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How do thy mercies close me round, L. M. 146
How firm a foundation, ye saints . lls 160
How gentle God's commands

S. M. 157
How great, how terrible that God

L. M. 453
How happy are they . .

P. M. 166
How happy every child of grace

C. M. 187
How happy, gracious Lord, are C. P. M. 168
How happy is the pilgrim's lot .. C. P. M. 263
How honor'd is the place.

S. M. 275
How large the promise, how divine

C. M. 285
How long, O Lord, shall I complain . L. M. 111
How long wilt thou conceal thy face . C. M. 114
How pleasant, how divinely fair L. M. 279
How pleas’d and blest was I. S. P. M. 277
How sad our state by nature is

C. M. 27
How shall a lost sinner in pain

8s. 268
How swect, how heavenly is the .

C. M. 221
How sweetly along the gay mead

8s. 459
How swift, alas, the moments fly

C. M. 362
How tedious and tasteless the hours. 8s. 171
How vain are all things here below C. M. 127
I and my house will serve the . C. P. M. 301
I ask the gift of righteousness

C. M. 92
I give immortal praise .

H. M. 23
I know that my Redeemer lives L. M. 193
I know that my Redeemer lives

C. M. 239
If now I have acceptance found

L. M. 248
I left the God of truth and light

L. M. 273
I long to behold him arrayed

8s. 254
I love to see the glowing sun

C. M. 363
I love to see the Lord below

C. M. 278
I'll praise my Maker while I've L. P. M. 183
Indulgent Lord, thy goodness reigns . L. M. 15
I must not sin as many do

L. M. 363
Infinite, unexhausted love

C. M, 192
Intemperance like a raging flood C. M. 400
In the sun, and moon and stars

78. 447
In thy house while now we sing

78. 351





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In vain I trace creation o’er.

C. M. 462
I saw him kneel in calm despair L. M. 384
Isles of the South awake

H. M. 377
It is the Lord enthroned in light C. M. 418
I thirst thou wounded Lamb of God. L. M. 100
I waited patient for the Lord

C. M. 94
I want a principle within

C, M. 123
I will extol the Lord on high

L. M. 419
I would be thine, thou know'st I C. M. 234
Jesus, accept the praise

H. M. 216
Jesus, at whose supreme command C. M. 288
Jesus, from whom all blessings flow L. M. 104
Jesus, great Shepherd of the sheep C, M. 152
Jesus hath died that I might live

C. M. 236
Jesus, I fain would find

S, M. 138
Jesus, Lord we look to thee

7s. 294
Jesus, lover of my soul

7 86
Jesus, my all, to heaven is gone L. M. 144
Jesus, my King, to thee I bow

L. M. 201
Jesus, my Lord, I cry to thee . C. M. 244
Jesus, my strength and righteousness. C. M. 317
Jesus, my strength, my hope

S. M. 116
Jesus, my truth, my way,

S, M, 232
Jesus, Redeemer of mankind

C. M, 106
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

L. M. 366
Jesus, the all-restoring word

C. M. 104
Jesus, the life, the truth, the way

C. M. 240
Jesus the mount ascends

S. M. 463
Jesus, the name high over all

C. M. 316
Jesus, the sinner's friend, to thee L. M. 60
Jesus, the word of mercy give

C. M. 321
Jesus, thou all-redeeming Lord C. M. 101
Jesus, thou everlasting King

L. M. 170
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness L. M. 188
Jesus, thy far-extended fame

L. M. 74
Jesus, thy loving spirit alone

L. M. 243
Jesus, thy wandering sheep behold L. M. 320
Jesus to thee I now can fly

C. M. 169


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Jesus, united by thy grace

C. M. 214
Jesus, we look to thee

S. M. 209
Jesus, we thus obey

S. M. 288
Join all ye ransomed sons of grace

C. M. 133
Julges who rule the world by laws L. P. M. 393
Kindred in Christ for his dear sake L. M. 218
Leader of faithful souls and guide . L. P. M. 121
Let all who truly bear

S. M. 287
Let earth and heaven agree

H. M. 179
Let children hear the mighty deeds C. M. 302
Let every mortal ear attend

C. M. 54
Let every tongue thy goodness speak C. M. 183
Let God the Father and the Son C. M. 470
Let him to whom we now belong . . C. M. 231
Let me but hear my Saviour say . L. M. 155
Let not of Christ or man the foe

C. M. 464
Let not the wise their wisdom boast L. M. 249
Let sinners choose the road

S. M. 58
Let the redeemed give thanks and C. M. 77
Let Temperance and her sons . L. M. 403
Let Zion's watchmen all awake C. M. 316
Lite is the time to serve the Lord. . L. M. 46
Litt up our country's banner high L. M. 387
Lift up our hearts to things above. C. M. 207
Light of the Gentile world appear

L. M. 64
Like Noah's weary dove

S. M. 225
Like sheep we went astray

S. M. 41
Listen ye hills, ye mountains hear L. M. 460
Lo! God is here let us adore L. P. M. 205
Lo! he comes with clouds

P. M. 446
Long have I seemed to serve thee C. M. 265
Lord all I am is known to thee

C. M. 13
Lord, how secure and blest are L, M. 180
Lord, how thy wonders are

C. M. 11
Lord, I approach the mercy seat

C. M. 78
Lord, I believe a rest remains

C. M. 234
Lord, I believe thy every word

C. M. 230
Lord, I despair myself to heal

L. M. 38

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Lord, in the morning thou shalt C. M. 298
Lord, in the strength of grace

S, M, 249
Lord Jesus, when, when shall it be L. M. 73
Lord, look on all assembled here C. M. 460
Lord of the harvest, hear

S. M. 311
Lord of the wide-extended main L. M. 411
Lord over all, if thou hast made L. P. M. 379
Lord, send thy word and let it fly C. M. 415
Lord, teach us how to pray aright :

C. M. 122
Lord, thou hast scourged our guilty C. M. 459
Lord, thou hast searched and seen L. M. 12
Lord, thou wilt hear me when I C. M. 297
Lord, we are vile, conceived in sin L. M. 26
Lord, we come before thee now

7s. 103
Lord, we come to ask thy

8s & 7s. 468
Lord, while for all mankind we pray . C. M. 383
Lord, whom winds and seas obey

78. 411
Love divine, all loves excelling 8s & 78. 226
Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb .

75. 240
Lo! what an entertaining sight C. M. 209
May I, throughout this day of thine C. M. 348
Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven C.M. 96
Mortals awake! with angels join

C. M. 339
Mournful and sad upon my ear

C. M. 401
My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so C. M. 56
My God, I know, I feel thee mine C. M. 233
My God, if I may call thee mine L, M. 81
My God, how endless is thy love

L. M. 299
My God, my life, my love

S. M. 99
My God, my portion and my love C. M. 145
My God, the spring of all my joys C. M. 182
My gracious loving Lord

S, M, 264
My heart rejoices in thy name

C. M. 198
My hope, my all, my Saviour thou L. M. 105
My Saviour hanging on the tree C. M. 34
My Saviour, how shall I proclaim L. M. 31
My Saviour, my almighty friend C. M. 186
My Saviour's pierced side.

S. M. 285



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My Shepherd will supply my need C. M. 155
My soul, be on thy guard

: S, M. 132
My soul, come meditate the day C. M. 434
My soul, how lovely is the place C. M. 277
My soul repeat his praise

S. M. 17
My sufferings all to thee are known L. M. 66
Night spread her starless robe around C. M. 416
Now from the altar of our hearts C. M. 300
Now I have found the ground. L. P. M. 252
Now let our mourning hearts revive . C. M. 420
Now let our mournful songs record L. M. 36
Now the shades of night are gone

78. 304
O all-creating God

S. M.

O blessed souls are they

S. M. 198
O charity, thy heavenly grace

C. M. 465
O christian see that dread array

C. M. 416
O come and dwell in me

S. M. 245
O come let us sing to the Lord

8s. 202
O'er the realms of Pagan 8s, 7s & 4s. 375
Of him who did salvation bring L. M. 33
O for a closer walk with God

C. M. 270
O for a heart to praise my God C. M. 238
O for a glance of heavenly day L. M.

O for a shout of sacred joy

C. M. 200
O for a thousand tongues to sing C. M. 164
O for that tenderness of heart

C. M. 76
Oft have we passed the guilty night L. P. M. 131
O glorious hope of perfect love C. P. M, 238
O God, our help in ages past

C. M. 422
O God, when o'er the ocean

7s & 6s. 391
O happy day that fix'd my choice L. M. 220
O happy, happy place

S. M. 206
O Jesus, at thy feet we wait

C. M. 243
O Jesus, full of grace

S. M. 278
O Jesus, full of truth and grace L. M. 227
O Jesus, let thy dying cry

L, M. 242
O joyful sound of gospel grace

C. M. 235
o let the pris'ners mournful cries L. M. 109


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