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C. M, 284
L. M. 362

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P. M. 392

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Blest Comforter divine

S. M. 110
Blest is the man for ever blest

L. M. 197
Blest is the man that shuns the place . C. M. 196
Blest is the man who loves the poor . L. P. M. 466
Blest is the man whose heart

L. M. 465
Blessed Redeemer ! how divine

L. M. 390
Blow ye the trumpet, blow

H. M. 49
Blood has a voice to pierce the skies.

L. M. 39
Brethren in Christ and well-beloved

L. M. 283
By cool Siloam's shady rill

C. M. 353
By faith we find the place above

C. M. 453
Canst thou reject our dying prayer

L. M. 84
Celestial Dove, descend from high
Children in years and knowledge .
Children of the heavenly King

78. 146
Children of the glorious dead
Christ the Lord is risen to-day

78. 442
Come all ye weary and unblest
Come and let us sweetly join

78. 294
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost . L. M. 284
Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one C. M. 101
Come, Holy Ghost our hearts inspire . C. M. 307
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove

C. M. 107
Conje in thou blessed of the Lord

L. M. 220
Come let us ascend, my companion

P. M. 223
Come let us anew, our

10s, 5s & Ils. 343
Come let us join our cheerful songs

C. M. 185

C. M. 436
Come let us join our friends above
Come let us strike our harps afresh

C. M. 216
Come let us use the grace divine

C. M. 291
Come let us who in Christ believe.

C. M. 167
Come Lord and claim me for thine

C. M. 241

C. P. M. 153
Come on my partners in distress

C. M. 247
Come, O my God, the promise seal
Come, O thou all-victorious Lord . C. M. 82
Come, O thou greater than our heart . L. M. 246
Come, O thou Traveller unknown. L. P. M. 97

L. M. 228
Come, Saviour Jesus, from above

L. M. 45

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7. 381



Come, Saviour, let thy tokens prove. C. M. 287
Come sinners to the Gospel feast.

L.M. 48
Come sound his praise abroad . S. M. 199
Come, then, ye sinners to the Lord . L. M. 52
Come, thou Fount of ev'ry blessing 88 & 7s. 173
Come, thou high and lofty Lord

75. 295
Come, thou omniscient Son of Man. C. M. 236
Come to the house of prayer

S. M. 60
Come ye sinners, poor and needy 88, 78 & 4s. 44
Come ye that love the Lord.

S. M. 177
Comfort ye ministers of grace.

L. M. 313
Come ye ministers of grace

L. P. M. 320
Command thy blessing from above

L. M. 117
Commit thou all thy griefs

S. M. 161
Courage, my soul, thy bitter cross C. M. 262
Daughter of Zion from the dust C. M. 371
Daughter of the pilgrim sires
Dear partner of our hopes and fears . L. M. 358
Death has been here and borne C. M. 358
Deepen the wounds thy hands have C. M. 247
Depth of mercy can there be

75. 271
Did Christ o'er sinners weep

S. M.: 75
Did'st thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame

C. M. 140
Draw near, O Son of God, draw near L. M. 313
Drooping soul shake off thy fears
Encompassed with clouds of distress

8s. 72
Equip me for the war

S. M. 137
Ere the blue heavens were stretched . L. M. 341
Eternal beam of light divine

L. M. 154
Eternal Father, thou hast made

L. M.. 386
Eternal God, Almighty cause

L. M. 10
Eternal power whose high abode

L. M.

L. M. 343

C. M. 7
Except the Lord conduct the plan
Extended on a cursed tree

C. P. M. 292
Fair shines the morning-star

L. M. 30
Faith is the brightest evidence :

H. M. 398
C. M. 95

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7s. 47

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Eternal source of ev'ry joy
Eternal wisdom, thee we praise

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Faith, 'tis a precious grace
Father, how wide thy glories shine
Father, I dare believe
Father, if justly still we claim.
Father, I stretch my hands to thee
Father, into thy hands alone
Father live by all things fear'd
Father of all by whom we are
Father of all in whom alone
Father of all thy care we bless
Father of boundless grace
Father of heaven whose love
Father of mercies in thy word
Father, to thee my soul I lift
Father, whose everlasting love
Firm was my health :
For a season call'd to part
For ever here my rest shall be
Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go
Fountain of life enthroned above.
Fountain of mercy, God of love .
From all that dwell below the skies
From Greenland's icy mountains
From o'er the rocky mountains
From whence those direful omens
From year to


in love we meet
Give glory to Jesus our head
Give me a sober mind
Give me the wings of faith to rise
Give to the winds thy fears
Giver of concord, Prince of peace
Glory be to God above
Glory be to God the Father
Glory to God on high
Glory to God whose sovereign grace
Glory to thee my God this night

to Afric's sons
God is in this and every place.

S. M. 95
C. M. 6
S. M. 237
L. M. 320
C. M. 108
C. M. 250

7s. 23
L. M. 301
C. M. 307
L. M. 304
S. M. 324
L. M. 22
C. M. 308
C. M. 250
L. M, 118
L. M. 417

75. 224
C. M. 229
L. M. 158
L. M. 331
C. M. 457

L. M. 204
75 & 6s. 368
75 & 6s. 368
C. M. 32
L. M. 352

8s. 431
S. M. 130
C. M. 260
S. M. 163
C. M. 210

7s. 203
8s & 78. 469

S. M. 290
L. M. 322
L, M. 303
S. M. 396
C. M. 71

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Go messenger

God is the refuge of his saints .

L. M. 281
God moves in a mysterious way

C. M. 149
God of all consolation take .

L. M. 212
God of all power and truth and grace L. M. 242
God of almighty love

S, M, 127
God of eternal truth and grace.

C. M. 120
God of eternity from thee :.

L. M. 346
God of love that hear'st the prayer

7s. 222
God of mercy hear our prayer :

78. 354
God of my life through all my days . L. M. 339
God of my life to thee

H. M. 334
God of my life whose gracious

L. M. 147
God of our lives thy various praise

C. M. 197
God sits sovereign on the throne

7s. 393
God spake and from chaotic night L. M. 16
God, the offended God, most high

L. M. 318

and love L. M. 376
Go preach my gospel saith the Lord. L. M. 315
Go ye messengers of God

75. 376
Gracious Redeemer, shake

S. M. 128
Great God, as seasons disappear

L. M. 457
Great God attend while Zion sings

L. M. 329
Great God indulge my humble

L. M.' 98
Great God now condescend

S. M. 306
Great God thy watchful care we

L. M. 329
Great God to me the sight afford ·

C. M. 91
Great God we sing thy mighty hand. L. M. 346
Great God we would to thee make

C. M. 466
Great is the Lord our God

S. M. 330
Great King of glory and of grace

Great Shepherd of thy people hear

C. M. 111
Guide me, O thou great

Jehovah 8s, 75 & 4s. 121
Hail? Father, Son and Holy Ghost

C. M. 24
Hail temperance, fair celestial ray.

L M. 403
Hail to the Lord's anointed

7s & 6s. 327
Happy soul, thy days are ended

8s & s. 426
Happy the heart where graces
Happy the man that finds the grace ,

C. M. 251
L. M. 172

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C. M.


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L. M. 282
C. M. 178

75. 432
C. M. 425
H. M. 325
mns & 6s. 387

S. M. 136

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Happy the souls that first believed
Happy the souls to Jesus joined
Hark! a voice divides the sky
Hark! from the tombs a doleful
Hark! hark! the notes of joy .
Hark! hark! the voice of anguish
Hark! how the watchmen cry.
Hark! I hear the voice of

8s, 75 & 4s. 381
Hark! the herald angels say
Hark! the herald angels sing
Hark! the song of Jubilee
Hasten Lord, thy promised hour
Head of thy Church whose spirit .
Heard ye the mighty rushing
Hear him ye deaf, his praise ye
Hear what the voice from heaven.
He comes, he comes, the judge
He dies, the friend of sinners dies.
Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail .
Help, Lord, to whom for help I fly
Help us to feel for drunken man
Heralds of creation cry
Here at thy cross my Saviour God
Here in thy name, eternal God.
High in thy heavens, eternal God.
High in his everlasting throne .
His master taken from his head
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw
Holy as thou, O Lord, is none

L. M.

Holy Bible, book divine.

7s. 356
Hosannahs, Lord, to thee we sing

L. M. 04
How are thy servants blest. O Lord

C. M. 410
How beauteous are their feet

S. M. 312
How blest the sacred tie that binds

L. M. 223
How can a sinner know .

S. M.
How can it be, thou heavenly King L. M. 100
How can we see the children, Lord C. M. 305
How did my heart rejoice to hear . C. M. 279

78. 443
78. 340
78. 174

7s. 448
L. M. 280
75 & 6s. 380

C. M. 165
C. M. 432
L. M. 452
L. M.. 36

C. M. 28
C. P. M. 125
C. M. 401

7s. 175
L. M. 94
L. M. 333
L. M. 157
L. M. 311
C. M. 421
L. M. 52

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