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Charleston, S. C. via St. M. C. Mordecai, of In a “first rate steamship,” once a month $60,000 per annum. This
Augustine and Key Charleston, S. c.

offer was subsequently
West, Fla., and Ha-

James M. Stocker, In a first rate steamship, of five hundred $60,000 per annum, for


each way

withdrawn. vana, Cuba, to Chagres, New Grenada.

of Charleston, S. to seven hundred tons; once in two once in two months; C.

months, with the privilege of running $100,000 for once once a month.


each way

Charleston, S. C., via In- Madison Post, of "In a suitable vessel,once a month $2,450 per annum.

dian Key, and Key Key Wesť., Fla.

West to Havana, Cuba
Charleston, S. C. via M. C. Mordecai, of Twice a month, in a steamship fully suit- $50,000 per annum.

Key West, to Havana, Charleston, S. C. able for the mail service; but reserving $45,000 per annum.

right in the months of August and
September, to send mail by sailing
ships. Service to commence 1st Sept.,

$45,000 per annum.
Or same service, in same kind of steam-

ship, to be built as soon as possible.

New York to Chagres, I. M. Woodward, Once every two months, in a steamship
New Grenada.

of the city of of not less than six hundred tons.

New York.
New York to St. Tho- Aymar & Co., New Once a month, in a steamer of not less $60,000 per annum.
mas, West Indies.

York city, by J. than eight hundred tons, and suitable
D. Van Buren, for a war steamer, &c.
one of the firm.

Ex. Doc. No. 52.







Statements under acts of 21st April, 1808, and 2d March, 1809.

March 15, 1848.
Laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, March 13, 1848. Sir: In obedience to the “act concerning public contracts," approved April 21, 1808, and the “Act further to amend the several acts for the establishment and regulation of the Treasury, War, and Navy Departments,” approved March 2, 1809, I have the honor to transmit herewith

1. Exhibits of contracts made by the Treasury Department during the years 1846 and 1847, (marked A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.)

2. Statement of payments made according to law at the treasury of the United States from the 1st July, 1846, to the 30th June, 1847, for the discharge of miscellaneous claims not otherwise provided for, (marked II.)

3. Statement of the expenditures from the marine hospital fund for the relief of sick and disabled seamen for the year ending the 30th June, 1817, (marked I.)

4. Statement showing the principal and aggregate heads of expenditure for the relief of sick and disabled seamen in each year, from 1836 to 1947, inclusive, (marked K.)

I have the bonor to be, very respectfully, sir, your obedient servant,


Acting Secretary of the Treasury. Hon. ROBERT C. WINTHROP,

Apreuker of the house of itepresentatives.


Statement of contracts relative to the revenue marine, authorized by the Treasury Department, from January 1,

1847, to January 1, 1848, and which have been transmitted to the Comptrollers' Office.

[blocks in formation]

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, Comptroller's Office, February 18, 1848.

J. W. McCULLOH, Comptroller.



Statement exhibiting the contract prices for furnishing the station

ery and executing the printing required for the Treasury Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1847.

[blocks in formation]

$14 00

8 00

Writing paper, made of linen, laid or wove, white or blue :
Reams royal paper, for books...
Reams medium paper, for books...
Reams folio post, satin or plain finish, feint lined, and trimmed to weigh not less

than 17 lbs. per ream... Reams foolscap, hand-made,


12 lbs. per ream Reams foolscap, machine,


12 lbs. per ream Reams foolscap, plain, hand-made, do


12 lbs. per ream Reams foolscap, plain, machine, do


12 lbs. per ream
Reams quarto post, hand-made, plain, feint lined three sides, per ream.
Reams quarto post, machine, plain, feint lined three sides, per ream...
Reams quarto post, hand-made, plain, feint lined four sides, per ream..
Reams quarto post, machine, plain, feint lined four sides, per ream......
Reams quarto post, French, feint lined three sides, per ream....
Reams note paper, gilt, per ream...
Reams note paper, plain, per ream...
Reams copying paper, per ream..,
Reams envelope paper, yellow or buff, royal, per ream.
Reams envelope paper, flat cap, white or blue, per ream...
Reams blotting paper, royal, per ream...
Dozen cards Perry's best metallic pens, per dozen cards..
Dozen cards of all other manufacture in use, per dozen cards.
Gross metallic pens, per gross..
Quills, No. 80, per thousand..
Quills, No. 70, per thousand..
Dozen ever-pointed pencils, silver, per dozen...
Dozen ever-pointed silver desk pencils, with rosewood handles, per dozen.
Dozen Contee's best black lead pencils, graduated...:
Dozen Monroe's, or other manufactured, graduated...
Dozen red lead pencils, per dozen...
Dozen folders, ivory, 9-inch, per dozen..
Dozen red linen tape, assorted, per dozen..
Dozen silk laste, assorted colors and widths, in hanks, per dozen..
Dozen pounce boxes, cocoa, per dozen.
Dozen sand boxes, cocoa, per dozen.
Dozen sand boxes, tin, per dozen....
Dozen inkstands, cut glass, recently invented fountain, moveable tops, per dozen.
Dozen French pump China inkstands...
Dozen wafer stands or boxes, cocoa or Japanned, per dozen...
Dozen erasers, Rodgers & Son's, ivory handles, per dozen....
Dozen penknives, Rodgers & Son's, 4 blades, buckhorn handies, per dozen...
Dozen penknives, Abbott's American, 4 blade, buckhorn bandles, per dozen..
Dozen desk knives, Rodgers & Son's, 1 blade, ivory handles, per dozen..
Dozen wafer stamps, ivory handles, per dozen...
Dozen wafer stands, lignum vitæ handles, per dozen..
Gallons ink, black, Maynard & Noyes's, per gallon....
Bottles ink, black, Maynard & Noyes's, in bottles, per quart bottle..
Quarts ink, red, per quart..
Quarts ink, black, Cooper & Phillips's, or equal, per quart bottle..
Quarts ink, blue, Stephens's, per quart bottle..
Quarts ink, red, Arnold's, or equal, in a pint bottles, per bottle..
Quarts ink, copying, (Terry's,) in pint bottles, per bottle...

4 75 4 00 2 50 3 00 2 50 4 00 2 50 3 00 2 25 3 00 1 75 1 00 1 50 3 25 1 75 1 00 4 25 1 75

12 17 00 14 00 4 00 3 00

75 30

25 3 00

27 1 00 1 00 2 00

60 2 00 15 00 1 50 3 00 14 00 8 00 2 50 3 00 1 00

30 12 30 50 08 10 20

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