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year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eight, entitled

An act concerning public contracts,” and may at any time be terminated by a joint resolution of the two houses of Congress.

This contract is to commence so soon as the said ship is ready, and to terminate the thirtieth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, with the express understanding, however, that this contract is not binding without a ratification by Congress, and that the quarterly payments, herein stipulated, are to be made out of appropriations hereafter to be passed by Congress, and not from the general funds of the department

In witness whereof, the said contractor and his sureties have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and year set opposite to their names respectively.


H. GOURDEN. Signed, sealed, and delivered, in the presence of


ABSTRACT.-Showing the substance of the various propositions submitted to the Post Office Department during

the year 1847, for mail service between the United States and Foreign Ports.

Nature and amount of the proposed service.

Amount asked for the same.

New York to Havre, Fox & Livingstun, Once a month each way, or twice a month $150,000 per annum, for France.

of the city of for eight months, and once a month for the once a month ser-
New York.

the other four months, for ten years; vice, or $300,000 for
in steamships of at least two thousand the twice a month.
tons, with double engines of one thou-
sand horse power each, and suitable for
conversion into ships of war.

Proposed route.

Name and residence of


B. B. Williams, In steamers of not less than two thousand For a compensation to be

and associates, of tons, and suitable for, and liable to be, agreed upon. This pro-
the city of New converted into ships of war; frequency prosition was not re-
of trips not stated.

ceived until January,

Chas. H. Marshall, In the steamer United States, of about $75,000 a year for each
for self and asso two thousand tons, and one

or three vessel. ciates, of the city more steamers like her; fit and liable of New York. to be converted into war steamers; fre

quency of trips not stated.


New York to Marseilles, M. L. Ostrander, In steamers of speed and capacity, and For a compensation to France.

be agreed upon. This ciates, of the city

of New York.

received until January,

Jno. Perkins Whit- In steamers suitable for that service, say $15,000 per annum, for
New Orleans, La., by

ney and Richard of three hundred to three hundred and the once a month ser-
Galveston, Passo Ca Bartlett

Sum fifty tons each, and suitable for war vice, or $25,000 for the
vallo and Brazos St.

F. C. Gillett, of N. In good and substantial sea steamers; $36,000 per annum, for
Galveston, Texas, by Orleans, La. twice a month each way, or four times twice a month service,
Brazos St. Iago to

or $60,000 for four
Tampico, Mexico.

times a month.
I. M. Woodward, In steam vessels of not less than six hun- $55,000 per annum, i. e.,
Astoria, Oregon, by San of the city of dred tons, and of suitable construction $50,000 from Astoria
Francisco, &c., to Pa New York.

for war steamers, from Astoria to Pan-to Panama, and $5,000 nama, and extend to

ama, and from Panama to Chagres,“ by from Panama to ChaChagres, New Grena

for self and assowith the usual conditions.


ner, of New Or

steamers. Once a month each way, or twice a month. Iago to Tampico, Mex leans, La.

twice a month each way. ico.

a month each way.

a suitable land conveyance;” the whole gres. da.

once in two months, each way.

Amount asked for the same.

Wm. Kelly, Jno. J. In five pilot-boat built schooners of from $65,000 per annum, from

Sullivan, Jno. Mc one hundred to one hundred and twen Panama to Astoria,
Field, and Jas. L. ty tons, suitable for coast cutters; once "and at a pro rata rate
Fowler, of Bos-
a month each way.


other ports and places.”


Proposed route.

Name and residence of


Nature and amount of the proposed service.

ton, Mass.

T. B. W. Stockton, For the land pårt of the route, Panama $5,000 per annum, or at
of Flint, Mich., to Chagres only; twice a month.

pro rata for the dis-
and R. M. Far-

tance across the Isthrington, of New

mus of Tehuantepec. Orleans, La.

Orramel H. Throop, For the land part of the route, Panama $2,492 per annum, once

of Washington, to Chagres only; on horseback, once in two months; $2,984 D. C.

in two months, once a month, or twice once a month; $3,968
a month.

twice a month; to be
increased pro rata, as
the weight of the mails
may require additional
horses. Will substi-
tute Porto Bello for
Chagres, if required.

Charleston, S. C. via St. M. C. Mordecai, of In a “first rate steamship,” once a month $60,000 per annum. This Augustine and Key Charleston, S. C.

offer was subsequently West, Fla., and Ha

vana, Cuba, to Cha-
gres, New Grenada.

James M. Stocker, In a first rate steamship, of five hundred $60,000 per annum, for
of Charleston, S. to seven hundred tons; once in two

in two months;

months, with the privilege of running $100,000 for once a month.



once a

each way.


Charleston, S. C., via In- Madison Post, of "In a suitable vessel,” once a month $2,450 per annum.

dian Key, and Key Key West., Fla.

West to Havana, Cuba
Charleston, S. c. via M. C. Mordecai, of Twice a month, in a steamship fully suit- $50,000 per annum.

Key West, to Havana, Charleston, S. C. able for the mail service; but reserving $15,000 per

right in the months of August and
September, to send mail by sailing
ships. Service to commence 1st Sept.,

$45,000 per annum.
Or same service, in same kind of steam-

ship, to be built as soon as possible.

New York to Chagres, I. M. Woodward, Once every two months, in a steamship New Grenada.

each way:

of the city of

of not less than six hundred tons. New York.

New York to St. Tho- Aymar & Co., New Once a month, in a steamer of not less $60,000 per annum. mas, West Indies.

York city, by J. than eight hundred tons, and suitable D. Van Buren, for a war steamer, &c. one of the firm.

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