Life in a Japanese Women's College: Learning to be Ladylike

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Psychology Press, 1997 - Всего страниц: 264
One third of the Japanese female workforce are "office ladies" and their training takes place at the many women's colleges in Japan. Brian J McVeigh draws on his teaching experiences at one such institution, Takasu International College, to examine the cultural processes at work in the education of women. Life in a Japanese Women's College explores the educational philosophy of the college which aims to produce "ladylike" women. The processes utilized in this aim include: careful management of the body; "Japaneseness"; "internationalism"; and well-orchestrated school functions. This analysis of the college illustrates how the students are prepared for their future dual roles of employees and mothers. It sheds light on broader issues, demonstrating how women's junior college is part of a complex socioeconomic order.

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reuniting body mind
the cultural context
Cultivating ladylike and international women
Takasu 60
Ceremonies of culture in a culture of ceremony
engendering gender through
the politics of shyness and schooling
Leaving college life and entering the adult world
socialization gender schooling and the state
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Brian J McVeigh is Associate Professor, Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo

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