The North American Review, Том 129

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University of Northern Iowa, 1879

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Стр. 553 - Christ and therefore cannot be saved much less can men not professing the Christian Religion be saved in any other way whatsoever be they never so diligent to frame their lives according to the light of nature and the law of that religion they do profess and to assert and maintain that they may is very pernicious and to be detested CHAP.
Стр. 201 - They precisely suit my taste, — solid and substantial, written on the strength of beef and through the inspiration of ale, and just as real as if some giant had hewn a great lump out of the earth and put it under a glass case, with all its inhabitants going about their daily business, and not suspecting that they were being made a show of.
Стр. 417 - That liberty, or freedom, consists in having an actual share in the appointment of those who frame the laws, and who are to be the guardians of every man's life, property, and peace ; for the all of one man is as dear to him as the all of another j and the poor man has an equal right, but more need, to have representatives in the legislature than the rich one.
Стр. 447 - Chartism, and they have no poverty: and all that these advantages seem to have done for them (notwithstanding some incipient signs of a better tendency) is that the life of the whole of one sex is devoted to dollar-hunting, and of the other to breeding dollar-hunters.
Стр. 490 - I am just as ready," he said to Mr. Douglas, "to reenforce the garrisons at Sumter and Pickens or to withdraw them as I am to see an amendment adopted protecting slavery in the Territories or prohibiting slavery in the Territories. What I want is to get done what the people desire to have done, and the question for me is how to find that out exactly.
Стр. 528 - Time's noblest offspring is the last," our civilization should be the noblest; for we are " The heirs of all the ages in the foremost files of time...
Стр. 38 - ... the power given by the supreme authorities of the school to the Sixth Form, to be exercised by them over the lower boys, for the sake of securing a regular government amongst the boys themselves, and avoiding the evils of anarchy, in other words, of the lawless tyranny of physical strength.
Стр. 614 - He is absolutely renowned in society as the greatest bore that ever yet appeared. I have seen people come in from Holland House, breathless and knocked up, and able to say nothing but " Oh dear, oh mercy." What's the matter ? being asked. " Oh, Macaulay." Then every one said, " That accounts for it— you're lucky to be alive,
Стр. 140 - I reckon," he said to a New Yorker in February, in discussing the subject, " that it will be some time before the front door sets up house-keeping on its own account.
Стр. 478 - The dreadful disaster of Sunday can scarcely be mentioned. The imbecility of this administration culminated in that catastrophe; an irretrievable misfortune and national disgrace never to be forgotten are to be added to the ruin of all peaceful pursuits and national bankruptcy, as the result of Lincoln's " running the machine

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