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And seen bim heave, and heard him groan,

And felt his gushing blood. 2 Oh, God! 'tis finish'd now!

The mortal pang is past!
By faith his head we see him bow,

And hear him breathe his last:
We too with him are dead,

And shall with him arise:
The cross on which he bows his head,
Shall lift us to the skies.

HYMN 450. C. M. [128]
JESUS, at whose supreme command,

We now approach to God, Before us in thy vesture stand,

Thy vesture dipt in blood. Obedient to thy gracious word,

We break the hallow'd bread; Commem'rate thee, our dying Lord,

And trust on thee to feed.
2 The living bread sent down from heaven,

In us vouchsafe to be;
Thy flesh for all the world is given,

And all may live by thee;
Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,

And let us drink thy blood;
Till all our souls are fill'd below,
With all the life of God.

HYMN 451. S. M. 128] JESUS, we thus obey

Thy last and kindest word; Here in thine own appointed way,

We come to meet our Lord. 2 The way thou hast enjoin'd

Thou wilt therein appear;
We come with confidence, to find

Thy special presence here.

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3 Whate'er th’ Almighty can

To pardon'd sinners give,
The fullness of our God-made man,
We here with Christ receive.

HYMN 452. C. M. [129]
THAT doleful night before his death,

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Did almost with his dying breath,

This solemn feast ordain.
2 To keep the feast, Lord, we have met,

And to remember thee:
Help each poor trembler to repeat,

“For me, he died for me!" 3 These sacred signs, thy suff'rings, Lord,

To our remembrance bring :
We eat and drink around thy board,

But think on nobler things.
4 O, tune our tongues, and set in frame

Each heart that pants for thee;
To sing, “ Hosannah to the Lamb,"
The Lamb that died for me!

HYMN 453. L. M. [129]
YE wretched, hungry, starving poor,

Behold a royal feast!
Where mercy spreads her bounteous store,

For every humble guest. 2 See, Jesus stands with open arms;

He calls, he bids you come: 0, stay not back, though fear alarms!

For yet there still is room.
30, come, and with his ehildren taste

The blessings of his love;
While hope attends the sweet repast,
Of nobler joys above!

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4 There with united heart and voice,

Before the eternal throne,
Ten thousand, thousand souls rejoice,

In ecstacies unknown.
5 And yet ten thousand thousand more

Are welcome still to come:
Ye happy souls, the grace adore;
Approach, there yet is room.

HYMN 454. C. M. [130]
THE King of heaven his table spreads,

And blessings crown the board; Not paradise, with all its joys,

Could such delight afford.
2 Pardon and peace to dying men,

And endless life are given;
Through the rich blood that Jesus shed

To raise our souls to heaven.
3 Millions of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here:
And millions more still on the way,

Around the board appear.
4 All things are ready, come away,

Nor weak excuses frame; Crowd to your places at the feast, And bless the Founder's name.

HYMN 455. S. M. (131) GLORY to God on high,

Our peace is made with Heaven; The son of God came down to die,

That we might be forgiven. 2 His precious blood was shed,

His body bruised for sin: Remember this in eating bread,

And this in drinking wine.

3 Approach his royal board,

In his rich garments clad;
Join every tongue to praise the Lord,

And every heart be glad,
4 The Father gives the Son;

The Son his flesh and blood :
The Spir't applies, and faith puts on

The righteousness of God.

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HYMN 456. C. M. [131]
COME, let us use the grace divine,

And all with one accord,
In a perpetual covenant join

Ourselves to Christ the Lord.
2 Give up ourselves through Jesus' power,

His name to glorify;
And promise in this sacred hour,

For God to live and die.
3 The covenant we this moment make

Be ever kept in mind;
We will no more our God forsake,

Or cast his words behind.
4 We never will throw off his fear,

Who hears our solemn vow;
And if thou art well pleased to hear,

Come down and meet us now!
5 Thee, Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

Let all our hearts receive;
Present with the celestial host,

The peaceful answer give.

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6 To each the covenant blood apply,

Which takes our sins away; And register our names on high, And keep us to that day.

HYMN 457. C. P. M. [132]
EXCEPT the Lord conduct the plan,
The best concerted schemes are vain;

And never can succeed;
We spend our wretched strength for nought;
But if our works in thee be wrought,

They shall be blest indeed.
2 Lord, if thou didst thyself inspire
Our souls with this intense desire,

Thy goodness to proclaim; Thy glory if we now intend, 0, let our deeds begin and end,

Complete in Jesus' name!
3 In Jesus name behold we meet,
Far from an evil world retreat,

And all its frantic ways:
Only one thing resolv'd to know,
And square our useful lives below,

By reason and by grace.
4 Now, Jesus, now thy love impart,
To govern each devoted heart,

And fit us for thy will!
Deep founded in the truth of grace,
Build up thy rising Church, and place

The city on the hill.
5 O let our love and faith abound !
O let our lives to all around

With purest lustre shine:
That all around our works may see,
And give the glory, Lord, to thee,

The heavenly light divine.

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