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2 Wonder, ye heavens! the Saviour lies,
In deeps conceal'd from human view;
Ye saints, behold him sink and rise,
A fit example thus for you;
The sacred record, while you read,
Calls you to imitate the deed.

3 But lo! from yonder opening skies, What beams of dazzling glory spread! Dove-like, the Holy Spirit flies,

And lights on the Redeemer's head;
Amaz'd they see the power divine,
Around the Saviour's temples shine.
4 Thus the Eternal Father spoke,

Who shakes creation with a nod;
Through parting skies the accents broke,
And bid us hear the Son of God:
O hear, the powerful word to-day,
Hear all ye nations, and obey!


P. M.


1 SALEM'S bright King, Jesus by name, In ancient time to Jordan came

All righteousness to fill;

'Twas there the ancient Baptist stood,
Whose name was John, a man of God,
To do his master's will.

2 Down in old Jordan's rolling stream,
The Baptist led the holy Lamb,
And there did him baptize;
Jehovah saw his darling Son,

And was well pleas'd in what he'd done,
And own'd him from the skies.

3 This is my Son, Jehovah cries,
On him to rest the Spirit flies,
O children, hear ye him;
Hark! 'tis his voice, behold he cries,
Repent, believe, and be baptiz'd,
And wash away your sin.

A Come, children, come, his voice obey,
Salem's bright King has mark'd the way,
And has a crown prepar'd;
O then arise and give consent,
Walk in the way that Jesus went,
And have the great reward.

5 Believing children, gather round,
And let your joyful songs abound,
With cheerful hearts arise;
See here is water, here is room,
A loving Saviour calling, come,
O children, be baptiz'd.

6 Behold his servant waiting stands,
With willing heart and ready hands,
To wait upon the bride;

Ye candidates, your hearts prepare,
And let us join in solemn prayer,
Down by the water side.


C. M.


1 THUS was the great Redeemer plung'd
In Jordan's swelling flood;
To show he must be soon baptiz'd
In tears, and sweat, and blood.

2 Thus was his sacred body laid
Beneath the yielding wave;
Thus was his sacred body rais'd
Out of the liquid grave.

3 Lord, we thy precepts would obey,
In thine own footsteps tread;
Would die, be buried, rise with thee,
Our ever-living head.

4 We look to thee, our Saviour dear,
Bless us with power divine;

We would show forth thy glory here,
And be for ever thine.



The commission to Baptize.

1 'TWAS the commission of our Lord, "Go, teach the nations, and baptize." The nations have receiv'd the word Since he ascended to the skies.

2 Repent, and be baptiz'd, he saith,
For the remission of your sins;
And thus our sense assists our faith,
And shows us what his gospel means.

3 Our souls he washes in his blood,
As water makes the body clean;
And the good Spirit of our God
Descends like purifying rain.

4 Thus we engage ourselves to thee,
And seal our cov'nant with the Lord;
Let angels now with rapture see,

And heaven our solemn vows record.


8s & 7s. FAWCETT.

Baptismal Hymns.

1 HUMBLE souls who seek salvation, Through the Lamb's redeeming blood, Hear the voice of Revelation,

Tread the path of that Jesus trod.
Flee to him your only Saviour;
In his mighty name confide;
In the whole of your behaviour,
Own him as your sovereign Guide.

2 Hear the bless'd Redeemer call you,
Listen to his gracious voice;
Dread no ills that can befall you,

While you make his ways your choice: Jesus says, Let each believer

Be baptized in my name :

He himself in Jordan's river

Was immers'd beneath the stream.

3 Plainly here his footsteps tracing,
Follow him without delay;
Gladly his command embracing,
Lo! your Captain leads the way:
View the rite with understanding,
Jesus' grave before you lies;
Be interr'd at his commanding,
After his example rise.



1 "I COME," the great Redeemer cries,
"To do thy will, O Lord!"

At Jordan's flood, behold! he seals
The sure prophetic word.

"Thus it becomes us to fulfil

All righteousness," he said;

He spake obedient, and beneath
The yielding wave was laid.

3 Hark! a glad voice; the Father speaks,
From heaven's exalted height;
"This is my Son, my well belov'd,
My joy, my chief delight."

4 Jesus, the Saviour, well belov'd!
His name we will profess,

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Like him, desirous to fulfil

Each law of righteousness.

5 No more we'll count ourselves our own,
But his in bonds of love;

O! may such bonds for ever draw
Our souls to things above.



1 THE great Redeemer we adore,

Who came the lost to seek and save; Went humbly down from Jordan's shore, To find a tomb beneath the wave.

2 With thee into thy wat'ry tomb, Lord, 'tis our glory to descend; "Tis wond'rous grace that gives us room, To lie interred by such a friend!

3 Yet as the yielding waves give way, To let us see the light again;

So on thy resurrection day,

The bands of death proved weak and vain.

4 Thus when thou shalt again appear,
The gates of death shall open wide;
Our dust thy powerful voice shall hear,
Shall rise and triumph at thy side.



1 GREAT God, we in thy courts appear,
With humble joy and holy fear,
Thy wise injunctions to obey;
Let saints and angels hail the day!
2 In thine assembly here we stand,
Obedient to thy great command;
The sacred flood is full in view,
And thy sweet voice invites us through

3 The Word, the Spirit, and the Bride,
Must not invite and be denied ;
Was not the Lord, who came to save,
Interred in such a liquid grave?

4 Thus we, dear Saviour, own thy name,
Receive us rising from the stream;
Then to thy table let us come,

And dwell in Zion as our home.


C. M.


1 BURIED beneath the yielding wave,
The dear Redeemer lies;

Faith views him in the watery grave,
And thence beholds him rise.

2 Thus it becomes his saints to-day,
Their ardent zeal t' express;
And in the Lord's appointed way,
Fulfil all righteousness.

3 With joy we in his footsteps tread,
And would his cause maintain,
Like him be numbered with the dead,
And with him rise and reign.

4 His presence oft revives our hearts,
And drives our fears away;

When he commands, and strength imparts, We cheerfully obey.

5 Now we, dear Jesus, would to thee
Our grateful voices raise;

Washed in the fountain of thy blood,
Our lives shall all be praise.



1 YE humble worshippers of God,
Redeemed and saved by Jesus' blood,
His sacred steps with care explore,
And choose the path he trod before.
2 Inspired with zeal he meekly came,
To Jordan's highly honoured stream,
And there a bright example gave,
Immersed beneath the flowing wave.
The swelling billows round him rise,
Fit emblem of his agonies;
His death and resurrection too,
Are exhibited to view.

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