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(in both) and that he does the latter with no less kindness, nay perhaps with greater than (he does) the former.

6. Thai for a long time he has bestowed good things upon you: and though now he gives you evil things, yet he would not have brought the evil upon you, but only to be the occasion of greater good, i. e. that you may return to him?

7. That it is an effect of his (gracious) favour, that notwithstanding you have so often rejected him, yet he does not leave you so, but does vifit you at last, and seek (after) you again.

Now if this be the case, submit your own will in this matter to the divine will, a sacrifice which is of all others, next to that of Christ, (himself) the most acceptable unto God.


1. That you have not lived so well as you ought? nay, that you lived ill, and that you have often and grievously sinned?

2. Is there any (particular) shr besides or above the rest? or are there any sins that lie heavy upon your conscience, so that you need the benefit of a particular absolution?

3. Have you any scruple about those things which appertain to FAITH Or RELIGION?

4. Do you call to mind the past years of your life in the bitterness of your soul?

5. Would you wish to feel greater bitterness for them than you are now sensible of? and would you be glad if you felt more f and are you griev'd that you feel no more?

6. Do you desire to have your mind enlightened concerning those things which you are ignorant of, or which you have forgotten, that you may repent of them, and does it also repent you, that either you do not know them, or have

forgotten them?

7. Do you purpose, if you live, to judge (yourself) and (to) take vengeance upon yourself for your offences?

8. Do you purpose, if you live, to Amend your life.ani to avoid both the means, and (the) appearances of those sins which you have lived in?

9. Do you solemnly promise thus much?

to. And do you Desire to htjreely admonished of tnis (your) promise?


1. Those matters that are contained in the articles of (the) Christian faith once delivered to the Saints?


4. (And) that you cannot he saved unless you do believe them?

Do you rejoice and give (hearty) thanks to God (for) that you were born in this Faith, (that you) have liv'd in jt, and that now you shall die in it?

4. Do you yourself desire, and would you have us, in your name, humbly to beg to God that this faith in him may not decay in you, and (especially) that jt may not (fail) when you are just at the point of death?

5. Do you desire also that the fruit of this (your) faith, and chiefly of your faith in the death of Jesus Christ, may not be lost at your death, how much soever it may have beep lost in your life time?

6. If your sense should fail, or if (your) pain or weakness should bring you to that pass, that any expressions mould fall from you (that are) contrary to religion or its precepts, would you have them be accounted as not spoken [by you f) and do you renjpupce them, as none of yours?


1. Those that any manner of way have offended ytu, as (freely as) yourself would be forgiven?

2. And do you desire of God, that He also would forgive them?

3. And do you forgive them the satissaBion they are bound to make you upon account of those things wherein they have offended you (whether) in word or deed?

4. Will you have thus muchjtgnified in your name to those that have offended you, that you, for your part, have forgiven them all their injuries?

5. Would you be ready to forgive them, if they had done you more and greater mischiefs?

6.Would you be glad if you had more (enemies) to forgive, that so God might bestow pn you a more plentiful remission of your sins?

1. If yon yourself have offended any (others) do you beg pardon of them (likewise) (and desirp) that they may forgive you.

2. Whom do you chiefly remember (that you have offended ?) and would you have thus much made known to them in your name?

3. Forasmuch as no forgiveness is to be hoped for of sins against the 8th or 9th commandment of God's law, unless

G2 restU

** \ «irtv* - • *■

restitution be made, are you ready to restore goods to those Whom ydu have wronged in thar e/lates, and repair the credit of those whom you have injured in their Good name; arid that without fraud or delay?

4: And now at last, can you call to tnind who these are?

The Afiqftks Creed paraphrased.

0 Lord, I believe (help thou my unbelief,) (I believe) that thou, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, art one God..

1 Believe,'

That of thy unlimited goodness and power, thou didst create the Heaven* and the Earth*

That of thy unbounded love thou hast gathered together in one, alt things in Christ—who was made flesh, and (Was) Conceived,'was born, suffered, was crucified, dead, buriecs, descended, rose again, ascended, sitteth, shall return, shall re> ward. •

I believe, That by the power and operat^ri of thy holy Spirit, thou hast called thy Church out of all the world unto holiness. That, in it, we are made partakers of all good things, and 01 forgiveness of sins. That in it we expect the resurrection of the fir sb, and life everlasting. 'Lord, I believe,-' (O supply thou my want of faith.)

/ believe. The affectionate kindness of the Father, the saving power of the Almighty, the wisdom of the Creator, in. the preservation, government, and consummation7, of the world. ■ ■."••" '■"'■

The great mystery of godliness, that for us men, and for eur salvation, iGod was m-anifeffed in the flesh, (even) the Lord Jesus, the Son of the Father, the anointed of the Spiriti Thai ne'was conceived and born to cleanse ui from the filthiness of our conception and bin h. That be suffered what we ought (to have suffered) most unspeakable torments, that we might escape them.—That he was crucified, dead, and buried, that we may not be afraid to undergo the fame things for his' fake.—That he descended to that (dismal) place, whither we must have gone, that he might wholly excuse -us frorri it.—That he rose again, ascended, and (itteth (in that place) wbere we had no portion, that' even we also might inherit it.—That he sha-11 corne to judge the world, that he may take us up (into his glory.)

I believe (that) he is come."

... ... - By

, By his conception and birth, the purifier of our nature—by his suffering on the cross, death, and burial, the redeemer of our bodies—by his descent, a (triumphant) conqueror over

"heil and death—by his resurrection, the first fruits of them that sleep—by his ascension, our forerunner (gone to prepare a place for us)—by his session (at the right hand, of God) the intercessor, or our advocate—by his second coming to

judgment, the finisher of our faith.


Instead of the I behold

Destroyer Jesus (a Saviour)

Tormentor A Mediator

Accuser An Advocate

Slanderer An Intercessor

Enslaver A Redeemer

Sting (of Christ (the

the Serpent.) Anointed.) '>

But I believe also the quickening and sanctifying power oJ the Holy Ghoft. 6r

(A power that works,)

(Inwardly and) invisibly (openly and) outwardly, effectually as the wind (that bloweth where it listeth.)—By reproof by compunction (of the heart J by doctrine, by admonition, as an advocate, as the comforter; as a witness; by the diffusion of charity, by illumination of knowledge.

I believe also, The mystical body of fhis Holy Spirit, consisting of those that are called out of the whole world' unto belief of the truth and holiness of life.—The mutual fellowship ot the members of that body.—The remission of sins in this present time, and the hope of a future resurrection, and of our translation to the life eternal.

O Lord, give me faith, not such faith as would make the Jaw of none effect;

But such faith as,

Works by love,

Is powerful in working,

Overcomes the world.

(And besides J a moflkoly Faith, That I may love thee as a father, and fear thee, (as) the Almighty.—That I may commit my foul uno thee, in well doing, as unto a faithful creator.—That Christ may be formed in me, and that I may be conformed unto his image.—That I may give (him) thanks for those things which he has suffered for me, (that I may) suffer together with him-, (that \ may suffer) lor him what, ■ soever soever he shall see good.—Tim for his cross, death, (and) fcurial I may revenge, crucify, kill, bury, my fins, which causeth (all) these.—That for his descent into hell, I may descend thither whilst I live (here) by frequent meditations (upon it.)—That I may be (ma.de) conformable to his resurrettion by (my) rising again to newness of life, and to his ascension by -meditating upon and seeking (after) those things that are above.—That I may be also mindful of his session (at God's right hand) whensoever I want.any gift of heavenly consolation, and as often as I am cold in my devotions. And that I may never forget his second coming at the day of Judgment, (O) that I may always think \ hear the noise of the last trumpet sounding, and that I may pray without ceasing till I am placed at the right hand. Amen.

Preparatory Meditations for Death. O Lord, quicken and comfort my soul, for I have sinned against thee. Lord, I call to mind all theyearsof my life past in the bitterness of my foul for my sin. My misdeeds have prevailed against me, 0 be thou merciful unto my fin; O for thy name's fake be mercjful unto my sin, for it is great. Amen. Namely and especially, O Lord.be merciful unto me, &c. Herein, O Lord, be merciful unto thy servant? O Lord, lay not these, nor the rest unto my charge.—O let the depth ef my fin call up the depth of thy mercies, of thy grace. Lord, let it come, that where my sin hath abounded grace may superabound.—Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief.—Q Lord, though thou killest me, yet will I put my trust in thee.— Though I walk through th.eyalley of the shadow of death, yet will I fear no evil j for I hope verily to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. O let this cup pass from me; nevertheless^ if it may not pass from me, but that I must drink, thy will be done.—Thou art the Lord, do what feemeth good in thine own eyes.—For I will talje it a.s the cup of salvation, and give thanks to thy name, O Lord.—Q Lord, grant that all jhe days of my appointed time upon earth, I may wait when my changing shall come.—O that thou ■wouldst hide me in the grave, and keep me secret until thy wrath be past, and appoint me a time in which thou wilt re, member me.—Say unto my soul, O say it pow, I am thy salvation.—Command my spirit, whenever thou wilt command it, to be received, up to thee in peace.—O bid me come unto, thee, fay unto me, this day shalt thou be with me in paradise. Lord, thus and now let thy servant depart in peace, that my eyes may see ihy salvation.

O Lord,

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