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Psychology Press, 2001 - Всего страниц: 156
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"Autobiography examines the theory and practice of autobiographical writing from St. Augustine to the present. Linda Anderson offers a lucid discussion of: developments in autobiographical criticism in the last thirty years and the main theoretical issues and concepts in this area; the different forms of the genre, from confessions and narratives to memoirs and diaries; uses of the genre in their historical and cultural contexts; the major writers of the historical tradition of autobiography, including St. Augustine, Bunyan, Boswell, Rousseau, and Wordsworth as well as non-canonical texts by women; twentieth-century autobiography, including women's writing, black and postcolonial writing, photography, personal criticism, and testimonial writing; the ideological assumptions about the nature of self that underlie autobiographical texts. Combining theoretical discussion with thought-provoking readings of major texts, this is the ideal introduction to the study of a fascinating genre."--Publisher's description.

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The Law of Genre
Historians of the Self
Subjectivity Representation and Narrative
Other Subjects
Practising Autobiography

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Linda Anderson is Professor of Modern English and American Literature at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Her recent publications include Women and Autobiography in the Twentieth Century (1997), Women's Lives/Women's Times (edited with Trev Broughton, 1996) and Territories of Desire in Queer Culture (edited with David Alderson, 2000).

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