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and honoring Him in them, and especially in the holy Crucifix. Hence-need it be said ? the love and honor which we pay to Mary, with all those accompanying peculiarities at which Protestants are shocked, because they do not believe, or, at least, do not grasp the idea that she is indeed the Mother of God. They shrink from giving her the title, and think it safer and more natural to call her only the Mother of Jesus. Hence, in fine, the veneration which we pay to holy Joseph, and the confidence we feel in his prayers for us, because he lived so near to Jesus, and was brought into such familiar, contact with Him, and thereby must have received' into his soul lights and graces which it is impossible to measure.

All hang together as parts of one harmonious whole, one thing following from another, and all having their root in this, that Jesus, though truly man, is not a man like one of us: He is not an individual human being; He has no human personality; His Person is a Divine Person; He is not a man and God, nor a man made God, but God made man.

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It is evening, and the church is full of people. Vespers are just over, but the congregation do not depart; on the contrary, they seem composing themselves more devoutly to prayer. Already many are on their knees, and all eyes are looking one way. Lights are breaking forth on the altar, amidst the flowers, like stars coming out in the heavens on a clear night. Soon it will be one blaze of splendor.

The priest appears in his vestments with hig attendants; he goes up to the altar; an increase of awe and happiness is visible on the countenances of the people; he opens the door of the tabernacle, and instantly sinks upon his knees; then rising, he descends the altar-steps, and again kneels, and bows himself almost to the ground. And see, upon

And see, upon the altar is a bright object, shining in gold and precious

stones; the priest is reverently swinging the censer towards it, and the sweet clouds of incense rise, and envelop every thing around, and float into the body of the church. Meanwhile the organ is playing, and the people as with one accord, are singing, and as they sing they keep their eyes intently fixed on the bright object before them. It would seem as if they could not pay it honor enough; for now the priest has taken the holy thing, and solemnly placed it on high above the altar; and there it stands, like a king enthroned to receive the homage of his people.

But the music changes, and the notes become sweeter and more joyous; the people continue singing and praying, and seem to be addressing some one whom they love very much, and who they are sure is listening to them. And again the music changes, and then follows a more subdued and solemn song. When this is finished, the priest stands up, sings a prayer, and then a veil is put over his shoulders, and he ascends the altar-steps, and reaches up and takes the glittering object in his hands from amidst the candlesticks; and all is hushed, save the silvery sound of a little bell, and the people bow their heads, he holds

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