Foundations of Program Evaluation: Theories of Practice

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Foundations of Program Evaluation heralds a thorough exploration of the field of program evaluation--looking back on its origins. By summarizing, comparing, and contrasting the work of seven major theorists of program evaluation, this book provides an important perspective on the current state of evaluation theory and provides suggestions for ways of improving its practice. Beginning in Chapter Two, the authors develop a conceptual framework to analyze how successfully each theory meets the specific criteria of its framework. Each subsequent chapter is devoted to the presentation of the theoretical and practical advice of a significant theorist--Michael Scriven, Donald Campbell, Carol Weiss, Joseph Wholey, Robert Stake, Lee Cronbach, and Peter Rossi.


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1ts History
Good Theory for Social Program Evaluation
Generating Alternatives
Linking Evaluation to Policy Research
Evaluation for Program 1mprovement
Responsive Evaluation
Functional Evaluation Design
Comprehensive Tailored
Summary and 1mplications
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Thomas Cook is a sailor as well as a powerboater, and has completely renovated a 30-year-old sailboat. He also has considerable experience in writing, teaching, computers and electronics, and construction. He lives with his family in Port Charlotte, FL, in a home that he designed and built himself.

JOSEPH TELFAIR is associate professor in the Department of Maternal and Child Health, School of Public Health, and director, Division of Social, Health Services and Community-Based Research within the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, School of Medicine, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. LAURA C. LEVITON was professor in the Department of Health Behavior, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham and is now senior program officer for research and evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. JEANNE S. MERCHANT is project coordinator in the Department of Maternal and Child Health, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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