Managing Corporate Lifecycles

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Prentice Hall Press, 1999 - Всего страниц: 460
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For three decades, Ichak Adizes, Ph.D., has studied the patterns of organizational growth and change in businesses worldwide, from Bank of America to Domino's Pizza to small start-ups. In his breakthrough book Managing Corporate Lifecycles, Dr. Adizes traced the typical corporate path from inception to decline. Now, in this long-awaited follow-up, he guides companies on the optimal path -- and reveals how to sustain peak vitality.

Courtship, Infancy, the heady Go-Go years, and turbulent Adolescence, these are the stages every company goes through to reach what Dr. Adizes calls Prime -- the ideal stage of balanced creativity and discipline. At every stage, he shows how to anticipate and handle "normal" problems -- whether with goal setting or managing employees -- then quickly move on and up. Once in the Prime stage, the author presents proactive measures for maintaining focus and vision, nurturing cohesion, and achieving "predictable excellence." He also offers strategies for avoiding the typical downhill path -- starting with the Signs of Aging, such as risk avoidance; moving on to Aristocracy, where power and protocol dominate; and culminating in the final stages of decay: Recrimination, Bureaucracy, and Death.

Easing the pains of growing, Managing Corporate Lifecycles opens the way for every organization to thrive -- indefinitely.

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Ichak Adizes, Ph.D., is founder of the Adizes Institute in Los Angeles, California. A renowned speaker, he lectures worldwide and his many books have been translated into 22 languages. Dr. Adizes has taught at UCLA, Stanford University, and Tel Aviv University. He lives in Santa Barbara, California, and Caesaria, Israel.

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