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the yeas and nays, and published once each week in at least in each county, where a newspaper is published, for three ately preceding the next election of senators and representaelection the same shall be submitted to the electors for aption, and if a majority of the electors voting at such election, endments, the same shall become a part of this constitution. in one amendment is submitted at the same election they shall 1 as to enable the electors to vote on each amendment sepa

hen three-fifths of the members elected to each branch of the hit necessary to call a convention to revise, amend, or change , they shall recommend to the electors to vote at the next abers of the legislature, for or against a convention, and if a

at said election vote for a convention, the legislature shall, ion, provide by law for calling the same. The convention shall many members as the house of representatives, who shall be same manner, and shall meet within three months after their e purpose aforesaid. No amendment or change of this conI upon by such convention, shall take effect until the same has to the electors of the state, and adopted by a majority of and against the same.



That no inconvenience may arise from the revisions and in the constitution of this state, and to carry the same into eby ordained and declared that all laws in force at the time of this constitution, not inconsistent therewith, and all rights, tions, claims and contracts of this state, individuals or bodies continue to be as valid as if this constitution had not been

fines, taxes, penalties and forfeitures owing to the State of the people thereof, under the present Constitution and laws, the use of the people of the State of Nebraska, under this

ecognizances, bonds, obligations, and all other instruments enxecuted upon the adoption of this constitution, to the people Nebraska, to the State of Nebraska, to any state or county e body, shall binding and valid, and rights and liabilsame shall continue; and all crimes and misdemeanors shall nished as though no change had been made in the constitution

existing courts which are not in this constitution specifically d concerning which no other provision is herein made shall istence and exercise their present jurisdiction until otherwise v.

persons now filling any office or appointment shall continue of the duties thereof, according to their respective commisor appointments, unless by this constitution it is otherwise

he district attorneys now in office shall continue during their s to hold and exercise the duties of their respective offices districts herein created, in which they severally reside. ID maining districts, one such officer shall be elected at the first and hold his office until the expiration of the terms of those

his constitution shall be submitted to the people of the state Article XVIII in Code of 1911.

of Nebraska, for adoption or rejection, at an election to be held on the second Tuesday of October, 1875, and there shall be separately submitted at the same time, for adoption or rejection, the independent article relating to "Seat of Government" and the independent article, "allowing electors to express their preference for United States Senator."

SEC. 8. At said election the qualified electors shall vote at the usual places of voting, and the said election shall be conducted and the returns el thereof made according to the laws now in force regulating general elections, except as herein otherwise provided.

SEC. 9. The Secretary of State shall, at least twenty days before said) li election, cause to be delivered to the county clerk of each county, blank poll books, tally lists, and forms of returns, and twice as many of properly pre pared printed ballots for the said election as there are voters in such county, the expense whereof shall be audited and paid as other public printing ordered by the secretary is by law required to be audited and paid; and the several county clerks shall, at least five days before said election, cause to be disari tributed to the judges of election in each election precinct in their respective counties, said blank poll books, tally lists, forms of return, and tickets.

SEC. 10. At the said election the ballots shall be of the following form; al For the New Constitution.


Against the New Constitution.

For the article relating to "Seat of Government."

Against article relating to "Seat of Government."

For the article "Allowing electors to express their preference for United 14 States Senator."


Against the article "allowing electors to express their preference United States Senator."

SEC. 11. The returns of the whole vote cast, and of the votes for adotion or rejection of this Constitution, and for or against the articles re spectively submitted, shall be made by the several county clerks to th secretary of state, within fourteen days after the election, and the return of said votes shall, within three days thereafter, be examined and canvasser by the president of this Convention, the Secretary of State, and the governor or any two of them; and proclamation shall be made forthwith, by the go ernor or the president of this convention, of the result of the canvass.

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SEC. 12. If it shall appear that a majority of the votes polled are P the "New Constitution" then so much of this new constitution as was bo separately submitted to be voted on by articles shall be the supreme Law the State of Nebraska on and after the first day of November A. D. 197 But if it shall appear that a majority of the votes polled were "Against New Constitution" the whole thereof, including the articles separately su mitted, shall be null and void. If the votes "For the New Constitution” shal adopt the same and it shall appear that the majority of the votes polled an "For the Article relating to Seat of Government," said article shall be a pas of the Constitution of this state. If the votes "For the New Constitution shall adopt the same and it shall appear that a majority of the votes polle are "For the article Allowing electors to express their preference for Unite States Senator" said article shall be a part of the Constitution of this State SEC. 13. The general election of this state shall be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of November in the year 1914 and every two year thereafter. All state, district, county, precinct and township officers, by th constitution or laws made elective by the people, except school district officers and municipal officers in cities, villages and towns, shall be elected at a g eral election to be held as aforesaid. Judges of the supreme, district an county courts, all elective county and precinct officers, and all other electo officers, the time for the election of whom is not herein otherwise provide for, and which are not included in the above exception, shall be elected the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday in November, 1913, and thereste at the general election next preceding the time of the termination of tan

spective term of office. Provided, That no office shall be vacated thereby, ut the incumbent thereof shall hold over until his successor is duly elected od qualified.21

SEC. 14. The terms of office of all State and County officers, of judges of te supreme, district and county courts, and regents of the University, shall gin on the first Thursday after the first Tuesday in January next suceding their election, the present state and county officers, members of the rislature, and regents of the University, shall continue in office until their Cressors shall be elected and qualified.

SEC. 15. The supreme, district and County Courts established by this ustitution shall be the successors respectively of the supreme Court, the strict courts and the probate courts, having jurisdiction under the existing astitution.

SEC. 16. The supreme, district and probate courts now in existence shall tinue, and the judges thereof shall exercise the power and retain their sent jurisdiction until the Courts provided for by the Constitution shall organized.

SEC. 17. All cases, matters and proceedings, pending undetermined in several Courts, and all records, judgments, orders and decrees remaining rein are hereby transferred to and shall be proceeded in and enforced in 1 by the successors thereof respectively.

SEC. 18. If this Constitution be adopted, the existing constitution shall se in all its provisions on the first day of November A. D. 1875.

SEC. 19. The provisions of this constitution required to be executed prior the adoption or rejection thereof shall take effect and be in force immetely.

SEC. 20. The legislature shall pass all laws, necessary to carry into effect provisions of this constitution.

SEC. 21. On the taking effect of this constitution all state officers hereby tinued in office shall before proceeding, in the further discharge of their les, take an oath or affirmation to support this constitution.

SEC. 22. The regents, of the University shall be elected at the first genelection under this constitution, and be classified by lot so that two hold their offices for the term of two years, two for the term of four rs, and two for the term of six years.

SEC. 23. The present executive State officers shall continue in office until executive State officers provided for in this constitution shall be elected I qualified.

SEC. 24. The returns of the whole vote cast for the judges of the supreme I district Courts, district attorneys and regents of the University, under first general election, shall be made by the several county clerks to the retary of State within fourteen days after the election; and the returns the said votes shall within three days thereafter be examined and canssed by the governor, secretary of state and the president of this conven, or any two of them, and the certificates of election shall forthwith be ned by the Secretary of State to the persons found to be elected.

SEC. 25. The auditor shall draw the warrants of the state quarterly for payment of the salaries of all officers under this Constitution, whose comsation is not otherwise provided for, which shall be paid out of any funds t otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 26. Until otherwise provided by law, the judges of district courts all fix the time of holding courts in their respective districts.


SEC. 27. The members of the first legislature under this constitution all be elected in the year 1876.

SEC. 28. This constitution shall be enrolled and deposited in the Office the Secretary of State, and printed copies thereof shall be prefixed to the oks containing the laws of the state, and all future editions thereof.

Amendment proposed by the legislature of 1911 and ratified at the election of ovember 5, 1912.



SECTION 1. On and after May 1, 1917, the manufacture, the sale, the keeping for sale or barter, the sale or barter under any pretext of malt spirituous, vinous or other intoxicating liquors, are forever prohibited in this state, except for medicinal, scientific, or mechanical, or sacramental pur poses.22




[ELECTION.] The legislature may provide that, at the general electio immediately preceding the expiration of the term of a United States Senato from this State, the electors may by ballot express their preference for som person for the office of United States Senator. The votes cast for such can didates shall be canvassed and returned in the same manner as for sta officers.


[RELOCATION.] The seat of government of the State shall not be remove or relocated without the assent of a majority of the electors of the stai voting thereupon, at a general election or elections, under such rules an regulations as to the number of elections and manner of voting and place to be voted for, as may be prescribed by law. Provided the question of moval may be submitted at such other general elections as may be provid by law.

Done in Convention at the Capital in the city of Lincoln on the twel day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sevent five, and of the independence of the United States of America the nine ninth.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names.




Assistant Secretary.

I, Charles W. Pool, Secretary of State of the State of Nebraska, do here certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Constitution of State of Nebraska, with all amendments thereto, the original having be adopted at the general election held on the second Tuesday of October, 18 according to the records of this Department.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and affixed the Gre Seal of the State of Nebraska. Done at Lincoln, this 15th day of April in year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifteen, and of the Ind pendence of the United States the One Hundred and Thirty-ninth and of thi State the Forty-ninth.


Secretary of State.


SEC. 4. The term of office of members of the legislature shall be two years and they shall each receive pay at the rate of five dollars per day during the sitting, and ten cents for every mile they shall travel in going to and returning from the place of meeting of the legislature, on the most usual route; Provided

Article XVII is a new article; it was proposed by the initiative and was ratified at the election of November 7, 1916.


they shall not receive pay for more than sixty days at any one ore than one hundred days during their term.

her members of the legislature nor employees shall receive any pay other than their salary and mileage. Each session, except speshall be not less than sixty days. After the expiration of forty ession no bills nor joint resolutions of the nature of bills shall

unless the governor shall by special message call the attention ture to the necessity of passing a law on the subject matter he message, and the introduction of bills shall be restricted thereto.

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