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Olet triumphant faith dispel

C. M. 123
O Lord, behold us at thy feet

C. M. 305
O Lord, my best desires fulfil

C. M. 114
O Lord, our languid souls inspire C. M. 112
O love divine, how sweet thou art. C. P. M.
Omnipresent God whose aid

78. 299
On all the earth thy Spirit shower L. M. 365
One there is above all others

8s & 78. 43
One undivided Trinity

C. M. 21
Once more, my soul, the rising day C. M. 297
Once more we come before our God. C. M. 322
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand C. M 258
On man, in his own image made

C. M. 24
On the first Christian Sabbath eve C. M. 310
On the mountain top appearing 8s, 7 & 4s. 276
On this glad day, O God, we would C. M. 404
O Saviour, whom this holy morn C. M. 340
O sun of righteousness, arise

C. M. 103
O tell me no more

108 & 11s. 181
O that I could my Lord receive C.M. 69
O that I could repent

S. M. 77
O that I were as heretofore

C. M. 269
O that my load of sin were gone

L. M. 231
Other ground can no man lay

78. 119
O thou before whose gracious throne

L. M. 420
O thou God of my salvation 8s, 79 & 4s. 186
O thou that hangest on the tree

L. M. 84
O thou that hearest when sinners cry L. M. 80
O thou the helpless orphan's hope . C. P. M. 365
O thou sun of glorious splendor 8s & 7s. 374
O thou whose all-searching sight

L. M. 102
O thou who all things can’st control . L. M. 138
O thou who hast our sorrows

C. P. M. 93
O thou whom all thy saints adore . L. M. 109
O thou whom once they flocked to L. M. 65
O thou whose offering on the tree

L. M. 40
O'tis delight without alloy

C. M. 191
Oh! turn from the wine glass 8 lines 8s. 402

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O'twas a joyful sound to hear

C. M, 278
Our earth we now lament to see L. P. M. 414
Our helper God, we bless his name L. M. 347
Our little bark on boist'rous seas C. M. 409
Our Lord is risen from the dead L. M. 445
Our old companions in distress . C. M. 437
Our souls are in his mighty hand C. M. 213
Out of the depth of self-despair

C. M. 113
O what is life? 'tis like a flower

P. M. 427
O wisdom whose unfailing power C. M, 253
O why did I my Saviour leave

C. M. 272
Pass a few swiftly fleeting years

L. M. 429
Peace, troubled soul, thou need'st. L, M. 151
Peace was the song the angels sung. L, M, 415
Pierce, fill me with an humble fear L. M. 128
Plunged in a gulf of dark despair C. M. 34
Praise God from whom all blessings . L.M. 469
Praise to the Lord on high.

H. M. 319
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee L. M. 195
Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise . L. M. 184
Prayer is appointed to convey.

L. M. 130
Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice C. M. 116
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire . C. M. 115
Pour out your souls to God .

S. M. 135
Raise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine L, M, 267
Rejoice for a brother deceased

8s, 427
Rejoice the Lord is King

H. M. 173
Return my soul enjoy thy rest

L, M. 349
Rise, O my soul, pursue the path . C. M. 462
Rock of ages, cleft for me 7s, 6 lines. 119
Salvation ! O, the joyful sound

C. M, 185
Saviour, I now with shame confess L. M. 272
Saviour of men, thy searching eye

L. M. 315
Saviour of sinful men

S, M, 221
See how great a flame aspires

. 7s. 366
See how the morning sun

S. M. 298
See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand C. M. 286
See Jesus, thy disciples see

C. M, 293

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Servants of God, in joyful lays

L. M. 203
Shall I, for fear of feeble man

L. M. 314
Shepherd divine our wants relieve C. M. 124
Shepherd of souls, with pitying eye. L. M. 379
Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes

C. M. 338
Shout ! for the great Redeemer reigns L. M. 372
Shout to the Lord, ye surging seas

C. M. 8
Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive

L. M. 63
Shrinking from the cold hand of L. M. 428
Sing all in heaven at Jesus' birth. L. M. 342
Sing to the great Jehovah's praise

C. M. 344
Sing we the song of those who stand C. M. 176
Sing we to our God above

78. 470
Sinners obey the gospel word . L. M. 51
Sinners obey the heavenly call L. M. 59
Sinners the voice of God regard C. M. 55
Sinners turn, why will ye die

7s 50
Sister, thou wast mild and lovely88 & 7s. 438
So fades the lovely blooming flower. L. M. 437
So let our lips and lives express

L. M. 132
Soldiers of Christ, arise

S. M. 134
Sons of the noble sires

6s & 4s. 397
Soon as I heard


C. M. 159
may the last glad song arise

L. M. 325
Soon will set the Sabbath's sun

78. 355
Source of Being, Holy Father 88 & 7s. 406
Sovereign of worlds display thy L. M. 327
Stand up and bless the Lord

S. M. 176
Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay L. M. 68
Stern winter throws his icy chains C. M. 458
Still for thy loving kindness, Lord C. M. 63
Still stir me up to strive

S. M. 232
Strike off my galling fetters, strike C. M. 395

labor to renew

C. M. 138
Sweet is the work, my God, my

L. M. 358
Sweet peace of conscience, heavenly L. M. 115
Sweet was the time when first I felt . C. M. 266
Talk with us, Lord, thyself reveal C. M. 168

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Teach me the measure of my days C. M. 434
Terrible thought ! shall I alone

C. M. 56
That awful day will sure come C. M. 450
That doleful night before his death C. M. 289
The angel hosts appear

S. M. 342
The billows swell, the winds are high L. M. 412
The earth and all her fulness owns L, M. 252
The Church in her militant state

8s. 257
The clock has struck, I cannot stay

L. M. 356
The counsels of redeeming grace

C. M, 308
Thee we adore, eternal name

C. M. 423
The eye of God is everywhere

C. M. 12
The God of glory walks his rounds L. M. 58
The God of nature and of grace

C. M. 467
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord L. M. 323
The Hebrew prophet rais'd of old C. M. 42
The hoary frost, the fleecy snow C. M. 456
The hour of freedom ! come it must. L. M. 386
The King of heaven his table spreads C. M. 290
The law and prophets all foretold L. M. 326
The leaves around me falling 75 & 6s. 455
The Lord Jehovah reigns

H. M. 20
The Lord my pasture shall prepare L. P. M. 148
The Lord my Shepherd is

S. M. 159
The Lord of earth and sky

H. M. 345
The Lord of Sabbath let us praise C. M. 445
The Lord will come but not the

L. M. 447
The man is ever blest

S. M. 309
The message first to Smyrna sent C. M. 141
The morning flowers display their L. M. 429
The morning light is breaking 78 & 6s. 369
The perfect world by Adam trod . L. M. 331
The praying spirit breathe

S. M. 124
The power to bless my house

S. M. 302
The ravens daily he doth feed

L. M. 151
The saints above, once here below C. M. 141
The who die of Christ

L. M. 440
kindly calls

S. M. 306

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The Saviour lives no more to die . L. M. 59
The spacious firmament on high

L. M. 18
The Spirit's voice doth break

S. M. 46
The star was bright o'er Bethlehem's L. M. 414
The tempest beat against my bark C. M. 409
The tempter to my soul hath said

L. M. 162
There is a fountain filled with blood C. M. 38
There is a God, all nature speaks .

L. M. 10
There is a house not made with C. M. 433
There is a land of pure delight

.C. M. 254
There's not a place in earth's vast C. M. 19
There's not a star whose twinkling C. M. 11
They roam where danger dwells . S. M. 408
Think of our country's glory

75 & 6s. 382
Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we

L. M. 350
This, this is He that came ..

S. M. 39
This day the Lord has called his own L. M. 351
This, this is the God we adore

8s. 187
Thou art gone to the grave

12s & lls 439
Thou boastest “I am wise and rich" L. M. 57
Thou God that answerest by fire .

L. M. 246
Thou God of glorious majesty

C. P. M. 449
Thou God of truth and love

H. M. 217
Thou great Instructor lest I stray L. M. 564
Thou great mysterious God , C.P. M. 89
Thou hidden God, for whom I


C. M. 85
Thou Judge of quick and dead S. M. 449
Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of. L. M. 143
Thou Lord hast blest my going out .

C. M. 131
Thou Lord of all above

S. M. 83
Thou man of griefs remember me L. M. 73
Thou seest my feebleness

S. M. 29
Thou Shepherd of Israel and mine 8s 70
Thou Son of God whose flaming eyes C. M. 47
Thou hast in Zion laid

P. M. 333
Though eighteen hundred years are

L. M. 74
Though troubles assail, and 10s & 1ls. 148
Though now the nations sit beneath. L. M. 325

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