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HYMN 569. L. M.
WELCOME, sweet morn, we hail with joy,
Thy holy light, thy blest employ;
And come a little favored band,
One sacred hour with Christ to spend.
2 Our infant hearts would humbly pray
That he will bless our school to-day;
To him our joyful notes of praise,
With one united voice we raise.
3 An offering to our heavenly King
Of Glad hosannas now we bring;
And hope at last in his embrace,
Secure from sin, to find a place.

HYMN 570. C. M.
DEATH has been here, and borne away

A brother from our side,
Just in the morning of his day,

As young as we, he died.
2 Not long ago, he filled his place,

And sat with us to learn :
But he has run his mortal race,

And never can return.
3 Perhaps our time may be as short,

Our days may fly as fast;
O Lord, impress the solemn thought,

That this may be our last !
4 All needful strength is thine to give;

To thee our souls apply,
For grace to teach us how to live,
And make us fit to die.

HYMN 571. L. M.
DEAR partner of our hopes and fears,

And wilt thou here no longer dwell,

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To share our toils, and joys, and tears?

And must we bid a sad farewell ? 2 Yes, thou must fill thy future lot,

Far from thy fond and cherished friends; But not to be by us forgot

While life its beating pulses spend. 3 We'll think of thee amid the scene

Of each returning Sabbath day; And nowhere else with grief so keen,

Will mourn that thou art far away. 4 We'll think of thee whene'er we meet,

Our weekly lessons to prepare ; Nor deem our social band complete,

Whilst thou, dear friend, art wanting there. 5 We'll think of thee around the board

That speaks a dying Saviour's love; And trust our joy will be restored

In endless fellowship above. 6 Lord, let thy care his footsteps guard,

Thy choicest blessings fill his heart;
And crown him with thy rich reward,
Where Christian friends no more shall part.

HYMN 572. L. M.
ASSEMBLED in our school once more,
O Lord, thy blessing we implore;
We meet to read, to sing, and pray,
Be with us, then, through this thy day.
2 Our fervent prayer to thee ascends,
For parents, teachers, foes and friends;
And when we in thy house appear,
Help us to worship in thy fear.
3 When we on earth shall meet no more,
May we above to glory soar;
And praise thee in more lofty strains,
Where one eternal Sabbath reigns.

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4 With flowing tears and thankful hearts

We give them up to thee;
Receive them, Lord, into thine arms;
Thine may they ever be.

HYMN 576. C. M. (445)
HOW swift, alas! the moments fly!

How rush the years along!
Scarce here, yet gone already by

The burden of a song.
2 See childhood, youth, and manhood, pass,

And age, with furrowed brow;
Time was—time shall be—but, alas!

Where, where in time is now.?
3 Time is the measure but of change;

No present hour is found ;
The past, the future, fill the range

Of time's unceasing round.
4 Then, pilgrim, let thy joys and fears,

On time no longer lean:
But henceforth all thy hopes and fears,
From earth's affections wean.

HYMN 577. L. M. [376]
CHILDREN in years and knowledge young,

Your parents' hope, your parents' joy, Attend the counsels of my tongue :

Let pious thoughts your minds employ. 2 If you desire a length of days,

And peace to crown your mortal state, Restrain your feet from sinful ways,

Your lips from slander and deceit. 3 To humble souls and broken hearts,

God with his grace is ever nigh; Pardon and hope his love imparts,

When men in deep contrition lié.




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HYMN 578. L. M.
I MUST not sin as many do,
a Lest I lie down in sorrow too,

For God is angry every day,
With wicked ones who go astray.
2 From sinful words I must refrain;
I must not take God's name in vain;
I must not work, I must not play
Upon God's holy Sabbath day.
3 And if my parents speak the word,
I must obey them in the Lord :
Nor steal, nor lie, nor waste my days
In idle tales and foolish plays.

HYMN 579. C. M.
I LOVE to see the glowing sun

Light up the deep blue sky,
Along the pleasant fields to run,

And hear the brook flow by.
2 How fresh and green the trees appear;

What blooming flowers I find!
"O, surely God has sent them here,

To tell us he is kind,
3 The beasts that on the herbage feed

Thank him in different ways;
And little birds upon the boughs

Sing sweetly to his praise.
4 Shall I alone forget to thank

The God who made us all;
O no, I'll humbly kneel to him,

And on my Maker call.
5 Though I am but a little child,

Yet I to God belong;
His works declare him good and mild,

And he will hear my song,

NAV fears and knowledge young,
Is jope, your parents' joy,

de camels of my tongue.
laluan dauzults your minds employ.
21ffnu and days, staalt
And aneb down your mortal state,
1bbms and broken hearts, do

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HYMN 573. H. M. carts
WHEN little Samuel woke,

And heard his Maker's voice, ns;
At every word he spoke,
How much did he rejoice;

O blessed, happy child, to fin ents fly!
The God of heaven so near
2 If God would speak to ready by-

And say he was my fri How happy I should be , and manhood, pass, O, how would I atte

wed brow; The smallest sin I the If God Almighty wer ime is now.?

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Tells us that
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