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Стр. 203 - Maphoon's face was more or less covered with hair. On a part of the cheek, and between the nose and mouth, this was confined to a short down, but over all the rest of the face was a thick silky hair of a brown colour, paling about the nose and chin, four or five inches long. At the...
Стр. 67 - Nepal, to the westward of the great valley, dwell, in scanty numbers and nearly in a state of nature, two broken tribes, having no apparent affinity with the civilized races of that country, and seeming like the fragments of an earlier population. They toil not, neither do they spin; they pay no taxes, acknowledge no allegiances; but, living entirely upon wild fruits and the produce of the chase...
Стр. 110 - ... animal, shunning all society. It is said, that, on their being first seized with this complaint, they tear their hair, and rings from their ears, with such force as to break the lobe. It is supposed to be occasioned by a medicine applied to the forehead : but I endeavoured to procure some of the medicine thus used, without effect : I imagine it rather to be created by frequent intoxications, as the malady goes off in the course of a week or a fortnight...
Стр. 203 - At the alae of the nose, under the eye, and on the cheekbone this was very fully developed ; but it was in and on the ear that it was most extraordinary. Except the extreme upper tip, no part of the ear was visible. All the rest was filled and veiled by a large mass of silky hair, growing apparently out of every part of the external organ, and hanging in a dependent lock to a length of eight or ten inches. The hair over her forehead was brushed so as to blend with the hair of the head, the latter...
Стр. 200 - When you go into a wood, do not forget your woodknife." " An elephant though he has four legs may slip; and a doctor is not always right." "Go up by land you meet a tiger; go down by water you meet a crocodile." " If a dog bite you, do not bite him again.
Стр. 80 - If so, look to the thum of your neighbour ; at any rate, look beyond your own. This is the first time I have found occasion to mention this practice. It will not be the last ; on the contrary, the principle it suggests is so common as to be almost universal. We shall find it in Australia ; we shall find it in North and South America ; we shall find it in Africa ; we shall find it in Europe ; we shall suspect and infer it in many places where the actual evidence of its existence is incomplete.
Стр. 285 - They have a different kind for ascending hills, with the skins of seals glued to the boards, having the hair inclined backwards, which prevents the sliding of the shoes; so that they can ascend a hill very easily; and, in descending, they slide downwards at a great rate.
Стр. 100 - ... take and eat : heretofore you have eaten and drank with us : you can do so no more : you were one of us : you can be so no longer : we come no more to you : come you not to us.
Стр. 68 - ... ample specimen of their language ; and, whilst they were doling forth the words to my interpreters, I was enabled to study and to sketch the characteristic traits of their forms and faces.
Стр. 68 - Kusundas, I was invariably answered that no one could give the least account of them, but that they were generally supposed to be autochthones, or primitive inhabitants of the country. For a long time such also was my own opinion, based chiefly upon their physical characteristics as above noted and upon the absence of all, traceable lingual or other affinity with the tribes around them. So that I took...

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