Life and Work at the Great Pyramid During the Months of January, February, March, and April, A.D. 1865: With a Discussion of the Facts Ascertained, Том 1

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Edmonston and Douglas, 1867
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V. 1. Journal of proceedings -- v. 2. Numerical observations -- v. 3. Discussion of results.

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Стр. 445 - Arab guides upon the immense masses above us, like so many pigmies, waiting to show the way to the summit. Now and then we thought we heard voices, and listened; but it was the wind in powerful gusts sweeping the immense ranges of stone. Already some of our party had begun the ascent, and were pausing at the tremendous depth which they saw below. One of our military companions, after having surmounted the most difficult part of the undertaking, became giddy in consequence of looking down from the...
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