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"Five evidences of it,

, - -

Enmity against God, ;

. Against the being and nature of God,

Five queries, for conviction on this head,

Againd the Son of God,

In his proplietical office,

Two evidences of it,-

In his priestly office, ,

Three evidences of it,-

In his kingly office, o

: Three evidences of it,

A peculiar malignity against the priestly office ; corrupt nature

lying cross to the gospel-contrivance of salvation, - -
- Four proofs of it, !- -
Bent to the way of the law, as a covenant of works,

Four proofs of it,

Against the Spirit of God,

. Against the law as a rule of life,

Two evidences of it,

Contumacy against the Lord,

" .

Perverseness in reference to the chief end, -

Of the corruption of the affections,

of the conscience, ... ---

of the memory,

- in,

The body partaker of this corruption,

How man's nature was corrupted, . - ..

The doctrine of the corruption of nature applied,

The natural man can do nothing but fin,

God takes special notice of the sin of our nature,
Evidences of inen's overlooking the sin of our nature,


Wherein thaç sm is to be specially noticed,

Why it is to be specially toticed,

How to get a view of the corruption of nature,

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III. The State of GRACE, or Begun Recovery.

HEAD I. REGENERATION Discoursed from í Pet. i. 23.. P: 129

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Head IV. „The GENERAL JUDGMENT discoursed from
Mat. xxv. 31, 32, 33, 34, 41, 46.

' . p. 365

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