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HYMN 745. C. M.

Nature and Fruits of Charity.
O CHARITY, thou heav'nly grace!

All tender, soft and kind !
A friend to all the human race,

To all that's good inclin'd!
2 The man of charity extends

To all his lib’ral hand :
His kindred, neighbors, foes and friends,

His pity may command.
3 He aids the poor in their distress;

He hears when they complain ; With tender heart delights to bless,

And lessen all their pain. 4 The sick, the pris'ner, poor and blind,

And all the sons of grief, In him a benefactor find

He loves to give relief. 5 "Tis love that makes religion sweet;

'Tis love that makes us rise, With willing minds and ardent feet, To yonder happy skies.

HYMN 746. L. M. [382]

The Compassionate Man. BLEST is the man whose heart doth move

And melt with pity to the poor ; Whose soul, by sympathizing love,

Feels what his fellow saints endure. 2 His heart contrives for their relief,

More good than his own hands can do; He, in a time of gen’ral grief,

Shall find the Lord hath mercy too! 3 His soul shall live secure on earth, With secret blessings on his head,

When drought, and pestilence, and death,

Around him multiply their dead. 4 Or, if he languish on his couch,

God will pronounce his sins forgiv'n;
Will save him with a healing touch,
Or take his willing soul to heaven!

HYMN 747. P. M. [383]

Blessings on the Charitable. BLEST is the man who loves the poor,

Nor let's the suff'rer plead in vain;
Who gives as God has bless'd his store,

And deems such distribution gain :
In his dark night of wo and fear,
God with deliverance will be near !
2 When languishing upon his bed,

And pain and grief his peace devour,
Thy hand, O Lord, shall lift his head,

And bring back nature's failing power;
His faded bloom thou wilt revive,
And say, “O, child of mercy live!"
3 Forgive, O Lord, my selfish heart;

Enlarge my charity and zeal;
Thy saving pow'r and grace impart,

That I the strength of love may feel : Then to my soul shall peace be given, And I shall praise thy love in heaven!

HYMN 748. C. M. [427]

4 Hymn for a Maternal Association. GREAT God we would to thee make known

Each fond, maternal care ;
For this we gather round thy throne,
And bring our children there.
2 We ask not wealth, long life, nor fame,

Nor aught the world can give;

May they but glorify thy name,

And to thy honor live. 3 This is the burden of our prayer

When from our bosoms riven, May they be objects of thy care, And heirs, at last, of heaven.

HYMN 749. C. M. [399]

The Crealion.
THE God of nature and of grace

In all his works appears;
His goodness thro' the earth we trace,

His grandeur in the spheres.
2 Behold this fair and fertile globe,

By him in wisdom planned ; 'Twas he who girded like a robe,

The ocean round the land.
3 In ev'ry stream his bounty flows,

Diffusing joy and wealth ;
In ev'ry breeze his Spirit blows,

The breath of life and health. 4 His blessings fall in plenteous showers

Upon the face of earth, That teems with foliage, fruit and flowers,

And rings with infant mirth. 5 If God hath made this world so fair,

Where sin and death abound, How beautiful beyond compare Will paradise be found!

HYMN 750. C. M [400]

Creation and Redemption.
THY hand, O Lord, hath spread the sky,

Most glorious to behold;
Ting'd with the blue of heav'nly dye,

And stard with sparkling gold.

2 Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing sight,
Thro' skies, and seas, and solid ground,

With terror and delight. .
3 But, Lord, the wonders of thy grace

Beam on us from above: Mercy divine in Jesus' face We see, adore and love!

HYMN 751. 8 & 7s.

A Marriage Hymn.
LORD, we come to ask thy blessing

On the happy pair to rest;
May thy goodness, never ceasing,

Make them now and ever blest. 2 Thou canst change the course of nature,

Turning water into wine; But we ask a greater favor

May they be for ever thine. 3 Thine by cov'nant and adoption,

Thine by free and sov'reign grace; May they, in each word and action,

Do thy will and speak thy praise.
4 Gracious Lord, from thy free bounty,

Fill their basket and their store;
Give them with their health and plenty,

Hearts thy goodness to adore.
5 Often from their happy dwelling,

May the voice of prayer ascend, For thy mercies still increasing,

To their best, their kindest Friend. 6 Through this life's tempestuous ocean,

Storms are thick and dangers nigh; O may constant pure devotion,

Guide them safe to realms on high.



L. M.

PRAISE God, from whom all blessings


Praise him all creatures here below;
Praise him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

L. M,
TO God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit three in one,
Be honor, praise, and glory given,
By all on earth and all in heaven.

8s & 7s. GLORY be to God the Father

Glory be to God the Son,
Glory be to God the Spirit,

Everlasting three in one:
Thee let heaven and earth adore,
Now, henceforth, and evermore.

C. M.
TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God whom we adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.

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