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Whate'er a blooming world contains,
That wings the air, that skims the plains,

United praise bestow:
Ye dragons, found his awful name
To heay'n aloud; and roar acclaim,

Ye swelling deeps below!

Let ev'ry element rejoice:

Ye thunders, burst with awful voice

To him who bid you roll!
His praise in softer notes declare, , '. ,

Each whispering breeze of yielding air, "••'

And breathe it to the soul.

To him, ye graceful cedars, bow!
Ye tow'ring mountains, bending low,

Your great Creator own;
Tell when affrighted nature shook,
How Sinai kindled at his look,

And trembled at his frown.

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YeVnorhtn'e drarms ofrg^i*ntrtrr-p4eare-,
Nurs'd on the downy lap ot ease,

Fall prostrate-at his throne!
Ye princes, rulers, alt adore!
'Praise him, ye kings, who makes your power
An image of his own.

Ye fair, by nature form'd to move,

O praise th' eternal source of love, . •

With youth's enlivening fire!
Let age take up the tuneful 1 iy,
Sigh his bless'd name—then soar away,

And ask an angel's lyre.


IT is with great satisfaction we ! learn that an uniform edition of- the works of Bishop Home, is about to make'its appearance in six volumes octavo.

The works of the learned critic Mf.'Bryant, are also preparing for a complete edition.

The new edition, with considerable additions, of the Essays os' William and Thomas Ludlam, which we announced in our Magazine for April • last, is at the point of making its appearance in 2 vol. 8vo.

"In these Essays, the justness of the reasoning employed, and the propriety of the language adopted, by those persons, who, in these days, wish to recall into the Church the absurdities of Schooi-'siivinity,

the miserable nonsense of ;a CnV vinistical Creed, and the nauseow* affectation of Puritanical Cant, and who, with such peculiar truth find singular modesty, style themselves Gospel Ministers and Evangelical Preachers, are fiflly considered."

The Botaiiicai Drawing Book,' by the ingenious naturalist Mr.1 Sowerby, is just completedj and will be published immediatCh/V He has also nearly rdady for publication a Scheme of Colbrirs, in which will be introduced a Chromometer, or means of measuring colours upon an easy and simple, principle, so as to measure any simple tint to infinity. It will be printed in royal quarto, with eight or ten plates,.

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ON Singularity and Excess in Philological Speculation; a Sermon, preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, Sunday, April 19,1S07. By Richard Laurence, LL. D. Rector of Mersham, Kent. Is. 6d.

The Clergy of the Establishment vindicated: a Charge delivered lo the Clergy of the Diocese of Gloucester, at the Triennial Visitation of that Diocese, in the year 1807. By George Isaac Huatingford, D. D. Bp. of Gloucester. Is.

Lectures on the Four last Books of the Pentateuch, designed to show the Divine Origin of the Jewish Religion, chiefly from Internal Evidence. 1. The Authenticity and Truth of the History. 2. The Theological, Moral, and Political Principles of the Jewish Law. 3. A Review of Objections. Delivered in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin, at the Lecture established by the Provost and Fellows, under the will of Mrs. Anna Donnellan. By the Reverend Richard Graves. D. D. M.R.I.A. 2 vols. 16s.

Sermons on different Subjects;

By the Rev. John Hewlett, Morning Preacher at the Foundling Hospital. Volume Third. 8vo. 9s.

The Testimony of the Spirit of God in the Faithful. A Sermon preached July 1, 2, and 3, 1807, at the Visitation of the Rev. Arthur Ons!ow, D. D. Dean of Worcester, and Archdeacon of Berkshire, is.

The Case of the Widow considered, and the Consolations applicable to it, enforced. A Sermon composed by particular request, and since preached at White Waltham, Berks, Sept. 8th, 1805. By the Rev. William Palmer, B.A. is.

An Address to the Roman Catholics of Great Britain and Ire* land, occasioned by the present awful appearance of .public affairs. By the Rev. W. Cockburn, A.M. Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge. Is. 6d,

A Sermon, preached at the Second General Visitation of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Rochester, holden at Tunbridge in Kent; July 10, 1807. By the Rev. Phillips Monypenny, M.A. Vicar of Hadlovv. Is.


Oxford, August 1. ^HE Rev. Thomas Rawbone, and M/. Sajnucl Sellwood,

M.A. and Messrs. Thomas Nixon Blagdon and Henry Lloyd Loring, B.A, demies of Magdalfa

College, nave been admitted Fellows of that Society.

The Rev. Mr. Bracken has been elected Exhibitioner of Queen's College on Mr. Mitchell's foundation.

8. Messrs. Lightfoot and Dyson, cf Merton College, have been chosen Fellows of that Society.; and Mr. Kllison, of University College, Fellow thereof.

15. The Rev. Frederick Gardiner, of Lincoln College* has been elected Fellow of the same.

Cambridge, July 27.

Mr. Humphrey Cholmeley, of King's College, has been admitted a Fellow of that College.

Jug. 17. William Varclst, Esq. B.A. of Catharine Hall, is chosen a Skrine Fellow thereof, in the room of Mr. Ponsonby.

The Rev. Mr. Lacey, late Rector of Newbould-Verdon, Leicestershire, is presented to the Rectory of Whiston, in the county of York, by the Duke of Norfolk.

The Rev. John Coimer has .been collated to the Rectory of Littleton Drew,in Wiltshire, void bv the death of the Rev. Mr. Page.

The Rev. Isaac Hodgs6n, Master of Holybourne School, in Hampshire, has been instituted to the Rectory of Berwick St. Leonard cum Sedgehill, Wilts, on the presentation of John Benett, £sq.

The Rev. T. Andrews, M.A. has been elected Master of the Free Grammar School of Burton, in Oxfordshire.

The Rev. Thomas Bartholomew Woedmun, M.A- formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge, has been installed into the Prebend of Bugthorpe, in the Cathe

dral of York, vacated by the death of the Rev. S. Moore.

The Rev. Rann Kennedy, M.A. late of St. John's College, Cambridge, is elected second Master of the Free Grammar School in Birmingham, on the resignation ef the Rev. Jeremiah Smith.

The Rev. Edward Hunt, M.A. Rector of Stoke Doyle, in Northamptonshire,' has been empowered by a dispensation to hold therewith the Rectory of Benefield, in the same county, on the presentation of Sir Isaac and Lady Pocock.

The Rev. R. Affleck, of Retford, has been presented by the Archbishop of York, to the Living of Doncasier.

The Rev. W. Hodges, of Mattersey, has been presented to the Living of Hayton, in Yorkshire.

The Rev. J. Basnett, of Cloughs, in Staffordshire, is instituted to the Vicarage of Woolstanton, in the same county, on the presentation of Walter Sneyd, Esq.

The Archdeaeon of the Diocese of Canterbury, has given the sequestrations of the Vicarages of River and Lyddon, to the Rev. Joshua Dix, senior Minor Canon of that Cathedral, vacant by the death of the Rer. Thomas Freeman.

The King has been pleased to present the Rev. James Price, M.A. to the Rectory of Munden Magna, in Hertfordshire, void by the death of the Rev. William Fonnereau.

The Rev. Charles Mann, B.A. is licensed to the perpetual Curacy of Rixton and Roxton, in Norfolk, on the presentation of the Dean and Chapter of Windsor.

The Rev. Thomas WiUuasw^

B.D. late Rector of Bonnington, present the Rev. Edward Christo in Kent, has been instituted by pher Dowdeswell, D.D. Rector of the Archbishop of York, to the Stanford-Rivers, in Essex, to the -Rectory of Armthorpe, near Don- Rectory of Langham, in the same

caster, on the presentation of the county, void by the translation of Lord Chancellor. !

Dr. John Fisher, Bishop of Exe. · The King has been pleased to ter, to the See of Salisbury.

Monthly Obituary.

At Simpson, Bucks, the Rev. ter of the congregation of ProtestGraham Hanmer, M. A. Rector tant, Dissenters in that town, 'fifty of that place, and of Șt. Bartholo- ,five years. mew near the Exchange, London, He was a Dissenter of the orthoand vicar of Hanmerin Flintshirę. dox stamp, educated under Dr.

The Rev. Thomas Thomas, Doddridge at Northampton, and rector of Cadoxton, near Neath the particular friend of that amiain Glamorganshire...., ble man. Mr. Lavington was

The Rev. Joseph Handley, mas- nearly allied to Dr. Lavington, ter of the free school at Chipping formerly bishop of Exeter, by Norton, in Oxfordshire, and for whom he was greatly esteemed, merly of Claybrook in Leicester- and who would have gladly ad. shire.

mitted him into the church, if he At Castle Donington, in Leices- had been so disposed. But being tershire, in his 81st year, the Rev. possessed of a handsome fortune, John Collier, vicar, of that parish. and having a strong affection for

At Somerton, the Rev. Mr. the people to whom he offici. Whitwick, rector of Chiselbo- ated, he declined the offer. He , fough and Middle Chinnock, in was, however, a man of most libethe county of Somerset

ral principles, and lived upon At Aberdeen (in the house of terms of the greatest intimacy his son, bishop Skinner) aged 85, with the clergy of the established and after having held the charge church in his neighbourhood, by of the episcopal congregation in whom also he was deservedly held Langside near 65 years, the Rev. in high estimation for the urbani. John Skinner.

ty of his temper and his unaffected At an advanced age, the Rev. piety. Like his relation the William Dawson of Queen's Col. bishop, he looked upon the Me. lege, Oxford, M. A. 1728. He thodists as the violaters of religi. was rector of Weston-upon-Trent ous order, and he would never „in Derbyshire, which living is in - suffer any of the teachers of that the gift of Sir Robert Wilmot, bt. sect to occupy his pulpit, however

At Bideford, Devon, aged 80, strongly they were recommended the Reva Samuel Lavington, minis- to him by some of his more yield,

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