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6 O never let me blush to own

Ma the
The glorious Gospel-word;

Cin the
Which saves a world through faith alone,
Faith in a dying Lord !

HYMN 502. L. M. [426]
A Pastor welcomed.

t) WE bid thee welcome in the name

al Of Jesus, our exalted Head;

| | []) Come as a servant: so he came;

And we receive thee in his stead. 2 Come as a shepherd; guard and keep

This fold from Satan and from sin: Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep;

The wounded heal, the lost bring in. 3 Come as a watchman: take thy stand

Upon thy tower on Zion's height; And when the sword comes on the land,

Warn us to fly, or teach to fight. 4 Come as an angel, hence to guide

A band of pilgrims on their way; That, safely walking at thy side,

We never fail, nor faint, nor stray. 5 Come as a teacher sent from God,

Charged his whole counsel to declare; Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,

While we uphold thy hands with prayer. 6 Come as a messenger of peace,

Filled with the Spirit, fired with love;
Live to behold our large increase,
And die to meet us all above.

HYMN 503. L. M. [303]
GOD, the offended God, Most High,

Ambassadors to rebels sends ; His messengers his place supply,

And Jesus begs us to be friends.

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2 Us in the stead of Christ, they pray,

Us, in the stead of God entreat,
To cast our arms, our sins away,

And find forgiveness at his feet.
3 Our God in Christ! thine embassy,

And proffer'd mercy, we embrace;
And gladly reconciled to thee,

Thy condescending mercy praise.
4 Poor debtors, by our Lord's request,

A full acquittance we receive!
And criminals, with pardon blest,
We, at our Judge's instance, live!

HYMN 504. 11. M.
PRAISE to the Lord on high,

Who spreads his triumphs wide!
While Jesus' fragrant name

Is breathed on every side:
Balmy and rich the odours rise,
And fill the earth and reach the skies.
2 Ten thousand dying souls,

Its influence feel--and live;
Sweeter than vital air

The incense they receive :
They breathe anew, and rise and sing
Jesus the Lord, their conquering King.
3 But sinners scorn the grace,

That brings salvation nigh:
They turn away their face,

And faint, and fall, and die.
So sad a doom, ye saints, deplore,
For O! they fall to rise no more.
4 Yet wise and mighty God,

Shall all thy servants be,
In those who live or die,

A savour sweet to thee;

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Supremely bright thy grace shall shine,
Guarded with flames of wrath divine.
HYMN 505. L. P. M. [307]

within COMFORT, ye ministers of grace,

Comfort my people saith your God!
Ye soon sliall see his siniling face,

His golden sceptre, not his rod;
And own, when now the cloud's removed,
He only chastened whom he loved.
2 Who sow in tears, in joy shall reap;

The Lord shall comfort all that mourn:
Who now go on their way and weep,

With joy they doubtless shall return;
And bring their sheaves with vast increase,
And have their fruit to holiness.

HYMN 506. L. M. [261]
JESUS, thy wand'ring sheep behold!

See, Lord, with yearning bowels see,
Poor souls that cannot find the fold,

Till sought and gather'd in by thee.
2 Lost are they now and scatter'd wide,

In pain, and weariness, and want;
With no kind shepherd near, to guide

The sick, and spiritless and faint.
3 Thou, only thou, the kind and good,

And sheep-redeeming Shepherd art;
Collect thy flock, and give them food

And pastors after thine own heart.
4 Give the pure word of general grace,

And great shall be the preacher's crowd;
Preachers who all the sinful race
Point to the all-atoning blood.

HYMN 507. L. M.
FATHER, if justly still we claim

To us and ours the pronuşe made,

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To us be graciously the same,

And crown with living fire our head ! 2 Our claim admit, and from above

Of holiness the Spirit shower; Of wise discernment, humble love,

And zeal, and unity, and power! 3 The Spirit of convincing speech,

Of power demonstrative, impart; Such as may every conscience reach,

And sound the unbelieving heart. 4 The Spirit of refining fire,

Searching the inmost of the mind,
To purge all fierce and foul desire,
And kindle life more pure and kind :

HYMN 508. C. M.
JESUS, the word of mercy give,

And let it swiftly run;
And let the priests themselves believe,

And put salvation on !
2 Clothed with the Spirit of holiness,

May all thy people prove The plenitude of gospel grace,

The joy of perfect love! 3 Jesus, let all thy lovers shine,

Illustrious as the sun! And, bright with borrowed rays divine,

Their glorious circuit run. 4 Beyond the reach of mortals, spread

Their light where'er they go; And heavenly influences shed,

On all the world below!
5 As giants may they run their race,

Exulting in their miglit;
As burning luminaries chase,

The gloom of hellish night!

6 As the bright Sun of Righteousness,

Their healing wings display;
And let the lustre still increase,

Unto the perfect day.

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HYMN 509. C. M. [223]
ONCE more we come before our God.

Once more his blessings ask:
O, may not duty seem a load!

Nor worship prove a task.
2 Father, thy quick’ning Spirit send

From heaven, in Jesus' name,
To make our waiting minds attend,

And put our souls in frame.
3 May we receive the word we hear,

Each in an honest heart;
And keep the precious treasure there,

And never with it part.
4 To seek thee all our hearts dispose,

To each thy blessings suit,
And let the seed thy servant sows,
Produce abundant fruit.

HYMN 510. L. M. [223]
GLORY to God, whose sovereign grace

Hath animated senseless stones;
Call'd us to stand before his face,

And rais'd us into Abraham's sons.
2 The people that in darkness lay,

In sin and error's deadly shade,

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