X-Treme Possibilities: A Comprehensively Expanded Rummage Through the X-Files

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Virgin, 1998 - Всего страниц: 474
The X-Files is the first TV series since Star Trek that can legitimately be described as a phenomenon. The program has orally transformed our perceptions of the paranormal and countless spin-off books dominate our shops. Yet no one has previously dared discuss the show with its own trademark irony.

This fully revised and updated edition expands and reworks the hugely successful first volume. It casts an irreverent eve over the series - including seasons tour and five which were not covered before - and looks into such weighty matter; as: Weird-Looking Actor, Ooze, Trenchcoat Use, and the tendency for characters not to make it through the pre-titles sequence.

X-Treme Possibilities - Revised Edition presents a complete episode guide, a special feature on the forthcoming movie, a survey of the media impact of the program and features on the show's nuts and bolts. As before, it will entertain the show's army of admirers as well as inform them.

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