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HYMN 30. 75. [24]
FATHER, live, by all things fear'd;
Live the Son, alike revered;
Equally be thou ador'd,
Holy Ghost, eternal Lord.
2 Three in person, one in power,
Thee we worship evermore;
Praise by all to thee be given,
Endless theme of earth and heaven.

HYMN 31. H. M. [343]
I GIVE immortal praise

To God the Father's love, For all my comforts here, ,

And better hopes above: He sent his own eternal Son,

To die for sins that man had done. 2 To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too,
Who bought us with his blood

From everlasting wo:
And now he lives, and now he reigns,
And sees the fruit of all his pains.
3 To God the Spirit's name

Immortal worship give,
Whose new-creating power

Makes the dead sinner live;
His work completes the great design,
And fills the soul with joy divine.
4 Almighty God, to thee

Be endless honors done;
The undivided Three,

And the Mysterious One:
Where reason fails with all her powers
There faith prevails, and love adores.



HYMN 32. C. M.
HAIL, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost !

One God in persons three;
Of thee we make our joyful boast,

And homage pay to thee.
2 Present alike in every place,

Thy Godhead we adore :
Beyond the bounds of time and space

Thou dwell'st for ever more.
3 In wisdom infinite thou art,

Thine eye doth all things see;
And every thought of every heart,

Is fully known to thee.
4 Whate'er thou wilt in earth below

Thou dost in heaven above :
But chiefly we rejoice to know

Th’ almighty God of Love.
5 Thou lov'st whate'er thy hands have made;

Thy goodness we rehearse,
In shining characters display'd

Throughout our universe.
6 Mercy with love, and endless grace,

O'er all thy works doth reign;
But mostly thou delight'st to bless

Thy favorite creature Man.

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HYMN 33. C. M. [24]
ON man, in his own image made,

How much did God bestow!
The whole creation homage paid,

And own'd him Lord below.

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2 He dwelt in Eden's garden, stor'd

With sweets for ev'ry sense :
And there with his descending Lord,

He walked in confidence.
3 But oh! by sin how quickly chang'd!

His honor forfeited ;
His heart from God and truth estrang'd,

His conscience filled with dread.
4 Now from his Maker's voice he flies,

Which was before his joy:
And thinks to hide amidst the trees,

From an all-seeing eye,
5 Compelld to answer to his name;

With stubbornness and pride,
He cast on God himself the blame,

Nor once for mercy cried. 6 But grace, unmask'd, his heart subdu'd,

And all his guilt forgave:
By faith the promis'd SEED he view'd

And felt the power to save.

HYMN 34. C. M.
VAIN are the hopes the sons of men

On their own works have built ;
Their hearts by nature all unclean,

And all their actions guilt. 2 Let Jew and Gentile silent bow,

Without a murmuring word; Let all the race of man confess

Their guilt before the Lord. 3 In vain we ask God's righteous law

To justify us now;
Since to convince and to condemn

Is all the law can do.

4 Jesus, how glorious is thy grade!

When in thy name we trust, Our faith receives a righteousness

That makes the sinner just.

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GREAT King of glory and of grace!

We own with humble shame, How vile is our degen’rate race,

And our first father's name.
2 We live estranged, afar from God,

And love the distance well;
With haste we run the dangerous road,

That leads to death and hell.
3 And can such rebels be restored !

Such natures made divine! Let sinners see thy glory, Lord,

And feel this power of thine.
4 We raise our father's name on high,

Who his own Spirit sends,
To bring rebellious strangers nigh,

And turn his foes to friends.

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HYŇN 36. L. M. [25]
LORD, we are vile, conceived in sin,
And born unholy and unclean;
Sprung from the man whose guilty fall,
Corrupts his race, and taints us all.

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2 Soon as we draw our infant breath,
The seeds of sin grow up for death;
The law demands a perfect heart,
But we're defil'd in every part.
3 Great God, create my heart anew,
And form my spirit pure and true;
O, make me wise betimes to see,
My danger and my remedy.
4 Behold, I fall before thy face,
My only refuge is thy grace;
No outward forms can make me clean,
The leprosy lies deep within.
5 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast,
Nor hyssop branch nor sprinkling priest,
Nor running brook, nor flood, nor sea,
Can wash the dismal stain away.
6 Jesus, my lord, thy blood alone
Hath power sufficient to atone;
Thy blood can make me white as snow,
No Jewish types could cleanse me so.

HYMN 37. C. M. [26]
HOW sad our state by nature is!

Our sin how deep it stains !
And Satan binds our captive souls,

Fast in his slavish chains.
2 But there's a voice of sovereign grace

Sounds from the sacred word:
Ho! ye despairing sinners, come,

And trust a faithful Lord.
3 My soul obeys the gracious call,

And runs to this relief;
I would believe thy promise, Lord !

O help my unbelief.

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