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ture of the State, and of which institution the Minnesota Historical Society shall always be a department.

SEC. 2. Persons residing on Indian lands within the State shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of citizens, as though they lived in any other por tion of the State, and shall be subject to taxation.

SEC. 3. The legislature shall provide for a uniform oath or affirmation to be administered at elections, and no person shall be compelled to take ang other or different form of oath to entitle him to vote.

SEC. 4. There shall be a seal of the State, which shall be kept by the secretary of state, and be used by him officially, and shall be called th great seal of the State of Minnesota, and shall be attached to all th official acts of the governor (his signature to acts and resolves of the legi lature excepted) requiring authentication. The legislature shall provide for a appropriate device and motto for said seal.


SEC. 5. The territorial prison, as located under existing laws, shall, afteri the adoption of this Constitution, be and remain one of the state prisons the State of Minnesota.


SECTION 1. That no inconvenience may arise by reason of a change fro a territorial to a permanent state government, it is declared that all righ actions, prosecutions, judgments, claims and contracts, as well of individua as of bodies corporate, shall continue as if no change had taken place; all process which may be issued under the authority of the Territory Minnesota previous to its admission into the Union of the United Sta shall be as valid as if issued in the name of the State.

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SEC. 2. All laws now in force in the Territory of Minnesota not rep nant to this Constitution shall remain in force until they expire by th own limitation, or be altered or repealed by the legislature.

SEC. 3. All fines, penalties or forfeitures accruing to the Territory Minnesota shall inure to the State.

SEC. 4. All recognizances heretofore taken, or which may be taken befe the change from a territorial to a permanent state government shall rema valid, and shall pass to and may be prosecuted in the name of the Stat and all bonds executed to the governor of the Territory, or to any oth officer or court in his or their official capacity, shall pass to the govern or state authority and their successors in office, for the uses therein respi tively expressed, and may be sued for and recovered accordingly; and all estate of property, real, personal or mixed, and all judgments, bonds. cialties, choses in action, and claims and debts, of whatsoever descripti of the Territory of Minnesota, shall inure to and vest in the State of Mint sota, and may be sued for and recovered in the same manner and to t same extent by the State of Minnesota as the same could have been by f Territory of Minnesota. All criminal prosecutions and penal actions whi may have arisen, or which may arise before the change from a territorial a state government, and which shall then be pending, shall be prosecuted judgment and execution in the name of the State. All offenses committ against the laws of the Territory of Minnesota, before the change from territorial to a state government, and which shall not be prosecuted beft such change, may be prosecuted in the name and by the authority of t State of Minnesota with like effect as though such change had not tak place, and all penalties incurred shall remain the same as if this Constituti had not been adopted. All actions at law and suits in equity which may pending in any of the courts of the Territory of Minnesota, at the time a change from a territorial to a state government, may be continued .. transferred to any court of the State which shall have jurisdiction of n subject matter thereof.

SEC. 5. All territorial officers, civil or military, now holding their offe under the authority of the United States, or of the Territory of Minneso

all continue to hold and exercise their respective offices until they shall superseded by the authority of the State.

SEC. 6. The first session of the legislature of the State of Minnesota shall mmence on the first Wednesday of December next, and shall be held at ! capitol, in the city of St. Paul.

SEC. 7. The laws regulating the election and qualification of all district, inty and precinct officers shall continue and be in force until the legis ure shall otherwise provide by law.

SEC. S. The president of this convention shall, immediately after the journment thereof, cause this Constitution to be deposited in the office the governor of the Territory; and if, after the submission of the same a vote of the people, as hereinafter provided, it shall appear that it has n adopted by a vote of the people of the State, then the governor shall ward a certified copy of the same, together with an abstract of the votes led for and against the said Constitution, to the president of the United tes, to be by him laid before the Congress of the United States.

SEC. 9. For the purposes of the first election, the State shall constitute district, and shall elect three members to the House of Representatives the United States.

-SEC. 10. For the purposes of the first election for members of the State ate and House of Representatives, the State shall be divided into senaal and representative districts, as follows, viz: First district, WashingCounty; Second district, Ramsey county; Third district, Dakota county; rth district, so much of Hennepin county as lies west of the Mississippi; th district, Rice county; Sixth district, Goodhue county; Seventh district, it county; Eighth district, Olmsted county; Ninth district, Fillmore county; th district, Houston county; Eleventh district, Winona county; Twelfth riet, Wabasha county; Thirteenth district, Mower and Dodge counties; teenth district, Freeborn and Faribault counties; Fifteenth district, Steele Waseca counties; Sixteenth district, Blue Earth and Le Sueur counties; enteenth district, Nicollet and Brown counties: Eighteenth district, Sibley, aville and McLeod counties; Nineteenth district, Carver and Wright counTwentieth district, Benton, Stearns and Meeker counties; Twenty-first trict, Morrison, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs counties; Twenty-second dist. Cass, Pembina and Todd counties; Twenty-third district, so much of anepin county as lies east of the Mississippi; Twenty-fourth district, Sherne, Anoka and Manomin counties; Twenty-fifth district, Chisago, Pine and nti counties; Twenty-sixth district, Buchanan, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake and sea counties.

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SEC. 11. The counties of Brown, Stearns, Todd, Cass, Pembina and Renle. as applied in the preceding section, shall not be deemed to include any ritory west of the State line, but shall be deemed to include all counties 1 parts of counties east of said line as were created out of the territory either, at the last session of the legislature.

SEC. 12. The senators and representatives at the first election shall be portioned among the several senatorial and representative districts as folvs. to-wit:

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SEC. 13. The returns from the Twenty-second district shall be made and canvassed by the judges of election at the precinct of Otter Tail City. SFC. 14. Until the legislature shall otherwise provide, the State shall divided into judicial districts as follows, viz.

The counties of Washington, Chisago, Manomin, Anoka, Isanti, Pine, B chanan, Carlton, St. Louis and Lake shall constitute the First judicial trict.

The county of Ramsey shall constitute the Second judicial district.

The counties of Houston, Winona, Fillmore, Olmsted and Wabasha shi constitute the Third judicial district.

The counties of Hennepin, Carver, Wright, Meeker, Sherburne, Bento Stearns, Morrison, Crow Wing. Mille Lacs, Itasca, Pembina, Todd and Ca shall constitute the Fourth judicial district.

The counties of Dakota, Goodhue, Scott, Rice. Steele, Waseca, Dodg Mower and Freeborn shall constitute the Fifth judicial district.

The counties of Le Sueur, Sibley, Nicolett, Blue Earth, Faribault. M Leon, Renville, Brown, and all other counties in the State not included wit in the other districts, shall constitute the Sixth judicial district.

SEC. 15. Each of the foregoing enumerated judicial districts may the first election, elect one prosecuting attorney for the district.

SEC. 16. Upon the second Tuesday, the thirteenth day of October, 18 an election shall be held for members of the House of Representatives of th United States, governor, lieutenant governor, supreme and district judges, men bers of the legislature, and all other officers designated in this Constitution and also for the submission of this Constitution to the people, for their adoj tion or rejection.

SEC. 17. Upon the day so designated as aforesaid every free white mal inhabitant over the age of twenty-one years, who shall have resided with the limits of the State for ten days previous to the day of said election, ma vote for all officers to be elected under this Constitution at such election and also for or against the adoption of this Constitution.

SEC. 18. In voting for or against the adoption of this Constitution, th words, "For Constitution," or "Against Constitution," may be written a printed on the ticket of each voter, but no voter shall vote for or against thi Constitution, on a separate ballot from that cast by him for officers to t elected at said election under this Constitution; and if upon the canvass the vote so polled it shall appear that there was a greater number of vote polled for than against said Constitution, then this Constitution shall b deemed to be adopted as the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, and the provisions and obligations of this Constitution, and of the schedule there unto attached, shall thereafter be valid to all intents and purposes as the Constitution of said State.

SEC. 19. At said election the polls shall be opened, the election held. returns made, and certificates issued, in all respects as provided by law for

ning, closing and conducting elections and making returns of the same, kept as hereinbefore specified, and excepting also that polls may be opened d elections held at any point or points in any of the counties where preacts may be established as provided by law, ten days previous to the day election, not less than ten miles from the place of voting in any estabhed precinct.

SEC. 20. It shall be the duty of the judges and clerks of election, in addin to the returns required by law for each precinct, to forward to the secrey of the Territory, by mail, immediately after the close of the election, ertified copy of the poll book containing the name of each person who has ed in the precinct and the number of votes polled for and against the adopof this Constitution.

SEC. 21. The returns of said election for and against this Constitution, 1 for all state officers and members of the House of Representatives of the ited States, shall be made, and certificates issued in the manner now preibed by law for returning votes given for delegates to Congress; and the arns for all district officers, judicial, legislative or otherwise, shall be made the register. of deeds of the senior county in each district, in the manner scribed by law, except as otherwise provided. The returns for all officers ted at large shall be canvassed by the governor of the Territory, assisted Joseph R. Brown and Thomas J. Galbraith, at the time designated by law canvassing the vote for delegates to Congress.

SEC. 22. If, upon canvassing the votes for and against the adoption of Constitution. it shall appear that there has been polled a greater numof votes against than for it, then no certificate of election shall be issued any State or district officer provided for in this Constitution, and no organization shall have validity within the limits of the Territory, otherwise provided for and until a Constitution for a State government have been adopted by the people.


We, the people of Mississippi, in Convention assembled, grateful to A mighty God, and invoking His blessing on our work, do ordain and establish this Constitution.



SECTION 1. The powers of the government of the State of Mississippi shall be divided into three distinct departments, and each of them confided to separate magistracy, to-wit: those which are legislative to one; those whic are judicial to another; and those which are executive to another.

SEC. 2. No person or collection of persons, being one, or belonging to on of these departments, shall exercise any power properly belonging to eithe of the others. The acceptance of an office in either of said departments shal of itself, and at once, vacate any and all offices held by the person so recept ing in either of the other departments.



SEC. 3. The limits and boundaries of the State of Mississippi are as f lows, to-wit: Beginning on the Mississippi river (meaning thereby the ter of said river or thread of the stream) where the southern boundary of the State of Tennessee strikes the same, as run by B. A. Ludlow, D. Connelly and W. Petrie, commissioners appointed for that purpose on the p of the State of Mississippi in A. D. 1837, and J. D. Graham and Austin Mille commissioners appointed for that purpose on the part of Tennessee; thence along the said boundary line of the State of Tennessee to a point ou west bank of the Tennessee river, six four-pole chains south of and above t mouth of Yellow Creek; thence up the said river to the mouth of Bel Creek; thence by a direct line to what was formerly the northwest corn of the county of Washington, Alabama; thence on a direct line to a pol ten miles east of the Pascagoula river on the Gulf of Mexico; thence we wardly, including all the islands within six leagues of the shore, to the me eastern junction of Pearl river with Lake Borgne; thence up said Pearl ris to the thirty-first degree of north latitude; thence west along the said degn of latitude to the middle or thread of the stream of the Mississippi rive thence up the middle of the Mississippi river, or thread of the stream, to t place of beginning, including all islands lying east of the thread of the strea of said river, and also including any lands which were at any time heretofel a part of this State.

SEC. 4. The legislature shall have power to consent to the acquisition additional territory by the State and to make the same a part thereof; al the legislature may settle disputed boundaries between this State and its cote minous States whenever such disputes arise.



SEC. 5. All political power is vested in, and derived from, the people; government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will y and is instituted solely for the good of the whole.

SEC. 6. The people of this State have the inherent, sole and exclus » right to regulate the internal government and police thereof, and to alter a

* The constitution of Mississippi was drafted by a convention which assembled i Jackson on Aug. 12, 1890, and adjourned on Nov. 1, 1890. The constitution was to submitted to the people for ratification but was promulgated and proclaimed in fore on Nov. 1, 1890, and in Sproule v. Frederick, 69 Miss. 898, it was held that the ful fication of the constitution by the people was not necessary to its validity.

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