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4 To the blest fountain of thy blood,

Incarnate God, I fly;
Here let me wash my spotted soul

From crimes of deepest dye.
5 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,

Into thy arms I fall;
Be thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus and my all.

HYMN 38. L. M. [27]
LORD, I despair myself to heal;
I see my sin, but cannot feel ;
I cannot, till thy Spirit blow,
And bid the obedient waters flow.
2 'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give;
Thy gifts I only can receive;
Here, then, to thee I all resign,
To draw, redeem, and seal--are thine.
3 With simple faith on thee I call;
My light, my life, my Lord, my all :
I wait the moving of the pool ;
I wait the word that speaks me whole.
4 Speak, gracious Lord, my sickness cure;
Make my infected nature pure:
Peace, righteousness, and joy impart,
And pour thyself into my heart!

HYMN 39. C. M. [348] HELP, Lord ! for men of virtue fail;

Religion loses ground; The sons of violence prevail,

And treacheries abound. 2 Their oaths and promises they break,

Yet act the flatt'rer's part;

With fair, deceitful lips they speak,

And with a double heart.
3 Scoffers appear on every side,

Where a vile race of men
Are rais'd to seats of pow'r and pride,

And bear the sword in vain.
4 Lord, when iniquities abound,

And blasphemy grows bold; When faith is hardly to be found,

And love is waxing cold; 5 Is not thy chariot hastning on?

Hast thou not giv'n the sign? May we not trust and live upon

A promise so divine?


HYMN- 40. C. M. [27] ALAS! and did my Saviour bleed?

And did my Sovereign die? Would he devote that sacred head

For such a worm as I? 2 Was it for crimes that I have done,

He groan'd upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown!

And love beyond degree ! 3 Well might the sun in darkness hide,

And shut his glories in ;

When Christ, the mighty Maker died,

For man the creature's sin !

4 Thus might I hide my blushing face,

When his dear cross appears; Dissolve my heart in thankfulness,

And melt mine eyes to tears.
5 But drops of grief can ne'er repay,

The debt of love I owe:
Here, Lord, I give myself away,

Tis all that I can do.

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HYMN 41. L. M.

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EXTENDED on a cursed tree,

Besmear'd with dust, and sweat, and blood, See there, the King of glory see!

Sinks, and expires, the Son of God! 2 Who, who, my Saviour, this hath done?

Who could thy sacred body wound ? No guilt thy spotless heart hath known

No guile hath in thy lips been found. 3 1,4I alone have done the deed!

'Tis I thy sacred flesh have torn; My sins have caus'd thee, Lord, to bleed,

Pointed the nail, and fix'd the thorn. 4 The burden for me to sustain

Too great, on thee, my Lord, was laid ; To heal me, thou hast borne my pain;

To bless me thou a curse wast made. 5 In the devouring lion's teeth,

Torn, and forsook of all, I lay; Thou sprang'st into the jaws of death,

From death to save the helpless prey.

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HYMN 42. L. M.
MY Saviour, how shall I proclaim,

How pay the mighty debt I owe?
Let all I have, and all I am,

Ceaseless to all thy glory show.
2 Too much to thee I cannot give;

Too much I cannot do for thee:
Let all thy love, and all thy grief,

Grav'n on my heart for ever be!
3 The meek, the still, the lowly mind,

0, may I learn from thee, my God;
And love, with softest pity join'd,

For those that trample on thy blood.
4 Still let thy tears, thy groans, thy sighs,

O'erflow my eyes, and heave my breast:
Till loose from flesh and earth I rise,
And ever in thy bosom rest.

HYMN 43. L. M. [29]
YE that pass by, behold the Man!

The Man of griefs, condemn'd for you!
The Lamb of God for sinners slain,

Weeping to Calvary pursue!
2 See! how his back the scourges tear,

While to the bloody pillar bound!
The ploughers make long furrows there,

Till all his body is one wound.
3 Nor can he thus their hate assuage;

His innocence to death pursu'd,
Must fully glut their utmost rage;

Hark! how they clamor for his blood!

4 His sacred limbs they stretch, they tear,

With nails they fasten to the wood ! His sacred limbs, expos’d and bare,

Or only cover'd with his blood. 5 See, there! his temples crown'd with thorns,

His bleeding hands extended wide; His streaming feet transfixt and torn!

The fountain gushing from his side!

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HYMN 44. C. M. [30]
FROM whence these direful omens round

Which heav'n and earth amaze?
And why do earthquakes cleave the ground ?

Why hides the sun his rays?
2 Well may the earth astonish'd shake,

And nature sympathise;
The sun, as darkest night be black ;

Their Maker, JESUS, dies !
3 Behold, fast streaming from the tree,

His all-atoning blood!
Is this the INFINITE ?—'Tis he,

My Saviour and my God.
4 For me, these pangs his soul assail,

For me, this death is borne;
My sins gave sharpness to the nail,

And pointed ev'ry thorn.
5 Let sin no more my soul enslave;

Break, Lord, its tyrant chain ;
O, save me, whom thou cam'st to save,

Nor bleed nor die in vain.

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HYMN 45. C. M. [30] BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind

Nail'd to the shameful tree!

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