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2 1 1. 1893

From the Library of
Prof. A. P. PEABODY 1 82)

Copyright, 1892,


THE purpose of this book is to promote a spirit

of thoughtful devotion. There are times when the mind craves some earnest expression, which may give direction to its own feelings, — which may kindle heavenward aspirations and strengthen right principles. The individual heart, in its solitary communings, may crave such assistance. Under such circumstances, à good book, adapted to its wants, may prove an invaluable companionship.

And when a circle of sympathising friends have met in cordial good-will, either in the family or for an interchange of friendly feeling, a book of wellselected Hymns by authors of various Christian communions, glowing with one devotional spirit, may thus unite all hearts in the bond of cordial fellowship.

Audible Responses at such a time will bring all nearer together, and not only lift the spirit upward, but bind hearts in truer companionship.

Well-selected passages of Scripture, from the New and Old Testament, from Prophets and Psalmists, from Evangelists and Apostles, give a divine sanction and sacredness to the whole.

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