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Ancient Critical Essays upon English Poets and Poesy. Edited by Joseph Haslewood. Vol. II. 4to. 31. 3s.

The Proportionate and Universal Table ; being a Compendium of Arithmetical Calculations for finding the Principal and only leading Points in the Art of cutting to fit the Human Shape. By Benjamin Read, Inventor and Teacher of the Arithmetical System for cutting to fit the Human Shape.

The Sportsman's Directory; or Park and Gamekeeper's Companion : con taining Terms, Breeding, and Training of Dogs, Rules for Coursing, &c. with a Description of all Kinds of Poaching, &c. By John Mayer, Gamekeeper. 12mo. 78. 6d.

A Treatise on the Dry Rot in Timber. By the late Thomas Wade. 8vo. 5s.
Anecdotes Parisiennes. 18mo. 4s. bound.
East India Register, corrected to August 4, 1815. 12mo. 78. 64.

Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces; with Letters containing a comparative view of the Modes of Living, Arts, Commerce, Literature, Manners, &c. of Edinburgh, at different Periods. By the late Williain Creech, Esq. F.R.S. Edinburgh. To which is prefixed an Account of his Life. 8vo. 12s.

Remarks on the Comparative Value of Freehold and Copyhold Land. By William Rouse, Esq. Author of the Doctrine of Chances. 1s. 6d.

NOVELS, &c. Glenowen, or the Fairy Palace, a Tale. By Eleanor Heath; illustrated with Engravings. 18mo. Half-bound 3s.

Zeluca, or Educated and Uneducated Woman; a Novel. 3 Vols. 12mo. 11. 1s.

PHILOLOGY. A new and copious English and Gaelic Vocabulary; with the different parts of Speech, in Alphabetical Order. By P. Macfarlane, Translator of Doda dridge's Rise and Progress, &c. 8vo. 78. 6d.

Illustrations of English Philology. By Charles Richardson, Esq. Consisting of a Critical Examination of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary; and Remarks on Mr. Dugald Stewart's Essay on the Tendency of some late Philological Specula- . tions. 4to. ll. 58.

POETRY. Consolation, with other Poems. By the Rev. William Gillespie. 8vo. 196 · Monthermer, a Poem. By Edward Quillinan, Esq. of the Third Dragona Guards. 8vo. 9s.

Opoleyta, or a Tale of Ind; a Poem, in Four Cantos. By Bertie Ambrose. 8vo. 98.

Kenilworth; a Mask. By I. S. Anna Liddiard. 8vo. 7s.
Ode to the Dutchess of Angouleme. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Poems by William Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq. in three Volumes; containing his Posthumous Poetry, and a Sketch of his Life. By his kms man John Johnson, LL.D. Rector of Yaxham with Welborne, in Norfol. Vol. 3. various sizes, 18mo. 58. 12mo. 8s. 8vo. 125. Royal 8vo. 16s.

Brathwaite's Odes; or Philomel's Tears. Edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. 8vo. 7s.6d.

Davison's Poetical Rhapsody. Part III. 8vo. Original Poems, never before published. By William Browne, of the loner Temple, Gent.; Author of Britannia's Pastorals. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d.

The Duel, a Satirical Poem, in Four Cantos, with other Poems, By LO. Shaw. Crown 8vo. 6s. | A Collection of ancient and modern Scottish Ballads, Tales, and Sons, with explanatory Notes and Observations. By John Gilchrist. 2 Volumes 12mo. 12s.

Scribleomania; or the Printer's Devil's Polichronicon. A sublime Poem. Edited by Anser Pen Dragon, Esq. 8vo. 14s.

The Deserted Village Restored. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, in three Cantos. Pastorals, &c. By Arthur Parsey. 12s..

Fugitive Pieces, chiefly written whilst the Author was on Service in Egypt, and a Prisoner of War in France. To which is added, Wellington's Triumph; or the Battle of Waterloo. By J. B. Goldsmith. Crown 8vo. 38.

The Morning Star; or the Divine Poems of Mr. Rees Prichard, formerly Vicar of Landovery, in Carmarthenshire; translated into English Verse by the Rev. William Evans. Vicar of Lanhaden. 8vo. 8s.

Poems and Reflections by a Young Lady. 12mo. 78.
Battle of Waterloo, a Poem. By George Walker. 12mo. 3s.
Ode on the Victory of Waterloo. By Elizabeth Cobbold. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

POLITICS, AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Substance of the Speech of George Holford, Esq. in the House of Commons, on Thursday, 22d June 1815, on the Bill to amend the Laws relative to the Transportation of Offenders ; containing Provisions respecting the Confinement of Offenders in the Hulks. 1s.

Considerations on the present Political State of India, embracing Observations on the Character of the Natives, on the Civil and Criminal Courts, the Administration of Justice, the State of the Land Tenure, the Condition of the Peasantry, and the internal Police of our Eastern Dominions; intended chiefly as a Manual of Instruction in their Duties for the younger Servants of the Company. By Alexander Fraser Tytler, late Assistant Judge in the 24 Pergunnahs Bengal Establishment. 2 Vols. 8vo. 188.

Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System; with Hints for the Improvement of those Parts of it which are most injurious to Health and Morals. Dedicated most respectfully to the British Legislature. By Robert Owen, of New Lanark. 1s.

The Port-folio of Buonaparte, taken at Charleroy, the 18th June, 1815. Translated from the Original Edition, just published at the Hague, by Royal Authority: in Parts. Part I. 38.

THEOLOGY, AND THEOLOGICAL HISTORY. True Christianity, or the whole Economy of God towards Man, and the whole Duty of Man towards God. By the venerable John Arndt. Edited by William Jacques, Translator of Professor Franks' Guide to the Study of the Scriptures. 2 Vols. 8vo.

Four practical Sermons on the universal Presence of God, the Duty of Parents, the Danger of evil Habits, and the proper Use of the Sabbath. By a Member of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Four practical Sermons on the universal Presence of God, the Folly and Wickedness of Lying, the dreadful Presumption of Revenge, and Religious Industry. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Discourses, chiefly on Practical Subjects. By the late Rev. Newcome Cappe. Edited by Catherine Kappe. 8vo. 12s.

Essays on the Mythology, Theology, and Morals of the Ancients; accompanied with a brief Outline of the respective Tenets of the Grecian Sectarian Philosophers. By G. S. Weideman. 12mo. 78.

Baxteriana; containing a Selection from the Works of Baxter. Collected by Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. 12mo. 58. 6d.

Sermons, selected and abridged from the Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, William Beveridge, D.D., late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, 2 Vols. 8vo. 20s.

A Discourse upon the Witness of the Spirit. By T. M. Shann, A. M. Svo. 1s. 6d.

A Parochial Vicar's Remarks on Mr. Belsham's Letters, which were addressed to the Bishop of London, and which animadverted on His Lordship's Charge, delivered in the Year 1814. 28. 6d.

An Analysis of the Sixth Chapter of the Revelations of St. John ; illustrated by Extracts from Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 8vo. 78.

Pentateuch. Discourses on the several Revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ, from the Fall to the call of Abraham, Jacob, &c. Together with some Typical Symbols; and the Sinai Transaction; which was ratified by the solemn Representation of the Death and Bloodshedding of the Messiah; designed to point how Christ was set forth in the Sacrifices, Tabernacle, Temple, and Service thereof; with other Sermons on various Subjects, &c. By Samuel Eyles Pierce, Minister of the Gospel, Author of the Growth in Grace, &c. &c. With a re commendatory Preface. By the Rev. Robert Hawker, D.D. Plymouth.

A Sermon preached in St. Edmund's Church, Dudley, on Sunday August 20, 1815, in behalf of the Fund for the Relief and Benefit of the Families of the, brave Men killed, and wounded Sufferers, under the Command of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, in the Signal Victory of Waterloo. By the Rev. Proctor Robinson, A.M. Minister of St. Edmund's, and Head Master of the Free Grammar School, in Dudley. 8vo.

Another Mite for Waterloo. A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Bedlington, in the County of Durham, on Sunday August 22, 1815. 8vo.

Treatise by St. Cyprian, Archbishop of Carthage, entitled of the Unity of the Church; translated from the Oxford Edition of his Works. By Nathaniel Marshall, L.L.B. and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty; abridged and re printed with an Appendix, by James Horsburgh, F.R.S. 8vo. 1s.

VOYAGES, &c. A Tour through some Parts of Istria, Carniola, Styria, Austria, the Tyrol, Italy, and Sicily, in the Spring of 1814. By a young English Merchant. Crown 8vo. 75.

The History of a Sailor; comprising the Five First Years of his Voyages; an Historical Sketch, with Reflections; Indian and other Anecdotes; and a brief Guide to Health. Written by himself. Drawn up and designed chiefly * for Seamen; but adapted for general Readers, particularly for young Persons. 12mo.

The Traveller's Complete Guide through Belgium, Holland, and Germany; containing full Directions for Gentlemen, lovers of the Fine Arts, and Travel lers in general. By Charles Campbell, Esq. Royal 18mo. 78.

A Picture of St. Petersburgh, represented in a Collection of Twenty interesting Views of the City, the Sledges, and the People. Taken on the Spot at the twelve different Months of the Year; and accompanied with an Historical and Descriptive Account. Folio. 61. 6s.

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Academical Education, the present state

of, briefly noticed, 275. Adelung Mr.), bis work, called, “ Mi

thridates; or a General History of Languages,” considered, 476-its object described, 477-bis enquiry into, and opinion on, the origin of speech, with remarks, 478–482—the like as to the original seat of the human race, and the seat of paradise, 482, 483—table showing his arrangement of languages, 485 his opinion on the Chinese language considered, 490_his opinion respecting the ancient Getæ, 502—the like as to the Illyrians, 503—his attack on the Welsh resented, 507—his account of the German dialects, 510_ of the Eoglish, ibid.-of the Sclavonian, ibid. -of the languages of the various pations of the north of Asia, 515_of the Caucasian nations, 517-of the vatives of the South Sea Islands and

the Negro races, 520. Eschylus, passage from, quoted, 165Prometheus Vinctus cousidered, 306 -remark on his high character as a dramatic writer, 310_the various interpretations of different editors of

his works considered, 311-323. Africa, a brief remark on an expedie

tion now preparing for the interior

of Africa, 447. Africans, remarkable instances of des.

perate resolution in, when in captivity, 136, 139—their vatural capacity equal to that of Europeans, 137 - their unhappiness in the European Colonies proved, with instances, 138. Albania described, 158--the appearance of the troops there remarked on,

ibid. Alfieri, his reputation as a tragic writer

in Italy described, 325—his claim to the name of a tragic poet considered at some length, 328, 329-the general

character of his tragedies examined,
329–336—his play of “Sanl” con.
sidered, with quotations, 337–346
-quotations froin some other of his

tragedies, 348-350. Ali Paska, the Albanian chief, description of his life and character, &c. 159_his military force, 160—his revenues and government, ibid.--bis political intelligence and manner of receiving strangers, 161-summary of

bis character, 162, Alluvial Remains, interesting remarks on, in various parts of the world, 47 -important observations on those deposits, 48. Armenian Language, some account of,

518. Arts, their great improvement in the

United States observed on, 413. Athens, elegant description of, 167. Augustin (St.), his method of interpret

ing the Psalms described, 3. Austria, her great importance in the

present state of Europe considered, 225, 226. Author, the first business of one, accord

ing to Dr. Johnson, 275.

B. Bacon (Lord), his philosophical pages

recommended to tbe perusal of the

academical student, 200. Bakewell (Mr.), interesting passage from his Evidence before the Committee of the House of Commons on the stato

of the mad-houses in England, 529. Balance of Power, remarks on the mo

dern signification of, 218-the principal obstacle in the way of, in Europe, removed, 220—the slow progress which has for many years been made in effecting it in Europe ex.

plained, 224. Bali, an Eastern language so called,

history of, 499. Berkeley (Bishop', his doctrine on the

Buonaparte, his decree for abolishing

the slave trade after his landing in
France from Elba, 126-144-his
opinion on the subject as expressed
during his residence on that island,
127-his recent usurpatiou of power
considered, 209—the prediction of a
certain Noble Marquis of that event,
ibid-his utter contempt of treaties
remarked on, 214—the mode of dis-
posing of him and his traitei ous fol-
lowers considered, 235-bis atrocity
described, 236, 237-madness of his

Rassian expedition, 442.
Burke (Mr.), philosophical and just

remark by him quoted, 199—his sen-
timents on the fate of religion in jaco-
bin France, 220.
Byron (Lord), remark on the ten-

dency of his poetry, 156—his Hebrew
melodies considered, 200—their poe-
tical merit, 201-serious hints to his
Lordship, 203—extracts from his me-
Jodies, 204-206- the remainder of
them descanted on, 207.

subject of the philosophy of the hu.
man mind, 170.
Best (Dr.), his appointment to the of.

fice of physician to the York Lunatic
Asylum considered, 541-his reten-
tion in his office after the dismissal of
the other officers, and his vindication
of himself, considered, 548–550—

his resignation, 550.
Bethlem Hospital, extracts from the ex.

amination before the Committee of
the House of Commons on inad-houses,
as applicable to it, 550—interesting
answers of Mr. Wakefield on the
subject, showing the various abuses
and cruelties existing there, ibid. -
553—the want of regular inspection

complained of, 555.
Bible, extensive and beneficial effects

of its circulation on the minds of the
vulgar described, 255_its extensive

circulation, 265.
Bible Society, its character, and the ten-
dency of its labours defended against
the objections of Mr. Norris, 257-
263-sketch of the progress and re-
sult of its operations, 265-267.
Bishops, an increase of vigilance in

their dioceses recommended, and the
present want of it regretted, 270_
certain of them exempted from the
charge of indifference, ibid.—the ne-
cessity of a frequent intercouse be-
tween them and their clergy insisted

on, 272.
Blomfield (Mr.), his editions of the

“ Prometheus Vinctus,” “ Septem
contra Thebas,” and “ Perse," of
Æschylus considered, 306_his cha-
racter as a scholar remarked on,
309—the difficulties with which he
had to contend in Æschylus noticed,
ibid—the three plays considered, with
his interpretations, and the various
readings of different editors, 310_
323-Note quoted illustrative of his
judicious criticism, 322—the merits
of his labours finally copsidered, with

an observation on his Latip style, 324.
Book Trade, the flourishing state of, in

the United States of America noticed,
412, 413
Boston (io New England), its principal

manufactures described, 392,
Bridges, the state of, in the United

States, considered, and two remark-

able ones described, 405, 406.
Brighton, the want of church accomme-

dation there, shewn, 280.
Britain, its various strata described,


Calmucks, description of the, 451–453

-their religion, called Lamism, de-
scribed, and their temples, 453, 454

-remarkably large drum used in
their temples described, 454-in-
mense number of their sacred books
noticed, 455—particulars descriptive
of the excellence of their moral cha.

racters, 456.
Canada, the present bad state of the

roads and bridges there complained

of, 407.
Canals in the United States, the present

state of, described, with remarks on

an important projected one, 404.
Cantabrian, or Iberian Language, its

grammatical construction, &c, consi-
dered, 513-shown to be an original

tongue, ibid.
Carolina, South, the state of agriculture

there, tenure of the lands, incomes of
farmers, mode of living, produce, &c.
described, 384-386-great propor-
tion of slaves in that province BO-
ticed, 387—its agriculture and com-
merce at different periods, 402- the

planters there described, 410.
Castlereagh (Lord), his activity and abi-

lity in the negotiations at Vienna for
the abolition of the slave trade con-
sidered, 142–his letter to Earl Be-
thurst describing his interview with
the Emperor of Russia on the sub-
ject, 153-his luminous speech on

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