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Principally extracted from the Books of the Company of Stationers

ANTIQUITIES AND ARCHITECTURE. A History of the Western Division of the County of Sussex, including the Rapes of Chichester, Arundel, and Bramber, with the City and Diocese of Chichester. By James Dallaway. Vol. I. 4to. 8l. 88.

An Historical Account of the Episcopal See and Cathedral Church of Sarum or Salisbury; comprising Biographical Notices of the Bishops, the History of the Establishment from the earliest Period, and a Description of the Monuments, illustrated with Engravings. By William Dodsworth. Imperial 4to. 61., 6s. Royal 4to. 31. 138. 6d.

A Guide to Burghley House, Northamptonshire, the Seat of the Marquis of Exeter; containing a Catalogue of all the Paintings, Antiquities, &c. with Biographical Notices of the Artists. 8vo. 12s. 4to.

Proof Plates. 1l. 5s. AGRICULTURE, RURAL ECONOMY, FARMING, &c. A Treatise on the best Management of Draught Horses in the Metropolis ; especially those employed in the Coal Trade, in respect to their Purchase, Stabling, Dressing, &c. &c.; and also on the Prevention and Treatment of their most Fatal Diseases, contracted in the Stable or in course of Labour. By Edward Higgs, Veterinary Surgeon for the Horse, and Member of the Royal Veterinary College of Upper Thames Street. 12mo. 45.

A New French and English professed Cook, adapted to the present fashionable Varieties; calculated for the Families of Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Citizens. By Robert Reynolds, Cook to His Grace the Duke of Portland. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

A Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and Practical Management of Bees: in which the various Systems of the British and Foreign Apiarians are examined, and the most improved Methods laid down for effectually preserving the Lives of Bees, &c. &c., forming the most complete Guide to the Study and Management of those valuable Insects. By Robert Huish, Author of the Peruvians, a Poem, &c.; with Plates. 8vo. 12s.


A Philosophical and Mathematical Dictionary, containing an Explanation of the Terins, and an account of the several Subjects comprised under the heads Mathematics, Astronomy, and Philosophy, both Natural and Experimental ; with an Historical Account of the Rise, Progress, and present State of the Sciences; also Memoirs of the Lives and Writings of the most Eminent Authors, both Ancient and Modern, who by their Discoveries and Improvements, have contributed to the Advancement of them. By Charles Hutton, LL.D. F.R.S., &c. With many Plates. New Edition. 2 Vols. 4to. 61. os.

A Treatise on Practical Perspective, without the Use of Vanishing Points; being an Application of the Centrolinead to Perspective, &c., with a General Description of the Instrument. By Peter Nicholson, Author of the Architectural Dictionary, &c. With the Instrument, 1l. 78.

BIOGRAPHY. Biographical Notices of Members of the Society of Friends. By Henry Tuke. Vol. II. J. Parnell, J. Camm, W. Robinson, &c. &c. 12mo. 3s. 68. A Biographical Sketch of Henry Tuke. By Lindley Murray. Memoirs of Mrs. Harriet Newell

, Wife of the Rev. Samuel Newell, American Missionary to India, who died at the Isle of France Nov. 30, 1812, aged 19 Years. To which is added, a Serinon on occasion of her Death, preached at Haverhill, Massachusetts. By Leonard Woods, D.D. Abbot Professor of Christian Theology in the Theological Seminary, Andover. 12mo. 4s.

Athena Oxoniensis, an exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Education in the University of Oxford. To which are added, The Fasti, or Annals of the said University. By Anthony A. Wood, M.A. of Merton College. A new Edition, with Additions and Continuation. By Philip Bliss, Fellow of St. John's College. Vol. II. 4to. 41. 45.

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., with Critical Observations on his Works. By Robert Anderson, M.D., in one Vol. 3d Edition. 8vo. 155.

A Biographical Memoir of the late Sir Peter Parker, Bart. Captain of His Majesty's Ship Menelaus, of

38 guns; killed in action while storming the American Camp at Bellair, near Baltimore, on the 31st August, 1814. 4to. 12s. Fine Paper 158.

Musical Biography, or Memoirs of the Lives and Writings of the most eminent Musical Composers and Writers, who have flourished in the different Countries of Europe during the last three Centuries. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 4s.

CHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, &c. Chemical Essays, principally relating to the Arts and Manufactures of the British Dominions. By Samuel Parke, F.L. S. Member of the Geological Society, Author of the Chemical Catechism, and Proprietor of the Chemical Manufactory in Goswell Street, London, in 5 Vols. 12mo. 21. 2s.

Practical Treatise on Gas Light; exhibiting a Summary Description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for illuminating Streets, &c.; with Remarks on the Utility, Safety, and General Nature of this new Branch of Civil Economy. By Frederick Accum, Operative Chemist, &c. with 7 coloured Plates. 8vo. 12s.


A New and Practical Course of Book Keeping; in which Double Entry is rendered intelligible to all Capacities, and Single Entry, by being approximated to Double, is made to possess equal Proof and Certainty of Correctness. By P. Thoreau, Accomptant. 4to. "Half-bound 9s.

Arbitration of Exchanges between London and Paris.

The Elements of Book-keeping, comprising a Systein of Merchants' Accounts, founded on real Business, and adapted to Modern Practice; with an Appendix, on Exchange, Banking, and other Commercial Subjects. By P. Kelly, LL.D. Fifth Edition. 78. bound.


A Descriptive Portrait of Miss O'Neill, in a Critique on her Exhibition of the Characters of Mrs. Haller and Jane Shore. 8vo. 38.

EDUCATION, SCHOOL BOOKS, AND CLASSIC AUTHORS. Grammaire Françoise a la Portée de Tout le Monde, Dediée a la Nation Angloise. Par Mile J. M. Chatelain, Membre de L'Academie Royale D’Écriture de Paris, et de celle de l'Institution Publique.

Private Education; or a Practical Plan for the Studies of young Ladies : with an Address to Parents, private Governesses, and young Ladies. By Elizabeth Appleton. 12mo. 75. 6d.

The Twelfth Cake, or Something New. By F. B. V. 8d.

Conversations of Émily. Abridged from the French. 18mo. half-bound, 3s. 6d.

An Essay on the most effectual Methods of advancing Youth in Scholastic Education; containing an Outline of the Course of Studies recommended to employ the Time, and engage the Attention, of the Pupils at King's House Academy, near Portsmouth. By John Shoveller. 8vo.

Travels at Home, and Voyages by the Fire-side, for the Instruction and Entertainment of young Persons. Vols. 3, 4, 5. Asia, Africa, and America. 18mo. half-bound. 9s.

Guy's New Latin Primer, or Companion to Latin Grammars. In 3 Parts, By Joseph Guy, Author of the English School Grammar, 18mo. 2s. bound. French Letters, 12mo.

Display; a Tale for young People. By Jane Taylor, Author of Original Poems for Infant Minds, Hymns for Infant Minds, &c. 12mo. 6s.

Les Jeux de la Jeunesse, ou nouvelle Méthode à instruire les Enfans en les amusant par la Representation de différens Jeux et Exercises du Corps, auxquels ils se livrent; orné de 37 Figures; avec des Explications sur les Avantages ou les Dangers qui peuvent résulter pour leur Santé de ces Jeux er Exercises.

A Grammar of the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Languages, intended to facilitate the acquiring of these Sister Tongues, by exhibiting in a Synoptical Form the Agreements and Differences in their Grammatical Construction. By Richard Woodhouse. 8vo. 78. bound.

Utility, or Sketches of Domestic Education. By the Author of Simple Pleasures, the Young Botanists, &c. 12mo. bound. 3s. 6d.

Friendly Labours; or, Tales and Dramas for the Amusement and Instruction of Youth. By Lucy Peacock. 2 Vols. 12mo. 98.

The Philosophic Mouse. By Jonathan Greaves. 12mo. 3s 6d.

Scientific Dialogues, intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People, in which the first Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully explained. By the Rev. J. Joyce. 6 Vols. 18mo. 15s. half-bound.

Cobwebs to catch Flies; or Dialogues in short Sentences, adapted to Chile dren, from the age of three to eight Years. 2 Vols. 3s.

GEOGRAPIIY, &c. A Set of Lunar Tables for correcting the apparent Distance of the Moon from the Sun, or a fixed Star, for the Effect of Refraction, To which are added, Tables for Parallax, and Rules for computing the true Distance ; illustrated by appropriate Examples. By J. W. Norie, Teacher of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. 8vo. 15s.

A Short System of Practical Navigation, with a Variety of Sea Journals; also the Nature and Effects of Wind-Tides and Currents. By William Innes,

Teacher of Navigation.


Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon. By Claudius James Rich, Esq. Resident for the Honourable East India Company at the Court of the Pacha of Bagdad. With three Plates. Royal 8vo. 88.

Memoir of the Conquest of Java; with the subsequent Operations of the British Forces, in the Oriental Archipelago. To which is subjoined a Statis tical and Historical Sketch of Java, being the Result of Observations made on a Tour through the Country, with an Account of its Dependencies. By Major William Thorn, late Deputy Quarter-Master-General to the Forces serving in Java. Royal 4to. Illustrated by Plans, Charts, Views, &c. 31. 3s.

On Pericles and the Arts in Greece, previously to, and during the Time, he flourished; being a Chapter of a Manuscript Essay on the History of Greece, from the earliest Account of that Country down to the End of the Pelopon nesian War. 12mo.

Annals of Scotland, from the Year 1514, to the Year 1591. By George Marioreybanks, Burges of Edinburghe. 8vo.


The Law of Carriers, Innkeepers, Warehousemen, and other Depositaries of Goods for Hire. By Henry Jeremy, Esq. of the Middle Temple. 8vo. 16.

Abstract of the new Apothecaries' Act. 8vo. Commencing August 1, 1814. 1s. 6d.

A Supplement to Mr. Barton's Modern Precedents in Conveyancing; with a copious and particular Index to the wbole Work, in Alphabetical Order. By James Barry Bird, Esq. Royal 8vo. 1l. 18.,

MEDICINE, SURGERY, COMPARATIVE ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, &c. A Treatise on Forensic Medicine; or Medical Jurisprudence. By O. W. Bartley, M. D. Bristol8vo. 45.

A Treatise on the Diseases of Arteries and Veins, containing the Pathology and Treatment of Aneurism and Wounded Arteries. By Joseph Hodgson, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. 8vo. 15s. A 4to. Vol. of Engravings to illustrate the above, 11.1s.

Commentaries on some of the most important Diseases of Children. By John Clarke, Esq. M. D. &c. Part the First. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Reports of the Pestilential Disorder of Andalusia, which appeared at Cadiz in the Years 1800, 1804, 1810, and 1813, with a detailed Account of that fatal Epidemic, as it prevailed at Gibraltar during the Autumnal Months of 1804. Also, Observations on the remitting and intermitting Fever, made in the Military Hospitals at Colchester, after the Return of the 'Troops from the Expedition to Zealand in 1809. By Sir James Fellows, M. D. 8vo. 13s.

The Anatomy of the Horse, accompanied with a Series of Engravings, representing the Bones and Muscles of the Horse in their Systematical Arrangement, extracted from different Authors. By George Kirtland. Ss.

A General System of Toxicology, or a Treatise on Poisons, drawn from the Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Kingdoms; considered as to their Relations with Physiology, Pathulogy, and Medical Jurisprudence. By M. P. Orfila, M.D. of the Faculty of Paris, Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy; translated from the French. Volume I. Part I. 8vo. 9s.

Case of a Fætus found in the Abdomen of a Young Man at Sherborne, in Dorsetshite. By Nathaniel Highmore, Surgeon and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London; with Explanatory Engravings. Printed for the Author. 4to. 10s. 6d.

A Critical Inquiry into the Pathology of Scrofula. By George Heming, M.D. 8vo.

10s. 6d.

A View of the Relations of the Nervous System. By Daniel Pring. 8vo. 78. 6d.

Practical Observations on Necrosis of the Tibia. By Thomas Whately. 8vo. 6s.


Sketch of a Code of Signals, which are proposed in order to lessen the Dangers attending. Navigation on our Coasts. 8vo.

A New Universal Dictionary of the Marine ; being a copious Explanation of the Technical Terms, &c. usually employed in the Construction, Equipment, &c. &c., and Military as well as Naval Operations of Ships, with such Parts of Astronomy and Navigation as will be found useful to Practical Navigators. Illustrated with a variety of Modern Designs of Shipping, &c., together with Views of the Masts, Yards, &c. To which is annexed a Vocabulary of French Sea Phrases and Terms of Art. Collected from the best Authorities. Originally compiled by William Falconer, Author of the Shipwreck, &c., now modernized and much enlarged by William Burney, LL. D. Master of the Naval Academy, Gosport. 4to. 41. 14s. 6d.

The Principles of War, as exhibited in the Practice of the Camp; and as developed in a Series of General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K. G. &c. &c. in the late Campaigns in the Peninsula; with parallel Orders of George II., the Duke of Cumberland, the Duke of Marlborough, &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Narrative of Events which have recently occurred in the Island of Ceylon. Written by a Gentleman on the Spot. 8vo. 2s.6d.

MISCELLANEOUS. A Treatise on Dry Rot, in which are described the Nature and Causes of that Disease in Ships, Houses, Mills, &c., with methods of Prevention and Cure. Containing also an Inquiry into the Origin of Fungi. With several interesting Facts respecting the Durability of Timber from Seasoning, &c. By Ambrose Bowden, of the Navy-Office. 8vo. 8s.

Practical Hints on the Construction and Economy of Pauper Lunatic Asylums; including Instructions to the Architects who offered Plans for the Wakefield Asylum, and a Sketch of the most approved Design. By Samuel Tuke. 4to.

A Trip to London, or the Humours of a Berwick Smack, interspersed with Topographical Notices. 12mo. 6s.

Paris Chit-Chat; or a View of the Society, Manners, Customs, Literature, and Amusements of the Parisians; being a Translation of Guillaume Le Franc Parleur, and a Sequel to Le Hermite de la Chaussée d'Antin. 2 Vols, 12mo. 10s.

A History of the Rats of Mousiana. By W. R. Hawkes. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

A Series of improved Tables, in two parts. Part I. shews the Amount of Pounds, Hundred Weights, and Tons, at any given Price from One Shilling to Thirty Shillings per Cwt. Part II. shews the Amount of Pounds and Ounces, at any given Price, from Three-pence to Four Shillings and Sixpence per Pound. By James Sunderland, Sheffield, late of Wakefield. Royal 8vo. 12s.

Report of the Debate and Proceedings in the Case of Robert Sherson, Esq. a Senior Merchant in the Honourable the East India Company's Service, on their Madras Establishment; which took place at a General Court of Proprietors of East India Stock, held at the India House in Leadenhall Street, London, on Frida 28th April. Taken in Short-Hand by Mr. Fraser, of Thavies Inn. 8vo. 48.

The Servants' Monitor. By R. C. Dallaway, Author of Observations on Education. for the Use of Private Governesses. 12mo. 45. 6d.

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