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the two last petitions of the Lord's Prayer. By a Country Clergyman. Is.

Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions. By the Rev. John Nance, M. A. Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. 6s.

Cruelty to Dumb Creatures, a Sinful Abuse of that power originally delegated to Man: and inconsistent with the Christian Character. A Sermon preached in the Churches of St. John and St. Mary, Devizes, on Sunday, August 16, 1807. at the request of the Rev. Henry Brindley, of Lavcock, Wilts. By the Curate of Devizes. Is.

The Stability of the Reformed Christian Church. A Sermon preached in Lambeth Chapel,

on the 4th of October, 1 SOT; at the Consecration of the Right Rev. J. Luxmoore, D. D. Lord Bishop of Bristol: and published at the command of his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury; Bv John Roberts, A. M. F.R.S. Fellow of Eton College; Vicar of Burnhatn, in Bucks; and Chaplain to the Earl of Carlisle. Is. Sd.

Perfect IJnion with the Esfah, lished Church of England recommended in a Sermon preached before the Archdeacon of Wilts, in the Parish ChurcA of St. Peter's, Marlborough» August 11, 1807. By Charles Francis, M. A. Rector of Mildenhall. Is.


WHEN the late Gilbert Wakefield published his proposals for a Greek and English Lexicon, a gentleman who had for a considerable time been employed on a similar work, desisted from his labour, on the supposition that Mr. Wakefield's book was ready for the press. But as it appears that he had not proceeded much farther in the collection of materials than his interleaved Hedericus, which has been destroyed by fire; the abovementioried gentleman has now resumed his original intention, and will in a short time present to the public, a copious

Vol. XIII. Churckm. Mag

and accurate Greek and English Lexicon.

The Rev. Mr.Mitchell'sTieatise on the uses of the Greek definitive Article will soon be published, in one iarge volume, in octavo.

The Works of the late celebrated Dr. Kinvan, dean of Killala, are preparing for the press, and are expected to appear in London in the course of this winter.

The Rev. A. Murray is employed in preparing for publication, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of James Bruce, Esq. of Kinnaird, the celebrated traveller. v

E .for November 1807. Oxford, October 31.


LAST week, in full eonvecaI tion, James Powell, esq. of Exeter College, was admitted to the honorary degree of M. A. presented by Peter Stephen Rigaud, M.A. Fellow of the same college.

On Thursday last, Messrs. Robert Smith, of Worcester College, and Maurice Suabey of of Christ Church, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.

Yesterday the Rev. John Chappie Woodhouse, M. A. and student in divinity of Christ Church, and dean of Lichfield, was admitted to the degrees of Bachelorand Doctor in Divinity, Grand Compounder.

Nov. 2. Stephen Lushington, Esq. B. C. L. of All Soul s College; the Hon. Spenser Rodney of Christ Church, and Mr. Edward Henry Owen, B. A. of the sank house; Mr. John Edward Tarleton, B. A. of Brasenose College; and the Hon. Frederic Pleydell Bouverie, B. A. of Oriel College, have been elected Fellows of All Souls College.

3. The Rev. Richard Allen Burney of Magdalen Hall; Mr. John Taylor Allen of Brasenose College, and the Rev. William Thomas Beer, of Worcester College, B. A. are admitted Masters of Arts.

George Edmund Hanmer, Esq. of University College;

Mr. John Dicker Inglett Fortescue, and the Hon. Richard Cust, of Oriel College, are admitted Bachelors of Arts.

I J.. Mr. Charles Tapp Griffith has been admitted scholar of Wadham College; and Messieurs Jmnes Baker and William Parker, scholars of New College.

Mr. Her.ry FrederickThistlethwayte, and the Rev. John Munden, Bachelors of Arts, of Queen's College, have been admilted to the degree of Master of Arts.

The Rev. Richard Berens, student in law of All Souls' College, has been admitted to the degree of Bachelor in Civil Law. Sir George Bowyer, Bart, and Guido Simpson Fairfax, Esq. Bachelors of Arts of Christ Church, are admitted Masters of Arts; Grand Compounders.

The Rev. Benjamin Pope of Christ Church, and John Yeates of New College, Bachelors of Arts, have been admitted Masters of Arts. The Hon. Spencer Rodney of All Souls; Edward Wilmington Ingram, Esq. and Mr. Henry Allen Johnson of Chrijl Church, have been admitted Bachelors of Arts.

Mr. Robert Chambers Jones, B. A. and scholar of Jesus College, has been elected a Fello* ot that society.

20. The names of llio»e candidates, who ai. the close of th« public examination this term, were admitted by the Examiners into the first and second classes of the Liters Humaniores, and Disciplines Mathematics et Physicce respectively, according to the alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stand as follows:

In the first class of the Literæ Humaniores. — Baker, Thomas, of Oriel; Gordon, Robert, of Christ Church t and Pcvell, Thomas Bevan, of Oriel.

In the second class of the Liters Humaniores. — Burney, Charles Parr, of Merton ; James, William, of Oriel; Lancaster, Thomas William, of Oriel; Morris, William, of Christ Church ; Penson, Peter, of New College; Sawyer, Charles, of Christ Church; and Strong,Thomas Linwood, of Oriel.

In the second class of the Disciplinœ Mathematics et Physics. —Baker, Thomas, of Oriel; James, William, of Oriel; Morris, William, of Christ Church; Powell, Thomas Baven, of Oriel; Sawyer, Charles, of Christ Church; and Strong, Thomas Linwood, of Oriel.

Thursday last, a convocation was holden in which the appointment of the Rev. John Penrose, M. A. of Corpus Christi College to be one of the select preachers in the room of the Rev. Henry Kelt, B.D. of Trinity College, who had resigned that office, was approved by the house.

The same day in a congregation the Rev. John Comyns Churchill, M. A. and student in divinity of Corpus Christi College, was admitted Bachelor in Divinity.

The Rev. Thomas Stephens of Magdalen Hall, and the Rev. John Basnett of Pembroke College, students in law, were admitted Bachelors in Civil Law, Grand Compounders.

Mr Thomas Morris of Oriel College, Rev. Charles Tomkin Jennins of Lincoln College; Rev. William Ward- Smith of Wo cester College; R ev. A llan Borman Hutchins of Queen's College; and the Rev. William Macdona'.d of Balliol College, B.A. were admitted Masters of Arts. Messrs. Thomas Baker, and Thomas William Lancaster of Oriel College ; David Hughes Saunders of Jesus College, and Daniel Pryce of Worcester College, were admitted Bachelors of Arts.

Cambridge, October 26.

THE Marquis of Hartington, the eldest son of the Duke of Devonshire; Lord Ipswich, eldest son of the Earl of Euston, and the Hon. Mr. Bridgeman, son of Lord Bradford, are admitted of Trinity College. And Lord Hamilton, second son of the M, rquis of Abercon; the Hon. Mr. Clivt, second son of Earl Powis, and the Hon. Mr. Law, eldest son of Lord Ellenborough, are admitted of St. John's College.

Mr. Robert Hamond, of Emmanuel College, has been admilted (o the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

'.i I. The Seatonian prize is this year adjudged to the Rev. Charles Home," M. A. Fellow of St. John's College, for his Poem on the "Shipwreck of St. Paul."

The Hon. George Neville, eldest son of Lord Braybroke, is admitted of Trinity College.

Nov. 4. Yesterday the Rev. Dr. Poarce, Master of Jesus College, and Dean of Ely, resigned the office of Vice-Chancellor of this University; and this clay the Rev. Francis Barnes, D. D. Master of Pe(erhou-;e, w.-.s elected Vice-Chancellor for the year ensuing. Dr. Barnes served that office in 1788.

5. The Sermon at Great St. Mary's, this day was preached by the Rev. Dr. Douglas, Master of Bene't College. The Latin speech in the SenateHouse was delivered by Mr. Hibgane, Fellow of Jesus College.

William Henry Williams, Esq. of Caius College, is admitted to the d.'gree of Doctor in Physic.

The Rev. Christopher Swainson, M.A. of St. John's College, is admitted ad eundem, from Oxford.

J. C, Hobhouse, and Samuel Athill, Esqrs. of Trinity College, have been admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Aris.

Mr. Serjeant Lens, Fellow of Downing College, and late of St. John's College, is elected Counsel to this University, in the room of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, resigned.

The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Carli.-le, is translated to the Archbi.hoprick of York. The vacant Bishoprick is to be silled by Dr. Zouch, Prebendary of Durham.

The Lord Bishop of Durham, has collated the Rev. Charles Thorp, M. A. Fellow and Tutor of University College, Oxford, to the Rectory of Rvton,

•in the county and diocese of Durham, vacant by the resignation of Dr. Thorp, Archdeacon of Northumberland.

The Rev. Edward Pearson," B. D. Rector of Rempstone, in Nottinghamshire, and late Fellow of Sidney College, Cambridge, is appointed to preach the Warburtonian Lectures in Lincoln's Inn, Chapel.

The Rev. Thomas Smith, M. A. Chaplain to Lord Monson, is empowered bv a dispensation to hold the Rectory of Wellingbam, with the Vicarage of Froclingham, in Lincolnshire, upon the presentation of the Rev. Thomas Broadlev of Hull.

The Rev. Thomas Lockton, of Clanville, Hants, and Fellow of Corpus Christi College, in Oxford, has been presented bv that Society, to the Rectory of Church Brampton, in Northamptonshire.

The Rev. Henry Waste!!, M. A. of Clare Hall, Cambridge, and Rector of Brington cum Byefield, Huntingdonshire, and Vicar of Warnefield cum Heath, is licensed to the perpetual curacy of Chapelthorpe, in Yorkshire.

His Grace the Duke of Argyle, has been pleased to appoint the Rev. Jenkin Llovd Jones. M. A. of Dolymanch, in the county of Radnor, Vicar of Llansawr, in the diocese of St. Asaph, and late Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford, to be one of his domestic Chaplains.

The Hon. and Right Rev. "the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, has collated the Rev. John Pitchford, to the Vicarage of Colwich, in the county of Safford.

The Rev. William Aldrich, B. A. Vicar of Stowmarket, is instituted to the Rectory of Boyton in Suffolk.) in the presentation of Lord Rous and others, Trustees of the real estates of the late Mrs. Warner, deceased.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence has been pleased to appoint the Rev. John Fleming Parker, M. A. of Brasenose College, Oxford, to be one of his Royal Highness's domestic chaplains.

The Rev. Henry Symms, Fellow of St. John's College, Oxford, is elected Minister of Streatham chapel.

Lord Viscount Lake has been pleased to appoint the Rev. John Page, M. A. Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, one of his Lordship's domestic chaplains.

The Rev. W. Gamier, Rector of Drexford and Upham, Prebendary of Winchester, and late Fellow of New College, Oxford, is appointed Chancellor of that diocese.

The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter, has appointed the Rev. Thomtis Johnes, A. M. to the Archdeaconry of Barnstaple.

The Rev. Basil Wood, LL.B. has been instituted to the, rectory of Thorp Basset in Yorkshire.

The Rev. J. Lister Hutchinson, B. A. Reader of the Holy Trinity church in Hull, has been instituted to therectory of Routh in Yorkshire.

The Rev. Newman John Stubbin is licensed to the perpetual curacy of Higham in Suffolk.

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