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3 Lord, thy commands are clean and pure,
Enlightening our beclouded eyes;
Thy threatenings just, thy promise sure;
Thy gospel makes the simple wise.

4 Give us thy counsel for our guide,
And then receive us to thy bliss;
All our desires and hopes beside

Are faint and cold, compared with this.



1 IN sleep's serene oblivion laid, We safely passed the silent night: Again we see the breaking shade, We drink again the morning light. 2 New-born, we bless the waking hour; Once more, with awe, rejoice to be; Our conscious souls resume their power, And spring, our guardian God! to thee. 3 O guide us through the various maze

Our doubtful feet are doomed to tread;
And spread thy shield's protecting blaze
Where dangers press around each head.
4 A deeper shade shall soon impend,

A deeper sleep our eyes oppress
Yet then thy strength shall still defend,
Thy goodness still delight to bless.

5 That deeper shade shall break away,
That deeper sleep shall leave our eyes:
Thy light shall give eternal day;

And we immortal then shall rise.



1 LORD of our lives! O may thy praise
Employ our noblest powers,

Whose goodness lengthens out our days,
And fills the circling hours!

Preserved by thine almighty arm,

We pass the shades of night,

Serene, and safe from every harm,
And see returning light.

3 When sleep, death's semblance, o'er us

And we unconscious lay,


Thy watchful care was round each bed,
To guard our feeble clay.

4 O let the same almighty care
Our waking hours attend;
From every danger, every snare,
Our heedless steps defend.

5 Smile on our minutes as they roll,
And guide our future days;
And let thy goodness fill each soul
With gratitude and praise.

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1 NOW the shades of night are gone;
Now the morning light is come;
Lord, may we be thine to-day,
Drive the shades of sin away.
2 Fill our souls with heavenly light,
Banish doubt, and clear our sight;
In thy service, Lord, to-day,
May we stand, and watch and pray.
3 Keep our haughty passions bound;
Save us from our foes around;
Going out and coming in,

Keep us safe from every sin.

4 When our work of life is past,
O receive us then at last;

Night and sin will be no more,
When we reach the heavenly shore.



1 ON thee, each morning, O our God,
Our waking thoughts attend;
In thee are founded all our hopes,
In thee our wishes end.

2 The soul, in pleasing wonder lost,
Thy boundless love surveys;

And, fired with grateful zeal, prepares
A sacrifice of praise.

God leads us through the maze of sleep,
And brings us safe to light;

And, with the same paternal care.
Conducts our steps till night.

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1 GREAT God, to thee our evening song
With humble gratitude we raise ;
Oh let thy mercy tune each tongue,
And fill our hearts with lively praise.
2 Our days unclouded as they pass,
And every gently rolling hour,
Are monuments of wondrous grace,
And witness to thy love and power.
3. Thy love and power, celestial guard,
Preserve us from surrounding harm:
Can danger reach us while the Lord
Extends his kind, protecting arm?
4 Let this blest hope our eyelids close;
With sleep refresh our humble frame;
Safe in thy care may we repose,
And wake with praises to thy name.



Morning and Evening.

1 OUR God, how endless is thy love!
Thy gifts are every evening new;
And morning mercies, from above,
Gently distil like early dew.

2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,
Great Guardian of our sleeping hours;
Thy sovereign word restores the light,
And quickens all our drowsy powers.

3 We yield our powers to thy command; To thee we consecrate our days; Perpetual blessings from thy hand Demand perpetual songs of praise.



1 HOW various and how new
Are thy compassions, Lord!
Each morning shall thy mercies show
Each night thy truth record.

2 Thy goodness, like the sun,
Dawn'd on our early days,
Ere infant reason had begun
To form our lips to praise.

3 Each object we beheld

Gave pleasure to our eyes;
And nature all our senses held
In bands of sweet surprise...
4 But pleasures more refin'd
Awaited that bless'd day,
When light arose upon our mind,
And chas'd our sins away.

5 How new thy mercies, then!
How sov'reign, and how free!
Our souls that had been dead in sin
Were made alive to thee.



Funeral Hymns.

1 CLAY to clay, and dust to dust!
Let them mingle-for they must!
Give to earth the earthly clod,
For the spirit's fled to God.

2 Never more shall midnight's damp
Darken round this mortal lamp;
Never more shall noon-day's glance
Search this mortal countenance.
3 Deep the pit, and cold the bed,
Where the spoils of death are laid:
Stiff the curtains, chill the gloom,
Of man's melancholy tomb.

4 Look aloft! The spirit's risen-
Death cannot the soul imprison:
"Tis in heaven that spirits dwell,
Glorious, though invisible.

5 Thither let us turn our view;
Peace is there, and comfort too:
There shall those we love be found,
Tracing joy's eternal round.

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INVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb!
Take this new treasure to thy trust
And give these sacred relics room
To slumber in thy silent dust.

2 No pain, no grief, no anxious fear
Invade thy bounds; no mortal woes

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