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Стр. 92 - Beyond it, blooms the garden that I love. News from the humming city comes to it In sound of funeral or of marriage bells; And, sitting muffled in dark leaves, you hear The windy clanging of the minster clock; Although between it and the garden lies A league of grass, wash'd by a slow broad stream, That, stirr'd with languid pulses of the oar, Waves all its lazy lilies, and creeps on, Barge-laden, to three arches of a bridge Crown'd with the minster-towers.
Стр. 412 - Wilcocks's Sea-Fisherman: comprising the Chief Methods of Hook and Line Fishing in the British and other Seas, a glance at Nets, and remarks on Boats and Boating. Second Edition, enlarged, with 80 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 12s. Rrf. The Fly-Fisher's Entomology. By ALFRED RONALDS. With coloured Representations of the Natural and Artificial Insect.
Стр. 1 - A visitor of the rounds of God's sweet skill. Man's life is warm, glad, sad, 'twixt loves and graves, Boundless in hope, honoured with pangs austere, Heaven-gazing; and his angel-wings he craves: — The fish is swift, small-needing, vague yet clear, A cold, sweet, silver life, wrapped in round waves, Quickened with touches of transporting fear.
Стр. 412 - Th.e Dead Shot, or Sportsman's Complete Guide ; a Treatise on the Use of the Gun, Dog-breaking, Pigeon-shooting, &c. By MARKSMAN.
Стр. 412 - A Book on Angling ; or, Treatise on the Art of Fishing in every branch ; including full Illustrated Lists of Salmon Flies. By FRANCIS FRANCIS. Post Svo.
Стр. 412 - A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE DOG ; being a Manual of Canine •Pathology. Especially adapted for the Use of Veterinary Practitioners and Students. With 88 Illustrations.
Стр. 332 - O glide, fair stream! for ever so, Thy quiet soul on all bestowing, Till all our minds for ever flow As thy deep waters now are flowing.
Стр. 195 - But of this no more, but that it is observed, that the old or very great Pikes have in them more of state than goodness; the smaller or middle-sized Pikes, being by the most and choicest palates observed to be the best meat; and contrary, the Eel is observed to be the better for age and bigness.
Стр. 253 - ... spines, which on these occasions are projected. I have witnessed a battle of this sort which lasted several minutes before either would give way ; and when one does submit, imagination can hardly conceive the vindictive fury of the conqueror ; who, in the most persevering and unrelenting way, chases his rival from one part of the tub to another, until fairly exhausted with fatigue.
Стр. 196 - Rusticum,' exactly reverses the dictum : Lo ! the rich pike, to entertain your guest, Smokes on the board, and decks a royal feast. . . . An assertion which is perfectly in consonance with the facts of the case as it pointedly figures in the Cartes de diner of most of the grand and royal banquets of former times— as, for instance, the feast at the enthronisation of George Nevil, Archbishop of York, in 1466 ; the feast given to Richard II. by the celebrated William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester...

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