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6 Thou canst, thou wilt, I dare believe,

So arm me with thy power,
That I to sin may never cleave,
May never feel it more.

HYMN 137. C. P. M.
O THOU who hast our sorrows borne,
Help us to look on thee and mourn,

On thee whom we have slain;
Have pierc'd a thousand, thousand times,
And by reiterated crimes

Renew'd thy sacred pain.
2 Vouchsafe us eyes of faith to see
The man transfix'd on Calvary!

To know thee who thou art,
The One Eternal God and True;
And let the sight affect, subdue,

And break my stubborn heart. 3 Lover of souls to rescue mine, Reveal the charity divine,

That suffer'd in my stead! That made thy soul a sacrifice, And quench'd in death those flaming eyes,

And bow'd that sacred head. 4 The veil of unbelief remove, And by thy manifested love,

And by thy sprinkled blood,
Destroy the love of sin in me,
And get thyself the victory,

And bring me back to God.
5. Now let thy dying love constrain
My soul to love its God again,

Its God to glorify!
And, lo! I come thy cross to share,
Echo thy sacrificial prayer,

And with my Saviour die.

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HYMN 138. L. M. [451] HERE at thy cross, my Saviour-God,

I lay my soul beneath thy love! O wash me, Jesus, in thy blood,

And fit me for a throne above! 2 Should worlds conspire to drive me hence,

Moveless and firm this heart should lie; Resolved, for that's my last defence,

If I must perish, here to die. 3 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear;

Am I not safe beneath thy shade? Thy vengeance will not strike me here,

Nor Satan dare my soul invade. 4 I'm safe, and nought my soul shall harm;

Thy blood shall cleanse my guilt away; Thy voice each rising fear shall calm, And guide me up to realms of day!

HYMN 139. C. M. [381] I WAITED patient for the Lord,

He bowed to hear my cry; He saw me resting on his word,

And brought salvation nigh. 2 He rais'd me from a horrid pit,

Where, mourning long I lay; And from my bonds releas'd my feet,

Deep bonds of miry clay. 3 Firm on a rock he made me stand,

And taught my cheerful tongue, To praise the wonders of his hand,

In a new thankful song, 4 I'll spread his works of grace abroad,

The saints with joy shall hear; And sinners learn to make my God,

Their only hope and fear.

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HYMN 140. L. M. [457]
"TIS by the faith of joys to come,

We walk thro’ deserts dark as night;
Till we arrive at heaven, our home,

Faith is our guide—and faith our light.
2 The want of sight she well supplies ;

She makes the pearly gates appear;
Far into distant worlds she pries,

And brings eternal glories near.
3 Cheerful we tread the desert through,

While faith inspires a heavenly ray,
Though lions roar—and tempests blow,
And rocks and dangers fill the way.

HYMN 141. C. M. [457]
FAITH is the brightest evidence

Of things beyond our sight;
It pierces through the veil of sense,

And dwells in heavenly light.
2 It sets time past in present view,

Brings distant prospects home,
Of things a thousand years ago,

Or thousand years to come.
3 By faith we know the world was made

By God's almighty word;
We know the heavens and earth shall fade,

And be again restored.
4 Abrah’m obeyed the Lord's command

From his own country driven;
By faith he sought a promised land,
But found his rest in heaven.

HYMN 142. S. M. [458]
FAITH—'tis a precious grace,

Where'er it is bestowed ;
It boasts a high celestial birth,

And is the gift of God.

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2 Jesus it owns as King,

And all-atoning Priest ;
It claims no merit of its own,

But looks for all in Christ. 3 To him it leads the soul,

When filled with deep distress; Flies to the fountain of his blood,

And trusts his righteousness. 4 Since 'tis thy work alone,

And that divinely free,
Lord, send the Spirit of thy Son,
To work this faith in me.

HYMN 143. C. M. [459]
MISTAKEN souls that dream of heaven

And make their empty boast Of inward joys and sins forgiven,

While they are slaves to lust! 2 Vain are our fancy's airy flights,

If faith be cold and dead; None but a living power unites

To Christ, the living head; 3 "Tis faith that purifies the heart;

"Tis faith that works by love; That bids all sinful joys depart,

And lifts the thoughts above.
4 This faith shall every fear control,

By its celestial power;
With holy triumph fill the soul

In death's approaching hour.

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HYMN 144 L P. M. [67]

Wrestling Jacob.
COME, O thou Traveller unknown,

Whom still I hold, but cannot see!
My company before is gone,

And I am left alone with thee:
With thee all night I mean to stay,
And wrestle till the break of day,
2 I need not tell thee who I am;

My sin and misery declare;
Thyself hast calld me by my name,

Look on thy hands and read it there:
But, who, I ask thee, who art thou ?
Tell me thy name, and tell me now.
3 In vain thou strugglest to get free,

I never will unloose my hold;
Art thou the man that died for me?

The secret of thy love unfold:
Wrestling, I will not let thee go,
Till I thy name, thy nature know,
4 What though my shrinking flesh complain,

And murinur to contend so long:
I rise superior to my pain :

When I am weak then I am strong
And wlien my all of strength shall fail,
I shall with the God-Man prevail.
5 Yield to me now, for I am weak,

But consident in self-despair;
Speak to my lieart, in blessings speak;

Be conquer'd by my instant prayer:
Speak, or thou never hence shalt move,
And tell me if thy name be Love.

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