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3 By faith we know thee strong to save,

(Save us, a present Saviour thou!)
Whate'er we hope by faith we have;

Future and past subsisting now.
4 To him that in thy name believes,

Eternal life with thee is given,
Into himself he all receives,

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.
5 The things unknown to feeble sense,

Unseen by reason's glimm'ring ray,
With strong commanding evidence,

Their heavenly origin display.
6 Faith lends its realizing light,

The clouds disperse, the shadows fly, The Invisible appears in sight, And God is seen by mortal eye.

HYMN 131. S. M. [82]
HOW can a sinner know

His sins on earth forgiven ?
How can my gracious Saviour show

My name inscribed in heaven? 2 What we have felt and seen,

With confidence we tell ;
And publish to the sons of men,

The signs infallible.
3 We who in Christ believe

That he for us hath died,
We all his unknown peace receive,

And feel his blood applied. 4 Exults our rising soul,

Disburthen'd of her load, And swells unutterably full

Of glory and of God. 5 His love surpassing far The love of all beneath,

We find within our hearts, and dare

The pointless darts of death. 6 Stronger than death or hell,

The sacred power we prove; And conqu’rors of the world, we dwell

In heaven, who dwell in love.



HYMN 132. S. M. [84] WE by his Spirit prove,

And know the things of God, The things which freely of his love

He hath on us bestow'd. 2 His Spir't to us he gave,

And dwells in us we know; The witness in ourselves we have,

And all its fruits we show. 3 The meek and lowly heart

That in our Saviour was, To us his Spirit does impart,

And signs us with his cross. 4 Our nature's turn'd, our mind

Transform'd in all its powers; And both the witnesses are join'd,

The Spirit of God with ours. 5 Whate'er our pard’ning Lord

Commands, we gladly do ; And guided by his sacred word, We all his steps pursue.

HYMN 133. C. P. M. THOU great mysterious God unknown, Whose love hath gently led me on,

F'en from my insant days; Mine inmost soul expose to view, And tell me if I ever knew

Thy justifying grace.

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2 If I had only known thy fear,
And followed with a heart sincere,

Thy drawings from above;
Now, now the further grace bestow,
And let my sprinkled conscience know

Thy sweet forgiving love.
3 Short of thy love I would not stop
A stranger to the Gospel hope,

The sense of sin forgiven :
I would not, Lord, my soul deceive,
Without the inward witness live,

That antepast of heaven.
4 If now the witness were in me,
Would he not testify of thee,

In Jesus reconcil'd ?
And should I not with faith draw nigh,
And boldly, Abba, Father, cry,

And know myself thy child?
5 Father, in me reveal thy Son,
And to my inmost soul make known

How merciful thou art:
The secret of thy love reveal,
And by thy hallowing Spirit dwell
For ever in my heart !

HYMN 134. H. M. [84]
ARISE, my soul, arise,

Shake off thy guilty fears,
The bleeding Sacrifice

In my behalf appears;
Before the throne my Surety stands,
My name is written on his hands.
2 He ever lives above,

For me to intercede;
His all-redeeming love,

His precious blood to plead;

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His blood aton'd for all our race, And sprinkles now the throne of grace. 3 Five bleeding wounds he bears,

Receiv'd on Calvary; They pour effectual prayers,

They strongly speak for me; Forgive him, O, forgive, they cry, Nor let that ransom'd sinner die! 4 The Father hears bim pray,

His dear anointed One:
He cannot turn away

The presence of his Son:
His spirit answers to the blood,
And tells me I am born of God.
5 My God is reconcil'd,

His pard’ning voice I hear:
He o:yns me for his child,

I can no longer fear;
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And Father, Abba, Father, cry.

HYMN 135. C. M. GREAT God! to me the sight afford,

To him of old allow'd;
And let my faith behold its Lord,

Descending in a cloud! 2 In that revealing Spir't come down,

Thine attributes proclaim,
And to my inmost soul make known

The glories of thy name.
3 Jehovah, Christ, I thee adore,

Who gav'st my soul to be! Fountain of being, and of power,

And great in majesty.

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4 The Lord, the mighty God thou art,

But let me rather prove,
That name inspoken in my heart,

That fav'rite name of Love.
5 Merciful God, thyself proclaim

In this polluted breast;
Mercy is thy distinguish'd name,

And suits the sinner best.
6 Our mis’ry doth for pity call,

Our sin implores thy grace;
And thou art merciful to all
Our lost, apostate race.

HYMN 136. C. M.
I ASK the gift of righteousness,

The sin-subduing power ;
Power to believe, and go in peace,

And never grieve thee more.
2 I ask the blood-bought pardon seald,

The liberty from sin;
The grace infus'd, the love reveal'd,

The kingdom fixt within.
3 Thou hear'st me for salvation pray,

Thou seest my heart's desire; Made ready in thy powerful day,

Thy fulness I require.
4 My longing soul cries out, opprest,

Impatient to be freed!
Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest,

'Till I am sav'd indeed.
5 Art thou not able to convert?

Art thou not willing too,
To change this old rebellious heart,

To conquer and renew?

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