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Heaven on Earth.

THIS world's not "all a fleeting show,
For man's illusion given;"

He that hath soothed a widow's wo,
Or wiped an orphan's tear, doth know
There's something here of heaven.
2 And he that walks life's thorny way,
With feelings calm and even;
Whose path is lit from day to day
By virtue's bright and steady ray;
Hath something felt of heaven.

He, that the Christian's course has run,
And all his foes forgiven;

Who measures out life's little span,

In love to God, and love to man,

On earth has tasted heaven.


[blocks in formation]

1 CHARITY, in all her ways,
Is the subject of these lays;
Let the Saints their voices raise,
In one gen'ral burst of praise.


Give, O Lord, thine aid benign;
Give the sweetly flowing line;
Give the language to define
Charity, or Love Divine.

2 When the Lord his mercy shows;
When Religion brightly glows;
When the Soul with Love o'erflows;
CHARITY those gifts bestows.

3 CHARITY doth nothing ill;
Injur'd much, she beareth still;
Boasteth not her strength or skill;
But performs her Master's will.
4 Faith and Hope, the Scriptures say,
More than prophecies shall sway;
But should all these pass away,
CHARITY shall ne'er decay.





A charge to keep 513 And now our souls
A fulness resides in 522 And shall we sit
A fountain in Jesus 490 And will the God
A voice from the 202 And will the Lord 225
Above these heaven 41 And will the Judge 423
Absurd and vain
According to thy
Afflicted saints, to
Afflictions, though
Again, indulgent
Again our earthly
Again our ears hav
Again the Lord of
Ah wretched souls,
Alas! and did our

316 Another six days 378 53 Appointed by thee 532 514 Are sinners now so 18 543 Are we soldiers of 306 313 Arise! arise! with 401 386 Arise, our gracious 20 393 Arise, our souls, on 410 214 Arise! O King of 134 349 As fades the landsc 441 219 As some tall rock 313 All glory to the Lor 172 As Shepherds in Je 521 All praise to our re 481 As the chased hart, 45

All-powerful self

All hail the great

163 As the sun's enlivn 469 241 Assembled at thy 403

All nature dies, and 421 Assist our souls, O 310

All-seeing God

323 Assist us, Lord, thy 317

All ye nations, prai 110 At thy command,

All ye that love

All ye who serve


154 Attend our souls, 327 27 Attend, O earth, wh 8

All yesterday is gon 263 Attend while God's 505

Almighty Father,

183 Attend ye saints,



Almighty Father of 414 Attend ye children 368
Almighty God thy 176 Author of good
Almighty God, with 281 Awake and sing the 220
Almighty God, in 291 Awake my soul ! 354
Almighty God, thy 393 Awake, our drowsy 355
Along the banks 140 Awake, our souls, 103
Aloud we sing the 339 Awake, our souls, 22
Aloud we sing 340 Awake, our souls, 3
Amazing grace! ho 513 Awake, our souls,
Amid thy wrath, 42 Awake, our souls, 4.1
Amid'st unsatisfied 9 Awake, our tongues 16
And art thou with 180 Awake, ye saints, to 13
And can our hearts 351 Awake, ye saints, 42
And is the Gospel 234 Away our doubts, 45
And let our feeble 419
And now another

381 Be still our hearts 31


56, Blow ye the trump 257
291 Bread of heaven! 373
93 Breathe Holy Spirit 271
383 Brethren, we have 514
Begin, my soul, th' 153 Brethren, while we 532
Begone, unbelief, 495 Bright source of 188
Behold, how good a 480 Broad is the road 252
Behold his wondro 137 Buried beneath the 366
Behold my servant 205 By cool Siloam's 453
Behold the blind 208 By whorn was Davi 494
Behold the glories 240

Behold the lofty sky 24 Can creatures to pe 173
Behold the love, the 212 Can sinners hope 253
Behold the morning 25 Cast thy burden up 506
Behold the Prince 239 Celestial worlds
Behold the sure fo 112 Centre of our hope 510
Behold the Saviour 212 Charity in all her 552
Behold! the grace 204 Children of the hea 333
Behold thy waiting 118 Christ and his cross 226
Behold! what won 300 Christ is set on Zio 536
Behold where in a 232 Christ, the Lord, is 215
Beneath our feet 443 Clay to clay, and 440
Beset with snares 292 Cleanse us, O Lord 53
Bestow O Lord, 461 Come, all ye servan 55
Bless, O Lord, the 453 Come all ye saints 220
Bless, O our souls, 97 Come, all ye sons of 544
Bless'd is the man 309 Come, brethren, let 502
Bless'd Jesus, sourc 268 Come, dearest Lord 379
Blest are the souls, 79 Come, dearest Lord 392
Blest are the undefi 114 Come, gracious Spi 269
Blest are the sons 136 Come, Holy Spirit, 270
Blest are the meek 342 Come, Holy Spirit, 268
Blest be our everlas 295 Come hither, all
Blest be the Lord
Blest be the Lord
Blest be the everlas
Blest be the tie bin
Blest be the man
Blest day! when
Blest is the man,
Blest is the man
Blest is the tie that
Blest is the dear,
Blest is the man

34 Come, humble soul 333
63 Come, let our voice 88
331 Come let us anew 453
339 Come, let us join 221
463 Come, let us lift 242
265 Come, let us search 337
7 Come, let us join 378
44 Come, my christian 479
302 Come, my brethren 516
303 Come, O our souls, 169
328 Come sound his pra 89
Blest Jesus! when 222 Come! said Jesus' 196
Blest work! the yo 461 Come to the house 383

Come, thou fount 491 Father of all! who 283
Come, trembling so 199 Father of all our 287
Corne, weary souls, 259 Father of all! our 421
Come, we that love 336 Father of lights!

Come ye sinners po
Come, ye that kno
Consider all our sor

Daughter of Zion,
Dear Lord, and,
Dear Lord, accept
Dear Saviour, we





485 Father of lights, th 467
168 Father of mercies, 396
119 Father of mercies, 296
Father of mercies, 117
400 Father of Spirits!
225 Father of Spirits,
312 Father, to thee our 269
301 Father, whate'er of 321
Dear Saviour! whe 346 Firm and unmoved 128
Delightful is the tas 151 Firm as the earth 223
Depraved minds on 230 For ever blessed be 146
Dismiss us with th 394 For thee, O God
Drooping souls no 515 Fountain of blessin 322
Fountain of being 464
Early, our God, wit 58 Fountain of life
Ere mountains rear 80 Fountain of mercy 457
Eternal God Almigh 75 Frequent the day of 360
Eternal God enthro 462 From all that dwell 109
Eternal God, thy. 173 From all that's mor 304
Eternal source of 60 From deep distress, 130
Eternal source of li 284 From every stormy 506
Eternal Spirit! we 265 From Greenland's 399
Eternal Wisdom, th 159 From thy dear pier 235
Eternity is just at 427 From the regions of 516
Exalt the Lord our 91 From the table now 375
From whence doth 481


325 Gird on thy sword, 48
51 Gird thy sword on, 401
384 Give to our God



Faith adds new ch
Faith is the bright
Far as thy name is
Far from our thou
Far from mortal ca 389
Far from the world 311
Far from these nar 428
Farewell dear bret 537 Give thanks to God, 132
Farewell, my dear 539 Give us room, that d
Farewell, my frien 542 Give us the wing

Give to the Lord,
Give thanks to God 100
Give thanks to God 102

Father, adored in 283 Glorious things o
Father divine! befo 176 Glory be to G
Father divine, th 210 Glory to God!
Father, grant us all 541 Glory to God
Father! how sweet 277 Glory to thee,
Father of all in 271 Glory to thee,


God in his earthly 75 Great God, we in th 365
God, in the high 161 Great God, we own 416
God, in the Gospel 193 Great God, we sing 455
God is our Saviour 33 Great God, wert tho 13!
God is the refuge 49 Great God, whose 65
God is a Spirit, Jus 163 Great God, whose al 357
God moves in a my 175 Great God, with wo 192
God of eternity fro 406 Great is the Lord, 50
God of my strength 46 Great is the Lord hi 105
God of mercy, God 274 Great is the Lord! 148
God of our fathers 292 Great Lord of earth 178
God of our life 149 Great Ruler of all 179
God of our life, wh 177 Great source of life 107
God of our salvatio 396 Great source of un 178
God of our lives, ou 436 Great source of be 262
God of the mornin 433 Great Shepherd of 70
Go preach my Go 397 Great Shepherd of 386
God reigns; events 185 Great Shepherd of 249
Go to dark Gethsa 233 Great Spirit of imm 340
Grace, like an unco 344 Great was the day 266
Grace 'tis a charmi 195




Gracious Lord incli 528 Had not the Lord, 87
Gracious Spirit Lov 271 Had we the tongue 339
Great Author of all 329 Hail, great Creator 171
Great Former of thi 94 Hail, sacred truth! 187
Great First of being 159 Hail, source of plea 473
Great Father of eac 270 Hail the blest morn 520
Great Father of the 509 Happy is he who 106
Great Framer of un 449 Happy the child wh459
Great God attend, 64 Happy the church 359
Great God attend, 72 Happy the children 106
Great God, at whos 464 Happy the heart,
Great God! before 390 Happy the man,
Great God, how infi 169 Happy the man,
Great God, how vas 186 Happy the men,
Great God! in vain 158 Happy the souls in 385
Great God, is not th 399 Hark! from the cr 253
Great God, let not 388 Hark, hark! the
Great God, our stre 45 Hark! hear the so 280
Great God! our Fa 289 Hark! listen to the 534
Great God of grace 406 Hark, my soul-it 528
Great God, thy pen 162 Hark! the glad sou 204
Great God! thine 170 Hark! that shout 423
Great God, thy bles 200 Hark what celestial 205
Great God, thy qui 335 Hark!-what mean 203
Great God, to thee 439 Hark! whence tha 519



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