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2 0 that we all inight now begin

Our foolisliness to mourn ; And turn at once from every sin,

And to our Saviour turn ! 3 Give us ourselves and thee to know

In this our gracious day; Repentance unto life bestow,

And take our sins away.
4 Impoverish, Lord, and then relieve,

And then enrich the poor;
The knowledge of our sickness give,

The knowledge of our cure.
5 That blessed sense of guilt impart,

And then remove the load;
Trouble, and wash the troubled heart
In the atoning blood.

HYMN 124. L. M. [306]
TOO strong I was to conquer sin,

When 'gainst it first I turned my face; Nor knew

my want of power within, Nor knew the omnipotence of grace. 2 In nature's strength I sought in vain

For what my God refused to give; I could not then the mastery gain,

Or lord of all my passions live. 3 But, for the glory of thy name,

Vouchsafe me now the victory; Weakness itself thou know'st I am,

And cannot share the praise with thee. 4 Because I now can nothing do,

Jesus, do all the work alone; And bring my soul triumphant through,

To wave its palm before thy throne.

HYMN 125. L. M. [338] O THOU that hangest on the tree,

Our curse and sufferings to remove, Pity the souls that look to thee,

And save us by thy dying love. 2 We have no outward righteousness,

No merits or good works to plead; We only can be sav'd by grace;

Thy grace will here be free indeed. 3 Save us by grace, through faith alone,

A faith thou must thyself impart; A faith that would by works be shown,

A faith that purifies the heart. 4 A faith that doth the mountains move,

A faith that shows our sins forgiven, A faith that sweetly works by love,

And ascertains our claims to heaven.


HYMN 126. L. M. [338] CANST thou reject our dying prayer,

Or cast us out who come to thee? Our sins, ah! wherefore didst thou bear?

Jesus, remember Calvary! 2 Number'd with the transgressors thou,

Between the felons crucified, Speak to our hearts and tell us now,

Wherefore hast thou for sinners died ? 3 For us wast thou not lifted up?

For us a bleeding victim made? That we, the abjects, we might hope,

Thou hast for all a ransom paid. 4 Oh, might we with believing eyes,

Thee in thy bloody vesture see;

And cast us on thy sacrifice!
Jesus, my Lord, remember me!

HYMN 127. L. M.
WHEN, gracious Lord, when shall it be,
That I shall find my all in thee?
The fulness of thy promise prove;
The seal of thy eternal love ?
2 Thee, only thee, I fain would find,
And cast the world and flesh behind;
Thou, only thou to me be given,
Of all thou hast in earth or heaven.
3 Whom man forsakes, thou wilt not leave,
Ready the outcasts to receive;
Though all my simpleness I own,
And all my faults to thee are known.
4 Ah! wherefore did I ever doubt?
Thou wilt in no wise cast me out,
A helpless soul that comes to thee,
With only sin and misery.
5 Lord, I am sick—my sickness cure!
I want,do thou enrich the poor !
Under thy mighty hand I stoop;
O lift the abject sinner up!

HYMN 128. C. M.
THOU hidden God, for whom I groan,

Till thou thyself declare,
God inaccessible, unknown;

Regard a sinner's prayer!
A sinner, welt'ring in his blood,

Unpurged, and unforgiven:
Far distant from the living God,

As far as hell from heaven. 2 An unregenerate child of man,

To thee for faith I call;

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Pity thy fallen creature's pain,

And raise me from my fall.
The darkness which through thee I feel,

Thou only canst remove;
Thy own eternal power reveal,

Thy deity of love.
3 Thou hast in unbelief shut up,

That grace may let me go;
In hope believing against hope,

I wait the truth to know.
Thou wilt in me reveal thy name,

Thou wilt thy light afford :
Bound and oppressed, yet thine I am,

The prisoner of the Lord.
4 I would not to thy foe submit;

I hate the tyrant's chain;
Send forth the prisoner from the pit,

Nor let me cry in vain !
Show me the blood that bought my peace,

The covenant blood apply,
And all my griefs at once shall cease,
And all my sins shall die.

HYMN 129. 78.
JESUS, lover of my soul,

Let me to thy bosom fly, While the nearer waters roll,

While the tempest still is high, Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

Till the storm of life is past; Safe into the haven guide,

O receive my soul at last. 2 Other refuge have I none, ,

Hangs my helpless soul on thee; Leave, ah ! leave me not alone;

Still support and comfort me!

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All my trust on thee is stayed,

All my help from thee I bring; Cover my defenceless head

With the shadow of thy wing. 3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want;

More than all in thee I find; Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,

Heal the sick, and lead the blind. Just and holy is thy name;

I am all unrighteousness; False, and full of sin I am,

Thou art full of truth and grace.
4 Plenteous grace with thee is found,

Grace to cover all my sin;
Let the healing streams abound,

Make and keep me pure within :
Thou of life the fountain art :

Freely let me take of thee; Spring thou up within my heart, • Rise to all eternity.


HYMN 130. L. M. AUTHOR of faith, eternal Word,

Whose Spirit breathes the active flame, Faith, like its finisher and Lord,

To-day as yesterday the same. 2 To thee our humble hearts aspire,

And ask the gift unspeakable; Increase in us the kindled fire,

In us the work of faith fulfil.

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