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Thus far the Lord hath led me on. L. M. 300
Thus 1 resolved before the Lord C. M. 142
Thus saith the Lord, who seeks the L. M. 275
Thus saith the Lord, your work is C. M. 42
Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love

C. M. 180
Thy hand, O Lord, hath spread the C. M. 467
Thy life I read, my gracious Lord C. M. 430
Thy love I soon expect to find.

C. M. 239
Thy neighbor! it is he whom thou C. M. 399
Thy perfect law, O Lord

S. M. 310
Thy presence, everlasting God

L. M. 219
Thy presence, Lord, the place shall C. M. 167
Thy tender heart is still the same C. M, 229
Time is winging us away.

75 & 6s. 435
'Tis by the faith of joys to come

L. M. 95
'Tis finishd; so the Saviour cried L. M. 35
'Tis not in yonder starry host

L. P. M. 408
'Tis now the time of strife and war L. M. 367
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost C. M. 469
To God most awful and most high L. M. 161
To God the Father, God the Son

L. M. 469
To God the only wise

S. M. 199
To-morrow, Lord, is thine

S. M. 463
Too strong I was to conquer sin L. M. 83
To thee inseparably joined

C. M. 215
To thee, O blessed Saviour

.75 & 6s. 357
Try us, O God, and search the

C. M. 214
Unsheltered from the burning rays C. M. 389
Vain are the hopes the sons of men

C. M. 25
Vain, delusive world, adieu . 7s, 6s & 8s 142
Vain man, thy fond pursuits

C. M. 430
Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will L. M. 14
Watchman, tell us the night

78. 378
We are but young, yet we may

L. M. 355
We bid thee welcome in the name L. M. 318
We by his spirit prove

S. M. 89
We come, O Lord, before thy throne C. M. 412
We know, by faith we know

S. M. 256

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Welcome, delightful morn

H. M. 350
Welcome, sweet day of rest

S. M. 349
Welcome, sweet morn we hail with . L. M. 358
We lifi our hearts to thee

S. M. 296
We need not soar above the skies C. M. 9
We praise thee, Lord, if but one soul L. M. 405
We've no abiding city here

L. M. 259
What could our Redeemer do .

7s. 53
What have I then wherein to trust L. M, 68
What is our calling's glorious hope C. M. 244
What shall I render to my God

C. M. 193
What sinners value I resign

L. M. 444
What though no flowers the fig-tree . C. M. 156

L. M. 241
What! never speak one evil word
When all thy mercies, O my God

C. M. 336
When at this distance, Lord, we. L. M. 189
When blooming youth is snatch'd

C. M. 438
When Christ with all his graces

C, M, 461
When floating on life's troubled sea C. M. 259
When God is nigh, my faith

L. M. 444
When, gracious Lord, when shall it . L. M.

When I can'read my title clear

C. M. 135
When injured Afric's captive claims L. M. 383
When in the slippery paths of youth. C. M. 336
When I survey the wondrous cross

L. M. 40
When Jesus, our Redeemer, came

L. M. 405
When languor and disease invade

C. M. 419
When little Samuel woke

H. M. 360
When marshalld on the nightly

L. M. 413
When Pharaoh dar'd to vex the C. M. 390
When shall I see the welcome hour C. M. 248
When shall thy love constrain . S. M. 78
When the great Judge, supreme and . C. M. 384
When the worn spirit wants repose

C. M. 352
When those who feared the Lord of. L. M. 225
When thou, O Lord, shalt stand C. M. 62
When through the torn sail the wild . P. M. 407
When verdure clothes the fertile vale. C. M. 458

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Where can we hide, or whither fly L. M. 7
Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw . L. M. 67
While on the verge of life I stand L. M. 260
While shepherds watched their flocks C. M. 338
Who are these arrayed in white

75. 257
Who are these in bright array ·

75. 263
Who can describe the joys that rise L. M. 192
Who in the Lord confide

S. M. 281
Who loves the little slave, or cares

C. M. 388
Whom Jesus' blood doth sanctify

C. M. 253
Whom man forsakes thou wilt not L. M. 106
Who shall ascend thy heavenly

L. M. 251
Who shall inhabit in thy hill

C. M. 261
Why do the wealthy wicked boast C. M. 461
Why do we mourn for dying friends . C. M. 428
Why seek ye that which is not bread L. M. 53
Why should the children of a King C. M. 71
Why should we start and fear to die L. M. 431
With joy we meditate the grace C. M. 153
With my whole heart I'll raise my C. M. 195
With sacred joy we lift our eyes

C. M. 113
With songs and honors sounding loud C. M. 454
With stately towers and bulwarks C. M. 274
With thy pure dews and rains 6s & 4s. 385
Wo to the men on earth who dwell C. M. 452
Would Jesus have the sinner die . L. P. M. 79
Ye angels round the throne .

S. M. 470
Ye Christian heralds, go proclaim

L. M. 373
Ye different sects who all declare L. M. 283
Ye faithful souls who Jesus know L. M. 37
Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm

C. M, 364
Ye humble saints proclaim abroad L. M. 16
Ye humble souls approach your God C. M. 15
Ye humble souls that seek the Lord C. M. 37
Ye men and angels witness now.

C. M. 219
Ye servants of the Lord

S. M. 448
Yes, my native land, I love thee 88,75 & 4s. 373



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Ye spirits of the free

68 & 4s. 394
Ye that pass by, behold the man

L. M. 31
Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor .

C. M. 389
Zeal is that pure and heavenly flame · C. M. 139

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