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Thy judgments to the nations show;
Awake them by the Gospel call;
Light of the world, illumine all!
3 The servile progeny of Ham,

Seize as the purchase of thy blood;
Let all the heathen know thy name:

From idols, to the living God,
The dark Americans convert,
And shine in every Pagan heart!
4 As lightning launch'd from east to west,

The coming of thy kingdom be;
To thee, by angel hosts confest,

Bow every soul and every knee:
Thy glory let all flesh behold!
And then fill up thy heavenly fold.

HYMN 606.75 & 6s. [264]
HEARD ye the mighty rushing ?

As storm-waked sea it came; 'Twas a nation's deep rejoicing

For her proud and spotless name.
Land of my sleeping fathers !
O'er thee no chain is flung ;
Through all thy verdant valleys

The shout of joy is rung.
2 Wide o'er thy rolling rivers,

Thy fair and sunny plains, And up thy woody mountains,

The soul of freedom reigns, Land of my sleeping fathers !

O'er thee no chain is flung ! Through all thy verdant valleys

The shout of joy is rung: 3 And is there then no shadow

To dim this hallowed mirth? And shall thy name, my country, Be the watchword o'er the earth ?

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Are all the captives loosened ?

The fettered slave set free?
Is his crushed spirit gladdened
On this gay jubilee?

HYMN 607. 7s. [264]
DAUGHTERS of the Pilgrim sires,

Dwellers by their mould’ring graves, Watchers of their altar fires,

Look upon your country's slaves! 2 Look! 'tis woman's streaming eye,

These are woman's fettered hands, That to you so mournfully,

Lift sad glance and iron bands. 3 Scars are on her fettered limbs,

Where the savage scourge hath been; But the grief her eye that dims,

Flows from deeper wounds within: 4 For the children of her love,

For the brothers of her race, Sisters, like vine branches wove,

In one early dwelling-place 5 For the parent forms that hung

Fondly o'er her infant sleep, And for him to whom she clung

With affection true and deep6 By her sad forsaken hearth,

'Tis for these she wildly grieves ! Now all scattered ò'er the earth, Like the wind-strewn autumn leaves!

HYMN 608. 8s, 7s, & 4s. [265] HARK! I hear the voice of anguish,

In my own, my native land! Brethren, doom'd in chains to languish,

Lift to heaven the fetter'd hand,

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And, despairing,
Death to end their grief, demand.
2 Let us raise our supplication

For the scourg'd and suff'ring slave,
All whose life is desolation,
All whose hope is in the grave:

God of mercy,
From thy throne, ő hear and save!
3 Those in bonds we would remember,

Lord ! our hands with theirs are bound;
With each helpless, suffering member,
Let our sympathies be found,

Till our labors
Spread the smile of freedom round.
4 Even now the word is spoken;

Tyrants' cruel power must cease
From the slave the chain be broken;
Captives hail the kind release:

Then in splendor,
Christ shall reign, the prince of peace.

HYMN 609.75 & 6s. [266]
THINK of our country's glory,

All dimm'd with Afric's tearsHer broad flag stain'd and gory,

With hoarded guilt of years. 2 Think of the frantic mother,

Lamenting for her child, Till falling lashes smother

Her cries of anguish wild !. 3 Think of the prayers ascending,

Yet, shrieked, alas! in vain, When heart from heart is rerding,

Ne'er to be join'd again! 4 Shall we behold, unheeding,

Life's holiest feelings crush'd ?

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When woman's heart is bleeding,

Shall woman's voice be hush'd ? 5 0, no! by every blessing,

That Heaven to-thee may lend-
Remember their oppression,
Forget not, sister, friend.

HYMN 610. L. M. [267]
WHEN injured Afric's captives' claim,

Loads the sad gale with startling moan, The frown of deep indignant blame,

Bend not on Southern climes alone. 2 Her toil, and chain, and scalding tear,

Our daily board with luxuries deck And to dark slavery's yoke severe,

Our fathers helped to bow her neck. 3 But if with Pilate's stoic eye,

We calmly wash when blood is spilt, Or deem a cold unpitying sigh

Absolves us from the stain of guilt,4 Or if, like Jacob's recreant train,

Who traffick'd in a brother's wo, We hear the suppliant plead in vain,

Or mock his tears that wildly flow,5 Will not the judgment of the skies,

Which threw a shield round Joseph sold,
Be rous'd by fetter'd Afric's cries,
And change to dross th’ oppressor's gold!

HYMN 611. C. M. (434)

Prayer for our Country.
LORD, while for all mankind we pray,

Of: every clime and coast,
O, hear us for our native land,-

The land we love the most.

2 0, guard our shores from every foe,,

With peace our borders bless,
With prosperous times our cities crown,

Our fields with plenteousness. 3 Unite us in the sacred love

of knowledge, truth and thee: And let our hills and valleys shout,

The songs of liberty.
4 Lord of the nations, thus to thee

Our country we commend;
Be thou her refuge and her trust,
Her everlasting friend.

HYMN 612. C. M. [348]
WHEN the great Judge, supreme and just,

Shall once inquire for blood,
The humble souls, who mourn in dust,

Shall find a faithful God.
2 He from the dreadful gates of death

Does his own children raise;
In Zion's gates, with cheerful breath,

They sing their Father's praise.
3 By thy just judgments, mighty God,

Are thy deep counsels known; When men of mischief are destroy'd,

The snare must be their own. 4 Rise, great Redeemer, from thy seat,

To judge and save the poor;
Let nations tremble at thy feet,
And man prevail no more:

HYMN 613. L. M.
I SAW him kneel in calm despair,

And lift his fettered hands to Heaven;
No hope was blended in his prayer

That slavery's chains would e'er be riven.

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