazzarello to the voluminose insani, yet as jezamin


and the violet find room in the bank as well as
roses and lillies, so happily may this, and, if
shin’d upon by your Lordship-please as much.
To whose protection, sacred as your name, and
those eminent honours which have alwayes
attended upon't through so many generations, I
humbly offer it, and remain in all numbers of

My honour'd Lord,
Your most affectionate, humblest Servant

Newton by Usk this

17. of Decemb. 1647.

| Sic, as before. Similarly Bishop Jeremy Taylor signs some of his Epistles-dedicatory • Taylor'only. G.

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