Homērou Ilias. Homeri Ilias, ex recens. C.G. Heynii fere impr.; cum notis Anglicis

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Стр. 580 - Yet soon he heal'd ; for spirits that live throughout Vital In every part, not as frail man In entrails, heart or head, liver or reins, Cannot but by annihilating die ; Nor in their liquid texture mortal wound Receive, no more than can the fluid air...
Стр. 562 - Steadiness in the soldier, that foundation of all those powers which distinguish an army from a mob, and which to this day forms the highest praise of the best troops, we find in great perfection in the Iliad. '• The Grecian phalanges,
Стр. 562 - that so early as Homer's time, the Greeks had improved considerably upon that tumultuary warfare alone known to many barbarous nations, who yet have prided themselves in the practice of war for successive centuries. Several terms used by the poet, together with his descriptions of marches, indicate that orders of battle were in his time regularly formed 'in ranks and files. Steadiness in the soldier, that foundation of all those powers which distinguish an army from a mob, and which to this day...
Стр. 527 - The second the various movements of so many thousands before they can range themselves in battle-array, like the swans, &c. The third respects their number, as the leaves or flowers, &c. The fourth the ardour with which they run to the combat, like the legions of insects, &c. And the fifth the obedience and exact discipline of the troops, ranged without confusion under their leaders, as flocks under their shepherds.
Стр. 491 - They were originally eastern animals, and if we find at that very period so great a number of triem reckoned up in the wars of the Israelites, it is the less a wonder, considering they came from Asia. The practice of riding them was so little known in Greece a few years before, that they looked upon the Centaurs who first used it, as monsters compounded of men and horses.
Стр. 549 - Chalcis' walls, and strong Eretria; The Isteian fields for generous vines renown'd, The fair Caristos, and the Styrian ground; Where Dios from her towers o'erlooks the plain, And high Cerinthus views the neighbouring main. Down their broad shoulders falls a length of hair; Their hands dismiss not the long lance in air; But with protended spears in fighting fields Pierce the tough corslets and the brazen shields. Twice twenty ships transport the warlike bands, Which bold Elphenor, fierce in arms,...
Стр. 594 - Wak'd by the circling Hours, with rosy hand Unbarr'd the gates of light. There is a cave Within the mount of God, fast by his throne...

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