The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms: Market Bolshevism Against Democracy

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US Institute of Peace Press, 2001 - Всего страниц: 745
The Tragedy of Russia's Reforms presents a boldly original analysis of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of the Russian state. The keys to understanding these events, the authors argue, are the prescriptions of Western "transitologists," the International Monetary Fund, and advocates of economic "shock therapy." These prescriptions allowed the nomenklatura and the financial "oligarchs" to acquire Russia's industrial and natural resources and to heavily influence the country's political destiny. In this long-awaited, sweeping interpretation, the authors skillfully place the contemporary Russian experience in the context of history, political theory, and Russia's place in the international system.

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of Russian History
Russian Postcommunism in the Mirror of Social Theory
Populists the Establishment and the Soviet Decline
The Political Economy
The Art of Cooptation
The 1993 Coup
The Dream Team Shock
Market Bolshevism A Historical Interpretation
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Peter Reddaway is professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University. He was a distinguished fellow at the Institute in 1993-94.

Dmitri Glinski (Vassiliev), a research associate at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow, was formerly an active member of Russia s democratic movement.

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