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“Go to Antwerp! Thou to go up to strong heart and hand like thy father's are Antwerp!

!” exclaimed Gretchen Matsys, taken out of a house, but when God lets a with a start that let a row of flaxen curls soul like hers find it out-ah, that is the fall out from under her widow's cap. “Ah, time! And her father, too! It is a rare then thou wilt be a great and rich man, thing, indeed, when even an angel persuades some day, but I.-I shall be left alone!” an artist like Johann Mandyn to take and between laughter and tears, there came thought for the poor, under his velvet cap, strange wrinkles in Gretchen's smooth, fair and find work for a blacksmith's boy in the cheeks.

midst of dabbling with fine paints, and The boy rail-maker lifted a pair of blue turning off pictures that bring hundreds of eyes of wonderful depth and beauty, and florins apiece!” looked earnestly into his mother's face.

A sudden shadow fell on the sensitive “ But thou shalt never be left alone when lines of Quintin's mouth and chin, for I am either great or rich,” he answered good-bye was as ugly a word to say in Holsteadily. “Did not the good God leave land, and in those times, as we ever find it me to thee, when he took my father from now; but there could be no delay, and the us? Only be patient a little while; I will early morning saw the boy-blacksmith well be a great iron-worker,—on that I am deter- started on the twenty miles that lay relentmined, ---but it will be only for thy sake, lessly between him and the blue thread of mütterchen!”

harbor and distant spires he had dreamed “Ah then, if thou art determined !” said over so many times. Gretchen, the rain-bow of smiles and tears Horseback traveling was only for the rich, still covering her face. “That has meant and litters were only for the rich man when always the same thing, since the days long he grew sick or old, but the miles melted ago when thou wert forever meddling at the away for all that under the quick step of fire, because thou wert determined to do as the little iron-worker, until the blue thread thy father did! That was what turned a pair widened, and the city rose broad and clear of old horse-shoes into a pair of bracelets fit before his eyes. for any lady to wear, with a pretty hand “ And so this is Antwerp! This is what clasping the ends together, as well moulded a city really is! Ah, I must do well, inas if any one had ever taught thee how such deed, if any one is to want my work here!” things are done! And then when thy poor he thought: and, “So this is Quintin father was carried to the church-yard, thou Matsys! These are the child-fingers that wert determined tlıy mother should not really made my rails! Well, well, we must want; and when did so slender a pair of give them time, indeed, before we can ask hauds carry

such a burden so well? And many wonders, and then !” thought Herr now, if thou art determined to be a great Burgher, as his wondering little gray eyes man, why then,”—and Gretchen's tears fled twinkled down at the slender boy before away before her smiles at last.

him. “Yes, but it will be because the good God But Ilerr Burgher seemed to find himhas planned it for thy sake,” repeated the self mistaken for once.

It was a merry child quietly.

Flemish laugh, the master iron-worker's, as “Yes, yes, that is certainly true;” an- he looked his new apprentice over from swered Gretchen, fixing her eyes upon him head to foot, but the laugh soon changed to almost with a look of awe, and then, as a wonder and then to delight, as one piece of new thought struck her, she added suddenly, delicate work, one artistic rare design after "And there is thine adopted sister Lisa,—I another, grew under the light tools he had shall not be the only one who must take given him. thy good-bye! A true sister Lisa has been “ Three months !” he cried at last. to thee, or even more like an angel, ever “No! No! Two-thirds of that time have since she found us in the first dark days of already passed and here is an order for a our trouble! Trouble must come when a well-cover, to be wrought with such skill as

his age.”

no hand in Antwerp equals but this boy's! then carry such a charm that we cannot He shall do it, and frame a pattern, too, hope to do work as fine as yours, without that shall put the one sent me to the blush, them? Do not disturb yourself; we are and give my work-shop a fame that every quite satisfied with our own.” other in the city shall covet in good earn- " Then some one has taken them without est!”

either borrowing or begging, and I must The coveting had begun already, if the have them again,” replied Quintin indigdark looks on his fellow-workmen's faces nantly ; but a shower of mocking answers could give any sign to Quintin.

were the only reply. “A pretty pass things have come to," “ Now we will see what famous things they muttered, “ if we are to let a pale-faced genius can do! Great glory our master boy blind our master's eyes and take the will have from his new workman! A best pieces of work out of our hands! The wonderful well-cover you will make now, youngster will not find it serves his turn without either hammer or file!" but the long to put on airs with skilled workmen. boy-blacksmith straightened himself, and We will find ways to put him down, even if looked defiantly at the group. it comes to uncovering his cunning fib about “ It shall be wonderful, and I will make it

without either hammer or file," and gather• Who dares say that ?" shouted a fiery ing up his remaining tools, he disappeared voice behind them, and turning, they met into an unused room, and bolted the door the flashing glance of the boy-blacksmith, behind him. Day after day passed, with while his slight form, drawn to its full whisperings and wonderings in the shop, and height, trembled with indignant pride. sounds of busy work inside the bolted room.

“ You may call me a child, or say what Quintin’s face grew paler and thinner, and you please about my work ;-I am only the workmen threw more and more furtive sorry


you would rather do it yourselves; glances at the closed door, as they thought but to say I do not tell the truth! Let no their hour of triumph drawing near; the one ever try that again!” and the men time was nearly passed. “To-morrow the turned shamed-faced to their tools. They master will be asking for the well-corer," would not have believed such a blaze could muttered the foreman with a low, malicious come into those handsome eyes they had laugh. “He will find that obstinacy and a thought gentle as a girl's.

damp room have made poor work for his It would have done their hearts good to apprentice as well as for himself.” see how the blaze died out, when Quintin The morning came, and Quintin's quiet, was alone that night, and to hear him cry, determined face had hardly passed into his “Ah, mütterchen, it is very dreary here, room when the master's voice was heard. in spite of high wages and tall towers ! “Now I will see the well-cover! Now there If I only had not determined for thy sake! shall be a proud day indeed for the old If I did not believe the good God had workshop!” But the foreman shook his planned it all, and would give me strength head. for thee!” But there was nothing to guess “I fear the boy has been idling. He has or to bring up past quarrels in the grave, kept himself and his work out of sight, and gentle face he brought to his work the next here are some of his most important tools day.

wasting themselves,” and he drew QuinThere was something for him to guess in tin's hammer and file from a drawer in his theirs, if he had but cared to look for it; own bench. the wonderful well-cover made a fine be. The master knocked hastily at the bolted ginning; but one morning hammer and file room, the rusty lock turned, Quintin threw were missing, and the sneering laugh of the open the door, and stood facing him with foreman rang out when Quintin quietly bright spots glowing in his pale cheeks. asked if any one had borrowed them.

" The well-cover is ready!” he said, and “ Borrowed your tools, indeed! Do they the astonished workmen crowded round to


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It was ready; and though no one has But the burgher's last words would have ever discovered how, its delicate tracing, its seemed mockery to the young iron-worker quaint, artistic figures and graceful groups in the midst of fame and all the ease and were finished and perfect, without touch of comfort prosperity could bring. A servant hammer or file.

opened the door of his comfortable house as “Ah, but now truly thou hast done a won- they were spoken, and Quintin Matsys stepderful thing!” cried the iron-worker in ped inside; but the stillness and solitude fell great excitement. “There is no master- like a shadow upon his heart. • Ah, mitartist in Antwerp who could have planned terchen?” broke from him more bitterly such figures in such a grace, or given such than on the night when unfriendly fellowa finish with all the tools heaven ever vouch- workmen made Antwerp seem so dreary a safed us for our use! Yes, my shop will be place; “ah, mütterchen, it was so little famous, as I said; but thy work shall live while, after all, that the good God granted long after we, bits of potter's clay as we are, me to make a warm and pleasant home for crumble back to the dust we came from !” thee in Antwerp!

And of what use is The iron-worker spoke the truth, and this work, since I can no longer do it for thee; or very day the famous cover of Quintin Mat- praise, if I cannot see joy shine out of thine sys rests on its well, in the shadow of Ant- eyes at hearing it? But now I am alone! werp's greatest pride, her tall Cathedral Even Johann Mandyn must needs go searchTower.

ing Italy for new fancies for his easel, or I II.

might have had a sister, at least, to be glad Five years passed away, and Time had when I succeed. But doubtless the little been as busy among the Antwerpers as any Lisa is grown a tall, fair woman before workman whose hand was more plainly to now, and her poor blacksmith friend of be seen.

olden days is forgotten long ago. Italy is · Who is that brave young fellow who too far away; one cannot hear whether a passed us just now?" asked a velvet-capped friend is alive or dead, if once they disapcitizen of a long-waistcoated burgher with pear among its olive trees and its rusty picwhom he walked.

tures ; and Lisa might not care to remem“And thou dost not yet know Quintin ber, even if she could. A tall maiden and Matsys the young iron-worker in whom all a child of ten years old,—that is a different the city takes such pride ?” was the answer. thing." " Why, he but came here as an apprentice But the Antwerpers cared, if no one else five years ago, and now every one has heard id, and orders came crowding in for the of him. Ile is the best iron-worker in the wonderful work the young iron-master could city to-day, with workmen at his beck and produce. nod, and no need to handle a tool for him- “ So then it seems I have at least a duty self beyond the drawing-pencil that fur- to do, and that is always something to thank nishes all his choice designs. But if I were God for,” said Quintin, as he saw it. “He a worker in heads, like you, I would not must still have a plan for me though he no wait to know him as an iron-worker; I longer leaves me the joy of working for thee, would bave him sitting to me as a model mütterchen. And one must always be debefore many days went by. Those eyes of termined—that does not change.” his are fine enough, but such curve and Time slipped on again, until at last one outline of a mouth and chin, with the grace evening the city was lighted for a merry of a woman's sweetness and the strength of festival; the streets were thronged, the a strong man's will, God does not grant to church doors were open, and many feet many a man in this day. A gift like that pressed in and out as prayers and anthems means something, thou mayest be sure. took their part in the celebration. “Come! His fortune is made already; and as for let us get home! there are too many people happiness,—that comes with the rest, of here;” exclaimed an old man, in irritable course."

tones. “We might have chosen a better



night to say our prayers, when these Ant- know as to that. I thought her an angel werpers were not all in such a haste about when she first found me half-fainting with it together!” and he passed quickly down hunger beside my father's grave, but she is the church steps, the young girl at his side Heaven itself to-day. Ah, it is wonderful following as closely as she might. “Give that even God can create such beauty and me your arm then, dear father,” answered such a soul together!” Slowly but surely a voice of peculiar sweetness; but at that solitude vanished from the young iron-mas. moment some one crowded from behind, ter's rooms. New hope, new joy, new promher small foot slipped, and she would have ise for by and by, were driving it away; fallen to the pavement if a young man just and wherever he turned his eyes, the vision approaching had not reached out his arm of a fairer face than Johann Mandyn had and saved her.

found in Italy, seemed hovering in its place. “Oh, a thousand thanks!” murmured No, do not call me brother any more!” the same delicious voice; and the light fell he cried at last. 6 Give me a dearer name on the young girl's face as she turned it than that, Lisa !

I have not even my half shyly, half terrified, toward him. mother left to share my life with you. It is

That face! Was it only its beauty that all yours. Do not refuse it, and take away had sent such a thrill through the young this last new hope God has granted me in iron-master, as for one instant its exquisite her place ! ” moulding, its wondrous sweetness, its mist A flush like sunrise spread over Lisa's of golden hair rested upon his arm ? " Ah, cheek, but her beautiful head drooped, and one need not go to Italy then to paint Ma- she turned her face away. “Oh, Quintin, donnas !” was his first thought; but in an- do not ask me so hard a question. I only other instant the old man's voice crying quer- know I can never let you leave me; but my ulously, “ There! there! I will take care of father! He will never consent, and I canmy daughter myself? Here, Lisa, thy fa- not do what he refuses. He has loved me ther's arm is the only one for thee to lean too long and too well for that!” upon !” flashed the truth into his heart. 6 Where is he?” cried Quintin. “Let

“ Lisa !” he exclaimed eagerly. “Iad she me go to his studio and speak for myself. not, then, once a brother Quintin? Do not Since thou hast not said No, I will fear the snatch her away from me so hastily, Johann word from no one else.” Mandyn! It is six years already since I It was a strange place, that studio of Joeven knew that she was alive."

hann Mandyn's, with brushes, easels, and A pair of keen black eyes twinkled pictures finished and unfinished, jumbled sharply at him for one moment from under together--the nervous, irritable little old the old man's tasseled cap, and he answered man in the midst, his artist's cap always carelessly, “ Ah, yes ; Quintin Matsys, the awry, and his black eyes always on the blacksmith's boy. Thou art well grown watch for the fame that was almost his, but since I saw thee, and hast done my daugh- never quite within his grasp. Art, his owu ter a good turn to-night-I will remember glorious Art, was all he desired for himself; it; but there is no need to trouble thee far- yet for Lisa, for Lisa's sake, he must be ther: I will see that she walks carefully known for what he was. Had God erer the remaining way."

bestowed an artist's genius and a child like “Ah, but that is not all we must remem- Lisa upon one man before? Ah, the world ber," interrupted Lisa hastily, as Johann must understand that yet! pulled her away.

“ It is indeed


brother He turned sharply, brush in hand, as Quintin whom I was hoping every day to Quintin entered. “ Ah, it is thou,” he find. He must come and see us; he must said petulantly. “It is only Lisa who infind we have not changed."

terrupts me at this hour.” “ She has not changed ?" repeated Quin- “ There was a time, in days gone by, tin, as he walked rapidly to and fro across when Lisa and I ran in and out together,” his lonely room that night. “I do not answered the young man.


of age


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“ Yes, yes; quite gone by, and better for- had found Lisa again; "a whole world gotten. Things are very different at ten could not move thy father, that is plain; years and at twenty-one."

thou must marry an artist and no “ That is true," answered Quintin; "and else.” it is precisely for that reason that I have · Yes," answered Lisa, sadly. “I knew come to speak with you."

too well what he would say. Only an artist Johann looked keenly at him, half ready is worthy of an artist's child; he has told to put his brush to the canvas again. “Do me that far oftener than he said it to not talk in riddles,” he said irritably. thee. “ Time is precious with a pursuit like “ That need make only one difference, mine.”

however-a little time,” reflected Quintin “ Then I have come to ask thee to give quietly; “though time is a cruel jailer me Lisa for my wife,” said Quintin, meet when he shuts loving hearts apart. Wilt ing the look with an undaunted face. thou not wait for me until I am an artist, Lisa?

The brush was thrown violently from Jo- Wilt thou not promise me that? It will hann's hand, and an angry scowl darkened not take more than two years, and then I his hard face. “ Thou! Give my Lisa to will find thee again. It is God who plans thee! An artist's daughter and a black- all our lives; he will keep thee for me until smith's son! Or if thou art no longer a I can return." blacksmith, thou art a tradesman, a worker But few days passed before the Antwerpin vile metals, and it is quite the same ers were mourning a great loss : their fathing. Dost thou not know that art—" but mous iron-worker, their genius, from whom he stopped, astonished at the flash that shot they were expecting still greater things, had back from Quintin's eyes.

left them-shop, house and business sold, “A worker in vile metals may be an art- and no one could learn precisely whither ist as well as thou !” he answered; "and their owner had betaken himself. To however that may be, I am a man of honor- Haarlem, it was rumored, but no one knew. able soul, and with hands that have wrought “ The foolish fellow," muttered Johann out a name and independence no citizen of Mandyn, at his work; “is there no other Antwerp can despise. And as for my life, girl but my Lisa in the world, that he must whatever its origin may have been, I chal- throw away a trade quite respectable enough lenge thee to find any mark upon it that for him, and go idling off out of her sight? God will call a stain."

A fine husband he would have made, inWell, well,” said the old man, calming deed !” himself a little, “thou art a worthy fellow, Slowly, slowly, dragging, as it seemed I will not forget that, and I will not say to Lisa, at an endless pace, the two years Lisa shall not remember thee; but to marry wore away.

Cruel jailers, indeed; and her! None but an artist shall ever claim never a word or token did they allow to my Lisa's hand; the earth may melt away, reach her as they passed. “ But is not a but I will never change in that.”

woman's heart as strong to endure as a “But if she should never love an artist- man's hand to work for her ? ” she asked if she loves only me?” urged Quintin. herself, and she went about with a firm

Johann hesitated. “Then she shall be step, and sometimes a snatch of her old wedded, like her father, to the only true songs; but Johann watched her keenly now and glorious love, to art itself; and her and then; her cheeks were losing that perfather's fame shall be her dowry, her wed- fect color he had tried so often to copy with ding gift! But never fear! Lisa has a soul his brush. But even two years cannot enthat will answer when the true touch is laid dure forever; one by one the days wore upon it; in the mean time, it would be a away, and as the last one shone brightly strange thing if I should not take good care over the old city a manly figure in doublet of my own child.”

and velvet cap ran hastily up Johann Man“ It is of no use," said Quintin, when he dyn's steps, glanced at the window against



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