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2 But time rolls on, and year by year

We change, grow up, or pass away;
Not twice the same assembly here

Have hailed the children's festal day. 3 Death, ere another spring, may strike

Some in our union, marked to fall;
Be young and old prepared alike

The warning is to each, to all.
4 This sole occasion, then, is ours;

This day we ne'er again shall see;
Lord God, awaken all our powers
To spend it for eternity.

HYMN 561. C. M. [250]
O WISDOM, whose unfailing power

Beside th' Eternal stood,
To frame, in nature's earliest hour,

The land, the sky, the flood;
2 Yet didst not Thou disdain awhile

An infant form to wear;
To bless thy mother with a sinile,

And lisp thy faltered prayer.
3 But in thy Father's own abode,

With Israel's elders round,
Conversing high with Israel's God,

Thy chiefest joy was found.
4 So may our youth adore thy name;

And, Saviour deign to bless,
With fostering grace, the timid flame
Of early holiness.

HYMN 562. C. M. [251]
BY cool Siloam's shady rill,

How fair the lily grows!
How sweet the breath beneath the hill

Of Sharon's dewy rose.

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2 Lo! such the child whose early feet

The paths of peace have trod;
Wome secret heart, with influence sweet,

Is upward drawn to God.
3 Brcool Siloam's shady rill

Tae ily must decas;
The rise that blooms beneath the hill

Must shortly fade away.
4. And soon, too soon, the wintry hour

Oi man's maturer age,
Wm shake the soul with sorrow's power,
And stormy passion's rage.

HYMN 563. is. [128]
GOD of mercy hear our prayer

For the children thou hast given;
Let them all thị blessings share-

Grace on earth and bliss in heaven.
2 In the morning of their days

ar their hearts be drawn to thee; Let them learn to lisp thy praise

In their earliest infancy. 3 When we see their passions rise,

Sinful habits unsubdued, Then to thee we lift our eyes,

That their hearts may be renewed. 4 Cleanse their souls from erery stain,

Thro' the Saviour's precious blood; Let them all be born again,

And be reconciled to God. 5 For this mercy, Lord, we cry;

Bend thine ever gracious ear; While on thee our souls rely,

Hear our prarer-in mercy hear.

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HYMN 664. L. M.
WE are but young-yet we may sing
The praises of our heavenly King ;
He made the earth, the sea, the sky,
And all the starry worlds on high.
2 We are but young—yet we have heard
The gospel news, the heavenly word:
If we despise the only way,
Dreadful will be the judgment day,
3 We are but young—yet we must die,
Perhaps our latter end is nigh;
Lord, may we early seek thy grace,
And find in Christ a hiding-place.
1 We are but young-we need a guide;
Jesus, in thee we would confide;
O lead us in the path of truth,
Protect and bless our helpless youth.
5 We are but young—yet God has shed
Unnumbered blessings on our head;
Then let our youth and riper days
Be all devoted to his praise.

HYMN 565. 78.
SOON will set the Sabbath sun,
Soon the sacred day be gone;
But a sweeter rest remains,
Where the glorious Saviour reigns.
2 Pleasant is the Sabbath bell,
Seeming much of joy to tell ;
Kind our teachers are to-day,
In the school we love to stay.
3 But a music sweeter far,
Breathes, where angel-spirits are ;
Iligher far than earthly strains,
Where the rest of God remains.

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4 Shall we ever rise to dwell
Where immortal praises swell ?
And can children ever go
Where eternal Sabbaths glow?
5 Yes that rest our own may be
All the good shall Jesus see;
For the good a rest remains,
Where the glorious Saviour reigns.

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HYMN 566. 7s.

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HOLY Bible! book divine;
Precious treasure ! thou art mine!
Mine, to tell me whence I came;
Mine, to teach me what I am.
2 Mine, to chide me when I rove;
Mine, to show a Saviour's love;
Mine art thou to guide my feet,
Mine, to judge, condemn, acquit.
3 Mine, to comfort in distress,
If the holy spirit bless;
Mine, to show by living faith
Man can triumph over death.
4 Mine, to tell of joys to come,
And the rebel sinner's doom!
O thou precious book divine !
Precious treasure ! thou art mine!

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HYMN 567. L. M.

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THE clock has struck, I cannot stay,
0. let me rise and haste away ;
I'll quit my bed, and leave my home,
The hour of school at length is come.
2 I would be there when prayer begins,
To seek the pardon of my sins;

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357 I'd ask the favour of the Lord, And pray to understand his word. 3 0 shall my teachers wait in vain, While my neglect must give them pain? No, let me rather strive to be First of their little family. 4 These Sabbath days will soon bè o'er, And I shall go to school no more; I would not then endure the pain Of having spent my time in vain.

HYMN 568. 78 & 6s. TO thee, ( blessed Saviour,

Our grateful songs we raise; O tune our hearts and voices,

Thy holy name to praise ; 'Tis by thy sovereign mercy

We're here allow'd to meet;
To join with friends and teachers,

Thy blessing to entreat.
2 Lord, guide and bless our teachers,

Who labor for our good;
And may the holy scriptures

By us be understood
O may our hearts be given

To thee our glorious King;
That we may meet in heaven,

Thy praises there to sing. 3 And may the precious gospel

Be published all abroad, Till the benighted heathen,

Shall know and serve the Lord : Till o'er the wide creation

The rays of truth shall shine, And nations now in darkness,

Arise to light divine.

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