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5 The peace which man can ne'er conceive, bogomis

The love and joy unknown,
Now, Father, to thy servant give,
And claim me for thine own.

HYMN 116. S. M.
WHEN shall thy love constrain,

i Matan And force me to thy breast

Tu WU When shall my soul return again

To her eternal rest?
2 Ah! what avails my strife,

My wandering to and fro ?
Thou hast the words of endless life:

Ah! whither should I go? 3 Thy condescending grace.

To me did freely move;
It calls me still to seek thy face,

And stoops to ask my love. 4 Lord, at thy feet I fall,

I groan to be set free:
I fain would now obey the call,

And give up all for thee.
5 To rescue me from woe,
Thou didst with all things part;

29 Didst lead a suffering life below,

Ou To gain my worthless heart. 6 My worthless heart to gain,

le The God of all that breathe,

loue Was found in fashion as a man,

line And died a cursed death. HYMN 117. C. M.

Th LORD, I approach the mercy seat, Where thou dost answer prayer;

TE There humbly fall before thy feet,

TE For none can perish there.

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2 Thy promise is my only plea ;

With this I venture nigh;
Thou callest burdened souls to thee,

And such, O Lord, am I.
3 Bowed down beneath a load of sin,

By Satan sorely pressed,
By war without, and fear within,

I come to thee for rest.
4 Be thou my shield and hiding-place,

That, shelter'd near thy side,
I may my fierce accuser face,

And tell him thou hast died.
5 0, wondrous love to bleed and die,

To bear the cross and shame,
That guilty sinners such as I,
Might plead thy gracious name.

HYMN 118. L. P. M.
WOULD Jesus have the sinner die?

Why hangs he then on yonder tree?
What ineans that strange expiring cry?

(Sinners he prays for you and me :)
Forgive them, Father, O forgive:
They know not that by me they live !"
2 Adam descended from above,

Our loss of Eden to retrieve,
Great God of universal love,

If all the world through thee may live,
In us a quick’ning Spirit be,
And witness thou hast died for me!
3 Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb,

Thee—by thy painful agony,
Thy bloody sweat, thy grief and shame,

Thy cross and passion on the tree,
Thy precious death and life-I pray,
Take all, take all my sins away!

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4 O let me kiss thy bleeding feet,

And bathe and wash them with my tears,
The story of thy love repeat

In every drooping sinner's ears;
That all may hear the quick’ning sound,
Since I, e'en I, have mercy found!
5 O let thy love my heart constrain,

Thy love for every simner free,
That, every fallen soul of man

May taste the grace that found out me:
That all mankind with me may prove
Thy sovereign, everlasting love!

HYMN 119. L. M. (321)
O THOU that hear'st when sinners cry
Tho' all my crimes before thee lie,
Behold me not with angry look,
But blot their memory from thy book.
2 Create my nature pure within,
And forın my soul averse from sin;
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart,
Nor hide thy presence from my heart.
3 I cannot live without thy light,
Cast out and banished from thy sight:
Thy saving strength, O Lord, restore,
And guard me that I fall no more.
4 Though I have grieved thy Spirit, Lord,
His help and comfort still afford ;
And let a wretch come near thy throne,
To plead the merits of thy Son.
5 My soul lies humbled'in the dust,
And owns thy dreadful sentence just :
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And save the soul condemn'd to die.

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HYMN 120. L. M. [308]
MY God, if I may call thee mine,

From heaven and thee removed so far,
Draw nigh; thy pitying ear incline,

And cast not out my languid prayer. 2 Gently the weak thou lov'st to lead,

Thou lov'st to prop the feeble knee; O break not then a bruised reed,

Nor quench the smoking flax in me. 3 Buried in sin, thy voice I hear,

And burst the barriers of my tomb; In all the marks of death appear;

Forth at thy call, tho' bound, I come. 4 Give me, O give me fully, Lord,

Thy resurrection's power to know; Free me, indeed, repeat the word,

And loose my bands and let me go 5 Fain would I go to thee, my God,

Thy mercies and thy wants to tell;
To feel my pardon seal'd in blood;
Saviour, thy love I wait to feel.

HYMN 121. S. M. [309]
AH, when shall I awake

From sin's soft soothing power:
The slumber from my spirit shake,

And rise to fall no more!
Awake, no more to sleep,

But stand with constant care,
Looking for God my soul to keep,

And watching unto prayer!
2 O) could I always pray,

And never, never faint,
But simply to my God display
My every care and want !

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I know that thou wouldst give,

More than I can request :
Thou still art ready to receive

My soul to perfect rest.
3 I feel thee willing, Lord,

A sinful world to save:
All may obey thy gracious word,

May peace and pardon have.
Not one of all the race

But may return to thee;
But at the throne of sovereign grace
May fall and weep, like me.

HYMN 122. S. M. [456]
THOU Lord of all above,

And all below the sky, Prostrate before thy feet I fall,

And for thy mercy cry. 2 Forgive my follies past,

The crimes which I have done : O bid a contrite sinner live,

Through thine incarnate Son. 3 Guilt, like a heavy load,

Upon my conscience lies;
To thee I make my sorrows known,

And lift my weeping eyes 4 The burden which I feel,

Thou only canst remove;
Do thou display thy pardoning grace,
And thine unbounded love.

HYMN 123. C. NI.
COME, O thou all-victorious Lord,

Thy power to us make known; Strike with the hainmer of thy word,

And break these hearts of stone!

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