Sexual Deviance: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment

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D. Richard Laws, William T. O'Donohue
Guilford Publications, 1997 - Всего страниц: 514
This definitive resource provides comprehensive coverage of the full range of paraphilias in one clearly organized volume. The book is keyed to DSM-IV categories, ensuring timeliness and ease of reference. Written by leading clinicians and researchers, chapters thoroughly detail the psychopathology, etiology, assessment, and treatment of each disorder. Several issues beyond the scope of the traditional diagnostic categories are also addressed, including medical interventions, rape, and sexual deviance in females.

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Об авторе (1997)

D. Richard Laws, PhD, is a psychologist with Adult Forensic Psychiatric Community Services in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and Coordinator of the Victoria Adult Sex Offender Management Program.

William T. O'Donohue, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. The coeditor of several previous volumes, his research specialties include sexual behavior, behavior therapy, and the philosophy of science.

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