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his approval, a code prescribing the duties of the staff department, the messing and interior economy of the companies, the sanitation of camps, rules for the preservation of health, etc.

Military Staff SEC. 2. The Governor shall, as soon as practicable after assuming his office, appoint an adjutant general, who shall be chief of staff and inspector general, with the rank of brigadier general; one quartermaster general with the rank of colonel, who shall also act as paymaster; one commissary general with the rank of colonel ; one assistant inspector general with the rank of lieutenant colonel; one assistant adjutant general with the rank of major; one medical director with the rank of lieutenant colonel; two or more aides-de-camp each with the rank of captain; all to take office immediately upon appointment by the Governor, to serve for two years, or until their successors are qualified, unless sooner removed by him: Provided, That the Governor shall have power to remove for cause any and all said officers, and to fill vacancies,

The Attorney General of the State shall be ex officio judge advocate general thereof with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Should a United States army officer be detailed for duty with the National Guard, he shall be known as the deputy inspector general with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

SEC. 3. The military units of the organized militia shall be designated “The National Guard of Idaho.” In time of peace it shall consist of the staff of the commander-inchief; the corps of cadets of the State university; not more than one Gatling gun battery; one squadron of cavalry of four (4) troops; two regiments of twelve (12) companies each of infantry, divided into three battalions of four (4) companies; a signal corps, and a medical corps to consist of a surgeon with the rank of major; one assistant surgeon with the rank of captain, and one second assistant surgeon with the rank of first lieutenant, and the retired list, and shall be composed and organized as follows:

Infantry. A company shall consist of: One captain, 1 first lieutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 1 first sergeant, 1 quartermaster sergeant, 4 sergeants, 8 corporals, 2 cooks, 2 musicians, 1

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artificer, 87 privates. Total enlisted, 106. The minimum strength of a company shall be 50 enlisted men.

A battalion shall consist of: One major, 1 battalion adjutant (first lieutenant), 1 battalion quartermaster and commissary (second lieutenant), 1 battalion sergeant major, 4 companies. Total enlisted (maximum), 425.

A regiment shall consist of: One colonel, 1 lieutenant colonel, 1 adjutant (captain), 1 quartermaster (captain), 1 commissary (captain), 1 surgeon (major), 2 assistant surgeons (captains), 1 assistant surgeon (first lieutenant), 1 chaplain, 1 sergeant major, 1 quartermaster sergeant, 1 commissary sergeant, 2 color sergeants, 1 chief musician, 1 principal musician, 1 drum major, 4 sergeants, 8 corporals, 1 cook, 12 privates (band, 28), 1 sergeant, first class, of the hospital corps, 3 sergeants of the hospital corps, 6 privates, first class, of the hospital corps, 3 privates of the hospital corps, 3 battalions. Total enlisted (maximum), 1,321.

Cavalry. A squadron shall consist of: One major, 1 squadron adjutant (first lieutenant), 1 squadron quartermaster and commissary (second lieutenant), 1 assistant surgeon (captain), 1 veterinary surgeon (first lieutenant), 1 squadron sergeant major.

A troop shall consist of: One captain, 1 first lieeutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 1 first seregant, 1 quartermaster ser geant, 6 sergeants, 8 corporals, 2 cooks, 2 farriers and blacksmiths, 1 saddler, 1 wagoner, 2 trumpeters, 76 privates. Total enlisted (maximum), 100. The minimum strength of a troop shall be 51 enlisted men.

Signal Corps. A company shall consist of: One captain, 1 first lieutenant, 1 second lieutenant, 5 first class sergeants, 10 geants, 10 corporals, 30 first class privates, 20 second class privates. Total enlisted, 75. The minimum strength of the company shall be 30 enlisted men. The company may be divided into squads of suitable size to be stationed at places designated by the commanding officer of the Na tional Guard. At least two-thirds of the officers and men shall be expert telegraphers and electricians,

Hospital Corps. The hospital corps of the National Guard shall consist of one ambulance company, one field hospital, and of the


sergeants first class, sergeants, corporals, and privates of the hospital corps who are members of regiments, separate battalions, and squadrons. The Governor shall be authorized to increase the number of enlisted men in the hospital corps so as to provide for medical attendance in batteries, separate troops, and companies, and such additional men shall be considered a part of the hospital corps.

The ambulance company shall consist of: For medical and bearer work: One major, surgeon, commanding; 1 captain, assistant surgeon; 1 first lieutenant, assistant sur. geon, 4 sergeants, first class; 9 sergeants, 1 musician, 30 privates, first class-17 privates.

SEC. 4. The company officers shall be elected by ballot, by the members of their respective commands, subject to the approval of the commander-in-chief. And no command shall be mustered into service until the officers elected shall have successfully passed an educational and technical examination. If the candidate elected fails to receive the approval of the commander-in-chief, his name shall not again be presented to fill the vacancy, except by permission of the commander-in-chief. In all cases, a majority of all the votes of the organization, cast at an election, shall be necessary to a choice. All commissioned officers shall hold their commissions for three years from the date of election. In case of vacancy, each officer and enlisted man, entitled to a vote at the election to fill the vacancy shall be served with a notice, at his last known address, at least ten days prior to said election.

How Recruits Are Enlisted. SEC. 5. After the organization of a company, battery, or troop, recruits may be enlisted into the same by the commanding officer, and shall be required to sign their names to an enlistment roll to be furnished to the adjutant general for that purpose, and such signing shall be legal enlistment. Every commissioned officer shall be empowered to administer the oath required on enlistment.

Military Officers, How Chosen. SEC. 6. The military officers of the State shall be chosen as follows: Field officers of the regiment, squadron and battalion by the written, or printed, votes of a majority of the commissioned officers of said companies, squadron and battalion. The medical staff to be appointed by


the commander-in-chief: Provided, That no officer, other than the medical staff shall be commissioned, until he has successfully passed an examination, as to his educational and technical qualifications, necessary to an efficient performance of his duties, before a board of three qualified examiners, to be appointed by the commander-in-chief. And no officer shall be commissioned who is under twenty-one years of age.

Regimental Staff, How Commissioned. Sec. 7. The regimental staff shall be appointed by the colonel, and commissioned by the Governor, upon the recommendation of the commander thereof, subject to the provisions of section 26.

Staff Officers, How Notified. SEC. 8. Staff officers of the regiment and battalions and officers appointed as herein provided shall be notified by letter of their appointment, by the adjutant general. They shall be allowed thirty days from the date of such letter in which to prepare for an examination which will consist of a thorough examination as to their fitness for their position, and shall be conducted by the Board of Examiners heretofore prescribed. Should any of these officers fail to pass the examination they shall be reported as incompetent, and shall not be commissioned. And appointments shall be made to fill the vacancy, or vacancies, as the case may require.

Enlisted Men Eligible for Commission, How. SEC. 9. All members of any of the units of the National Guard of the State, who shall have served at least one year in the army of the United States or in the National Guard of this or some other State, or who shall have attended some school or college, where military instruction is had, shall be eligible to enter an examination to determine their eligibility for a commission: Provided, That such examination shall be held by the Board of Examiners heretofore provided, and shall consist of a thorough examination of the mental, moral and physical qualifications of the candidate. These examinations shall be in writing, and the questions therefor shall be prepared by the Board of Examiners. These questions shall be furnished the adjutant general who shall conduct the examination and forward the examination papers to the Board of Examiners, who shall carefully consider them and certify the names of the successful candidates to the adjutant general, who shall keep a roster of the same.

Vacancies, How Filled. SEC. 10. When a vacancy occurs among the commissioned officers of any of the units aforesaid, the adjutant general shall notify the commanding officer, and furnish him a list of all the members of the command who are eligible to election. The commanding officer shall then order an election to be held, and shall furnish the list of eligible candidates to the officer directed to preside at the election.

Officers to File Bond, Oath of Office, Etc. SEC. 11. An officer thus elected shall within ten days of his election file his bond, and shall take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will bear allegiance to the United States of America and to the State of Idaho; that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies and opposers whomsoever; that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of Idaho, and the officers appointed over me according to the rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States, and the National Guards of this State," before some officer qualified to administer oaths. The officer who administers this oath shall certify the fact and transmit the oath or affirmation, properly sealed and attested, to the adjutant general, who shall file the same.

How Commissioned. Sec. 12. A commission signed by the Governor and countersigned by the Adjutant General, under seal of the adjutant general's office, shall then be issued, the officer to take rank from date of original appointment, or election. If it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Governor, by the affidavit of competent witnesses, that an officer offered any consideration, reward or favor, for the withholding, or casting of, a vote at the election at which he was chosen, he shall be dishonorably discharged from the service of the State: Provided, That no charge shall

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