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THAT the Catholic Church is the mystical Babylon prophesied of in the Apocalypse; that she is an antichristian power, the Pope, her chief pastor, being Antichrist himself,—is the deliberate opinion of a very large portion of the Protestant world. Such was the doctrine loudly proclaimed by Luther and his companions in Germany, and afterwards repeated with equal violence by the champions of the Reformation in this country also. There were some, however, even then, to whom it seemed strange that such a name should be applied to any Christian communion. Thus we are told of a certain nobleman, who, in the early days of England's Protestantism, being asked by the king what there was in the city of Rome which made him desirous to visit it, answered, that he

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had a great curiosity to hear " Antichrist say his Creed.

Now it is much to be wished that Protestants generally shared this curiosity; for if they really would put Antichrist through his catechism, I think they would be somewhat surprised at his answers; so much so indeed, that (it seems to me) the more candid among

them might even be led to doubt whether the party so answering had any reasonable title to such a name. Surely, it is a thing scarcely natural or to be expected, that Antichrist should adore Christ; no one, reading without preconceived notions the prophetical notices of that fearful being, few and dark as they are, could, one would think, come to such a conclusion concerning him; rather his characteristic would seem to be that he worships none, but sets him. self up in the Temple of God to be himself worshipped as God.

And yet none can visit Catholic countries, nor be in the slightest degree familiar with Catholic customs in this, without seeing, not only that the Catholic Church adores Christ, but that her whole life is, in fact, nothing else but one continued and intense act of adoration, Christ is the Sun round which she moves

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