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See the consolating tide
Boundless as the ocean;
See the living current move,
For the sick and dying;
Now resolve to feel his love,
Or to perish crying.

3 Grace's store is always free,
Drooping souls to gladden;
Jesus says, come unto me,
Weary, heavy laden;

Though your sins like mountains high,
Rise and reach to heaven,
Soon as you on Christ rely,

All shall be forgiven.

4 Now we think we hear one say,
I will go and prove him;
If he take my guilt away,
Surely I will love him;
Yes, I see my Saviour smile,
Smiling moves my burden.
All is grace, for I am vile,
Yet he seals my pardon.

5 Streaming mercy, how it flows!
Now I know I feel it;

Half has never yet been told,
Still I want to tell it;

Jesus' blood has heal'd my wounds,
O! the wond'rous story,

I was lost, but now am found,
Glory, glory, glory.


P. M.


1 COME, my brethren, let us try, For a little season,

Ev'ry burden to lay by,

Come, and let us reason.
What is this that casts you down?
Who are those that grieve you?
peak and let the worst be known,
Speaking may relieve you.

5s & 6s. ANONYMOUS.
The Birth of Christ.

FROM the regions of love,
Lo! an angel descended,

And told the strange news,

How the babe was attended:

Go shepherds, and visit

This wonderful stranger,

With wonder and joy,

See your Christ in the manger.


Hallelujah to the Lamb,

Through whom we've obtained pardon, We'll praise him again

When we pass over Jordan.

2 Glad tidings I bring

To you and each nation;
Glad tidings of joy,

Now behold your salvation;
When sudden a multitude
Raise their glad voices,
And shout the Redeemer,
While heaven rejoices.

3 Now glory to God

In the highest is given, Now glory to God

Is re-echoed through heaven; Around the whole earth,

Let us tell the glad story;

And sing of his love,

His salvation and glory.

4 Enraptured we rise

With delight and desire,
Such love so divine

Sets the soul all on fire;
Around the bright throne
Hosannas are ringing,
O when shall we join them
And ever be singing!

[blocks in formation]

1 O, HOW charming, O how charming Was the radiant band of music, music, music,


O, how charming was the radiant band
Of music playing through the air!
Angelic arinies tun'd their harps,
Angelic armies tun'd their harps,

Enraptur'd spirits play'd their parts;
Angelic armies tun'd their harps;

Shout! Shout! the great Messiah's come to reign!

2 Gabriel descending, Gabriel descending, Brought the joyful news; O joyful, joyful, joy. ful, joyful,

Brought the joyful news of our Redeemer's birth,

The heavenly host sang "Peace on earth,"
Good will to men they did proclaim,
Good will to men they did proclaim,
The Saviour's born in Bethlehem!
Good will to men they did proclaim,
Shout! Shout! the great Redeemer's come to

3 They saw his star arising, saw his star aris-
In the eastern sky, then rising, rising, rising.
Saw his star arising in the eastern sky,
The day spring opening from on high!
The types and shadows fled away,
The types and shadows fled away;
Through brightness of the gospel day!
The types and shadows fled away,
Shout! Shout! the King of glory was born
that day.

4 Shepherds ador'd him, wise men found him, Glory be to God! O, glory, glory, glory, glory, Wise men found him by the rising star,

And come to worship from afar;

Their golden gifts they did present,
Their golden gifts they did present,
And spices of the sweetest scent;
Their golden gifts they did present,

ut! Shout! the King of glory God has sent!

ws and Gentiles join'd in concert,

raise their infant King, O praise him, praise him, praise him, praise him, and Gentiles prais'd their infant King, loud hosannas sweetly sang! ith Gabriel and the shining throng, ith Gabriel and the shining throng, We'll praise our God "for his dear Son!"

With Gabriel and the shining throng,

Shout! Shout! the King of Glory's come to


6 I am happy, I am happy,

Glory be to God! O, glory, glory, glory, glory, I am happy, glory be to God,

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My soul's on flame for the realms above!

I feel the bliss his wounds impart, I feel the bliss his wounds impart, I find my Saviour in my heart; I feel the bliss his wounds impart: Shout! Shout! the King of glory's come to reign!


P. M.


1 HARK! whence that voice,
Hark! hear the joyful shouting,
See! see what splendour
Spreads its beams around us,
Turning dark midnight
Into noon-tide glory,
As it approaches.

2 With pomp majestic,
See the heavenly vision
Swiftly descending,
While attending angels
Pour acclamations,
And celestial chanting,
Wake our attention.

3 Fear not ye shepherds,

'Tis the Prince of Peace comes, Full of compassion,

Full of love and pity,

Bringing salvation

For the lost of mankind,
For ruin'd nations.

4 Go pay your homage,

To your infant Saviour,
Laid in a manger,
See the Lord of glory,
Meanly attended,

Yet the great Redeemer,
Yon star shall guide you.

5 Give God the glory,

All ye hosts celestial,
Peace dwell on earth,
And man enjoys the favour;
Rais'd from death's dungeon,
Heirs to life eternal,
Through a Mediator.


11s & 10s.


1 HAIL the blest morn, when the great Mediator,

Down from the region of glory descends? Shepherds, go worship the Lord in the manger; Lo! for his guards the bright angels attend.


Brightest and best of the sons of the morning, Shine on our darkness, and lend us your aid; Star in the East the horizon adorning,

Guides where the infant Redeemer was laid. 2 Lo! on his cradle, the dew-drops were shining,

Low lies his head with the beasts of the stall;
Angels adore him in slumbers reclining,
Lord and Redeemer, and Saviour of men.

3 Say, shall we yield him, with costly devotion, Odours of Eden, an offering divine;

Gems from the mountain and pearls from the ocean,

Myrrh from the forest, and gold from the mine.

4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation.
Vainly with gold would his favour secure;
Richer by far is the heart's adoration,
Dearer to God are the prayer's of the poor.

ow at his feet, we in humble prostration,
all our sorrow, and trouble, and strife;
e we receive his divine consolation,
ing afresh from the fountain of life.

is our friend in the midst of temptation,
ful supporter, whose love cannot fail,
of our refuge and hope of salvation,
t to direct us thro' death's gloomy vale.

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