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Proposed route.


and residence of proposers.


. !!!
New York to Havre, B. B.

Williams, Semi-monthly, in four steamships of not $299,000 per annum,

and associates. less than two thousand tons each, built three equal payments.”

in the best manner, suitable for, and
liable to be, converted into vessels of
war; and, within two years after com-
pletion of the first four, to build and
have in readiness a fifth steamship,
equal in all respects to the others, to
supply their places in case of accidents,
&c. Service to commence within eigh-
teen months from he consummation of
the contract, “subject to all the pro-
visos and restrictions, and enjoying all
the privileges contained in the existing
contract made between the Secretary
of the Navy and E. K. Collins, under
the act of February 15th, 1847. Con-
tract to be for ten years.


New York to Marseilles, M. L. Ostrander, Monthly, in three steamships of not less $250,000 per annum, for

for self and assothan one thousand five hundred tons the


each, to be built in the best manner, New York and Mar-
suitable for, and liable, at the least seilles; and $25,000
possible expense, to be converted into additional, if required
war steamers.

Service to commence to deliver mails at the
within eighteen months from consum intermediate points na-
mation of the contract; subject to the med. Each in three
provisions—both as to restrictions and equal payments.
privileges-of the subsisting contract
-between the Secretary of the Navy and

E. K. Collins.
Also, will, if required, deliver monthly

mails each way, at the Western Islands, Cadiz, Tangiers and Gibralter. Contract to be for ten years.

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Charleston, S. C. via St. M. C. Mordecai, of 'In a “first rate steamship,” once a month $60,000 per annum. This
Augustine and Key Charleston, S. C.

offer was subsequently
West, Fla., and Ha-

James M. Stocker, In a first rate steamship, of five hundred $60,000 per annum, for


Charleston, S. C., via In- Madison Post, . of " In a suitable vessel,” once a month $2,450 per annum.

West to Havana, Cuba
Charleston, S. C. via M. C. Mordecai, of Twice a month, in a steamship fully suit- $50,000 per annum.

Key West, to Havana, Charleston, S. C. able for the mail service; but reserving $45,000 per annum.

right in the months of August and
September, to send mail by sailing
ships. Service to commence 1st Sept.,

$45,000 per annum.
Or same service, in same kind of steam-

ship, to be built as soon as possible.

each way.

withdrawn. vana, Cuba, to Chagres, New Grenada.

of Charleston, S. to seven hundred tons; once in two once in two months; C.

months, with the privilege of running $100,000 for once a month.



each way:

dian Key, and Key Key West., Fla.

NewžYork to Chagres, I. M. Woodward, Once every two months, in a steamship New Grenada,

of the city of

of not less than six hundred tons.

New York.
New York to St. Tho- Aymar & Co., New Once a month, in a steamer of not less $60,000 per annum.
West Indies. York city, by J. than eight hundred tons, and suitable

D. Van Buren, for a war steamer, &c.
one of the firm.


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